Horoscope March 2021


What will March 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall: March brings you an emotional challenge, Aries. You suddenly discover a hidden treasure and this way all your meaningful relationships are considerably strengthened.

At work you are not really there with your head this month. Because there is too much emotional movement in your life right now. Switch to autopilot for as long as necessary. With partner or single? Forgotten feelings come back to both of you. About a lost childhood love, a broken relationship or a friendship with more potential that was suddenly broken up. And yes, you can be surprised here if you just open your heart. Take heart, the emotional intensity calms down after the 20th. Although the  relationships with friends and family remain a bit high but most of the time positively charged. Avoid large and unnecessary expenses in this emotional state.




Overall: you notice how stress and conflicts fade away, Taurus. Both at work and in private. Suddenly, you can breathe more freely because life feels “normal” again.

At work you must be empathizing and allowing to give priority to the general interest. If not, then the existing conflicts will continue to smolder further under the surface and you can sure forget your personal progress. With partner? From the 20th we see positive feelings that make a lot possible. Single? You too are now taking a more flexible attitude, which makes conquering and seducing a lot easier. In the circle of friends you are helpful and you support a friend in need. Also possible here: you invest in a joint project. In terms of money you are now quite influenceable. So (and certainly from the 20th) do not make important or major financial decisions.



 Overall: A wave of enthusiasm messes up your plans, Gemini. In both business and love, you don’t want to shy away from any experience. Sounds great, but in the meantime keep both feet on the ground.

It seems like all the vibes work together to boost your career. You can take it a step further by listening to your intuition and taking care of your relationships. Deepening your knowledge can now also be an asset. As for love, both Gemini with a steady partner and the single ones will take their fate into their own hands in March. In both cases “friendship” is the keyword here. Friendship can strengthen an existing bond or create a new relationship. The circle of friends can now certainly play a decisive role in the love life of singles. In terms of finances, you need to consider the impact your professional steps will have on your budget.



Overall: March brings some surprises, Cancer. Because your attraction increases. And that becomes visible and tangible, both privately and at work. However, realize that you must strike while the iron is hot. Because beautiful songs don’t last long.

In terms of work, things will only really boost after the 20th, given your popularity peaks. Your projects are finally taking off and you receive unexpected support. Deals are also made in your favor and/or you get a promotion or green light. Squeeze out the maximum! With partner? Feel free to be ambitious and vulnerable at the same time. Because your band is solid and positively charged. Solo? You now have great opportunities. So dare to be confident, brave and honest. You will not regret it. Things are going well in the family and with friends. This is also the ideal time to bring order to your finances. You are currently making the right financial decisions for the benefit of all.



 Overall: drop your mask and stop trying to control everything, Leo! Go smoothly along with the current changes that will bring you future successes.

At work you manage to come up with balanced solutions that make everyone feel good. Your inspiration, creativity and authority peek from the 16th. After the 20th you take action with the support of employees and/or partners. This is a great time to sign a contract. In love, your emotional scars provide more insight and maturity. With partner? You are refreshingly open and honest with each other. Solo? Yep, you go for it and this without fear of a possible setback. Bravo! As far as money and goods are concerned, you clean up. You clear your debts, sell the excess or distribute it among family and friends.



Overall: Step into March with an open mind, confidence and boldness, Virgo. Have the courage to break your habits. In return, you’ll get love, friendship and new opportunities.

At work, a burst of energy increases your creativity and your power to win others over to your plans. Everything is going well. But if possible, wait until the 20th to schedule important appointments and contracts. Love is on the rise. With partner? Find new ways to communicate emotionally, physically or spiritually. Solo? A unique mix of vibes is ready to help you. You just have to stay alert and seize opportunities. Problems are discussed in the family and with friends. You forgive each other and you take a fresh start. After the 20th it’s safe to negotiate money and sign contracts.



General: yep, in March you finally dare to show your authentic self, Libra. No more pleasing, you show who you are. And look: it earns you good points in love and at work.

At work you show yourself charismatic, diplomatic and empathetic, after which peace and cooperation improve significantly. That new working atmosphere plus the joint efforts and intelligence open new, positive perspectives. With partner? No more giving in. You demand equal rights and equal efforts. Your partner is overwhelmed and at the same time surprised by the new facets he/she discovers in you. Solo? You explore new horizons and succumb to the charm of someone special. You decide to stay yourself with family and friends. Wait and see what this yields. You review your financial situation thoroughly this month.



Overall: the stars lend a hand by enveloping you in the right vibes in March. They focus on your self-confidence, your desires and your motivations, Scorpio.

At work, you rightly rely on your competitive spirit, your all-or-nothing energy and your visionary approach. This way you seduce your boss or potential investors. And, that way you get more resources. With partner? You now have every opportunity to leave the past behind and experience the revival of your relationship with him or her. Single? You too leave the past for what it is and go for a new start that can quickly lead to success. The family usually goes well. You also make new friends that may include a true soul mate. Yes. In terms of money, you choose a long-term project. You negotiate smart and cunning. Bravo!!



Overall: you are gradually becoming yourself again, Sagittarius. After all, you will find your energy, enthusiasm and confidence back. A new chapter begins. You feel fine!

In terms of work, little will change. Now pay particular attention to your contacts and human relationships, and to improving working conditions. As soon as the lines of communication are completely open, your ideas will be heard. With partner? You want to boost the relationship by making future plans. Your partner is open to it and shares your vision. All this without emerging conflicts. Solo? Between the 26th and the 31st you will experience a crazy and funny time. The family, where the atmosphere is simply great, also nibbles on your time and energy. No problem for you. You seek and find the opportunity to increase your monthly income.



Overall: March could be the time to break new ground and let go of your old approach, Capricorn. Use your imagination and conjure up some initiatives from your top hat.

At work, your success depends on your willingness to embrace the new. Once you get there, your motivation and sudden flexibility will do the rest. The best day to defend your new ideas is the 22nd. Then you come out brilliant and convincing. In love, the atmosphere and your success depends on the courage and clarity with which you express your feelings. With partner? Take courage and declare your love. Single? Be clear, right from the start, about what you expect from a relationship. You review your place in the family. With the friends you are accessible. You want to increase your income. You work towards it, without ever losing sight of what can and cannot be achieved.



 Overall: March becomes quiet and offers room for reflection, feelings, creativity and imagination. Good thing too, Aquarius, because you’ll get more on your plate in the coming months.

At work, everything continues quietly. Meanwhile, think about what is really important to you in terms of work. Take stock of your acquired knowledge and your talents. This way you can start immediately next month. Singles as well as them in a regular band relive a rather painful love experience from the past. To finally give it a place and move on. Single? You are now often invited and who knows… With a partner? Your wishes/visions fit together effortlessly. Realize them during the coming months. The communication in the family and with friends is fine. Draw up a financial plan for the projects you want to shape later.



Overall: the vibes destined for you in March are virtually free of tensions and conflicts, Pisces. In all areas of life. So, time to please yourself. Enjoy.

At work, this will be a period of observation plus using your intuition to gather all kinds of information. About colleagues, supervisors, situations and also about the work itself. Take note and use this info later on this year. As far as love is concerned, this will be a time of unique experiments, special encounters and sometimes forbidden  games and rituals. All this spiced with a lot of enchanting charm. With partner or single? Doesn’t matter: float with that beautiful love. In the family you uncover a secret that has been hidden for several generations. It hurts at first but afterwards it has a healing effect on everyone. Love runs your bank account. So, do watch your expenses.

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