Horoscope and forecast 2015


What is your astrological preview and horoscope and forecast for 2015? A new love, promotion at work? You’ll find it out here!

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20


horoscope aries
2015 is guaranteed to fire you up, Aries. Because change is in the air on all fronts.Things will start moving in your life and you will turn up in the most unexpected places. In the spotlight this year: your professional life. Becoming your own boss? Acquiring new skills? Changing workplaces? Receiving an impressive promotion? Trying your luck abroad? You name it, it can all become a reality this year. Until mid-August,the year chiefly has appreciation, promotion,and more money in store for you. Have a significant other? Again, things are moving here too, but unfortunately not always in the right direction. Single? Between June and September Mr or Mrs Right may come along and make you very happy. Until mid-August, you’re raking in money pretty easily. Be careful not to spend everything at once. After all, from mid-2015 your reserves will be more than welcome. Once again, until the middle of August the atmosphere among family and friends is great. Enjoy it.


horoscope taurus
2015 is a year reserved for building, Taurus. On all fronts. But beware: no matter how much you light a fire under yourself, you will hardly notice anything at first. Because things don’t always go your way. On all fronts, too. Double down, keep giving it your best shot, and discover how, from August onwards, the tide suddenly turns. It now seems like you’re rewarded for all your efforts. Professionally, the appreciation you’ve deserved all this time finally arrives, causing your motivation to sky rocket. Financially,you’re also playing the waiting game until mid-August. Then things start moving. Have a significant other? It feels like you’ve both found your place in a relationship that is growing stronger. From the middle of August,marriage, living together or having a child, becomes a reality. Single? Let yourself be blown away by the one who shares your vision and who, just like you, wants to go for it. When it comes to family and friendship: things are A-OK in 2015. The ties remain strong and full of warmth and tenderness. And admit it, little Taurus: that’s all you really need!


2015 stands for change, Gemini. So fasten your seatbelt, because you’re off to an adventurous journey. Via the necessary surprises, of course. A new job? A new love? A new home? A new baby? It’s all possible, sure. And on top of that, you rake in money easily until mid-August. At work,you’re doing great until the middle of August. Have a significant other? Things now feel less great than before. Therefore, find a common challenge or get your mutual frustrations out in the open. Communication remains important. Single? You have a desire to share your life with someone, but you only go for the right one. Consciously open yourself up from early June to early October. Until August there are close contacts with your sister(s) or brother(s). Afterwards, you prefer inviting your intimate circle of friends at home. As for those friends: you make some new ones this year and you become close with important people. Does it bear repeating that your energy is strong until the middle of August?


horoscope cancer
2015 challenges you to come out of your shell, and as a result, to evolve, Cancer. This will occur first and foremost in the workplace. There seem to be opportunities here and, sure enough, you go for it. They’re accompanied by some stress, but you do it anyway. Because you’re audacious, ambitious, and flexible, and you’re now working sufficiently structured to achieve results. Have a significant other? The situation is initially unclear here but starting over the summer, the right, insightful answers pop up. Single? For many a Cancer, 2015 will mark the year in which love makes its appearance (again). Financially things are good, but stay alert when it comes to insurances or inheritances. When it comes to family, well, you will devote a lot of attention to them this year. Both to the little ones, as well as the adolescents. Both to siblings, as well as to parents or grandparents. You distance yourself from certain friends now, you become very close to others. And all the while you stay full of energy and optimism. Keep it up!


horoscope leo
2015 will pamper you as if you were a child of the gods, and this until the middle of August, Leo. Because a lot of things are falling into your lap right now. You also have the courage now to go where you previously hadn’t gone, because you open up to new things. At work, you make progress and you even garner respect. Everything you wanted to achieve so far is now within reach through the launch of a new project, the creation of a new position, or that awesome outside offer. Have a significant other? Although your job demands a lot of attention right now, you manage to make your partner feel like he or she is number one … and stays that way. Single? Discouraged Leos now walk right into the arms of their soulmate. This will be a match”made in heaven”, one that’s meant to last. Financially you’re doing okay now. You take advantage of a donation, a payraise, a real estate deal, or an inheritance. In 2015 you remain surrounded by the necessary fans, such as family, acquaintances, friends, and your faithful friends since forever.


horoscope virgo
2015 presents itself as a good year, Virgo, yes it does. Agreed, you’ll often wonder when all those good things are coming your way. Be patient, the lead-up to positive things takes a while. More specifically until mid-August. Only then will things start moving for you. Until summer arrives, you constantly have the impression of professional stagnation. Afterwards, everything here opens up and raises, including your salary. Have a significant other and still in love? Great situation. Have a significant other and dissatisfied? Here the relationship is on its way out. Single and hoping for love? Say yes to every invitation that comes along. Financially, things are fine. Because luck is on your side and you manage to have your rights respected. When it comes to family, there’s dissonance. You will be dealing with criticism here, harsh views, an older person in need of help, unspoken but palpable feelings,and even with a separation between yourself and certain people. The remedy for these trials? Friends you can rely on.


horoscope libra
In 2015 renewal and a busy social life predominate, Libra. Have a significant other in a good relationship? You both strike the right balance between joint activities and the necessary freedom for personal pursuits. On the other hand, this year can mark the break-up for couples in a crisis. Single? Empty your mind and open up to the unexpected, including passion. Because you meet a lotof new people now, especially between June and September. We can be brief about your work. You’ll be able to choose between the familiar and a completely new adventure this year. Be especially grateful for the meaningful friendships you have. Because at home and in the family,trouble might be brewing right now. Family secrets, old pains, and very delicate situations, all surface now. This can lead to real changes in the family with consequences leading to a possible inheritance. Your finances remain status quo in 2015. Important this year: reining in your emotions,which can flare up particularly fiercely now.


horoscope scorpio
In 2015 you’re sharp as a knife, Scorpio, and ready to jump on any good opportunity. Have a significant other? Experience how destructive passion/jealousy evaporates from the relationship, in order to make room for comfortable tranquility. Single? You’re super-sensitive to the right gestures and atmosphere now. Beware: do not get carried away too quickly, because appearances are often deceiving. At work things lighten up and become more relaxed than in recent years. Here too, you get the opportunity to really brush up on your skills and knowledge. Go for it! In the first half of 2015, you’re careless with money. A situation you straighten out from mid-August. In the family, certain situations are cleared up and not always with positive results. As for your friends, you decide not to put any more time and energy in people who don’t add value to your life. From the middle of August onwards, it becomes very clear who stays. You now possess the energy of a daredevil. Stress is unfortunately the downside.


horosope sagittarius
2015 fuels your ambitions and gets you into shape for new adventures, Sagittarius. Have a significant other? There’s is a nice and comfortable balance present here. You fully enjoy each other and the happiness that you try to maintain with all your strength. Single? You get served some surprises. Like an ex who returns, or a social or professional contact that seems to become more. It warms you up, but you don’t get carried away just like that. You wait. At work you present yourself as ambitious but patient. You work hard and you’re bold! Your reward consists of new opportunities/projects and more responsibility. Which is reflected in your financial status, by the way. You also succeed in cashing in overdue revenues. In the family, it’s all about the kids. 2015 is also a year in which you will meet new, unusual people. Thanks to good vibes you feel energetic throughout the entire year. But that energy is regularly punctuated with back pain or a toothache.


horoscope capricorn
In 2015, the unexpected firmly rattles your familiar cage, little Capricorn. But don’t worry, your mental and physical strength have rarely been stronger than in 2015. This allows you to expand your social circle and more importantly: it allows you hatch up fruitful plans. Have a significant other? Given that your mental state is so strong, you eliminate pretending and taking things for granted. You use plain language and you go for constructive communication. And obviously the right decision ensues. Single? You take stock of your love life. Falling prey to a new passion immediately afterwards is a possibility. Professionally, there are your winning plans/proposals on the one hand, and on the other hand: the fantastic offer that you receive. Beware: read the fine print. Financially, things are great thanks to more revenue than expected from, among other things, investments. At home and in the family there’s a lot of movement. Think: a sort of relocation, or the start of a new family or astepfamily.


horoscope aquarius
2015 ignites your entrepreneurial spirit and it green-lights projects/ideas. This might make you overconfident. Look out, until the middle of August, for your exaggerated confidence. Especially on the professional front, where initially one or two things collapse like a failed soufflé. Only discipline and sustained concentration keep you straight and ultimately help you advance. Have a significant other? You flee from your partner as much as possible because the dissatisfaction is becoming clearer. Single? You’re mainly looking for fun and distraction after a setback. Long live the many opportunities to meet people over the Internet! Financially, you need to be on your toes and avoid misplaced optimism. If a proposal seems too good to be true, then it is. This year, contacts with your family are numerous and full of life. Your social circle plus your circle of friends grow remarkably in 2015. You try to please others and that attitude wins people over. Finally, beware:you will eat, drink & party eagerly in 2015. And that has consequences.


horoscope pisces
In 2015, you’ll be guided by creativity and inspiration, little Pisces. But even more so: by love. Professionally, you’re swimming in boundless waters. Because almost anything becomes possible here. But only if it meets the next super-important condition: sufficient and sustained discipline and structure from your side. Have a significant other? A certain rut and apathy creep into the relationship. It makes you pine for something more, something different. Single? Cupid can certainly shoot straight in these loving times. But you just as often take pleasure in simply dreaming, or chatting over the Internet. And love also means: a marriage, a birth, new friends, or a new pet. Financially, you should look out for the danger zone. Since it becomes difficult to get a clear view of your finances and to maintain that view in 2015. With devastating consequences. However,fortunately you do maintain a clear look in terms of your family and friends. You now firmly cast aside the parasites that only know when to find you when they need you.


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