Horoscope February 2016


What is your monthly horoscope for February 2016 according to astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20


In February is mainly about your personal relationships, Aries. You spend time and care on your family and friends. And your friends will increase now. With someone? You find each other through mutual appreciation and sufficient space for each others own plans. Solo? You consciously choose freedom and independence. Watch out: at the work relational conflicts pop up. Financially going red, now belongs to the reality. Do not overeat because digestive problems are never far this month.


Worldiness is given priority in February, Taurus. Professionally give you everything, but pay attention to what you say and how you say it, because you’re in a short-tempered phase. Unfortunately misunderstandings are awaiting. Financially you now have a carefree time. With partner? Tension and struggles affect the atmosphere. Single? Be alert and look around, because someone is approaching that could stay in your life for a long time. In the family and the friends area you are now understanding and helpful.


The focus is clearly at work, Gemini. Professionally, it will be stressy and yet there is room for expansion and replication. With partner? Everything ok here, but early June Gemini will experience some friction in the relationship. Refuelling can always among friends. Solo? That one, captivating contact will remain just friendship. At home some disorder, and problems arise in the heating or water pipe. A refund waiting itself or there are unexpected expenses.


In February, you often have to make quick decisions, Cancer. Both at work and financial and family. Especially at work there are sudden changes / fractures asking for the right, instant reactions. Obviously, stress is lurking around the corner. With regular partner? Here there are recriminations and collisions. Single? You are more active and more direct than usual, giving in a warm result. At home, the children are rebellious and your friends do not seem to understand you. You feel that you are temporarily better off on your own.


February was complex, Leo. Your life is in many ways mixed up and you have to make the best of it. With regular partner? The scenes and annoyances pile up. Use Valentine as truce. Single? There are certainly compelling contacts, but all indications are too complex and too disappointing to go through with it. The financial aspect is not too bad. At hme and / or in the family is the atmosphere a bit tatty. All this affects your concentration at work. A mistake is easily made. Stay alert!


Work comes first in February, Virgo. Confidently you make proposals on projects and for better organization. And without wanting it, you will soon become indispensable. With partner? For one reason or another uncertainty exists between you. You run away from your companion then, and ends with your friends who have the perfect listeners. Solo? Valentine brings you a relationship that is oh so natural. Financially it is going currently well. In the family there area many jammers spoiling the atmosphere.


A month filled with beautiful moments, Libra. At work, you move foward, ready as you are to seize every new opportunity. But it happens in spurts. So do not let this get you out of balance. With partner? You relationship feels like a daily routine and needs a new input. Single? Something wonderful happens. Be alert, because it can happen about anywhere. At home there is a depressing atmosphere. Your delicate financial situation has certainly something to do with this. Fortunately your best friends give you a positive boost.


February will turn out quite positive, Scorpio. You are in top shape and ready to go along anywhere. In terms of money it’s okay. At work you give everything, you will be heared, you get additional tasks imputed and get everything done in a relaxed atmosphere. With partner? Celebrate Valentine together will resurgence the love. Single? You attack the dating sites and you will get a nice catch. At home everything goes haywire. Fortunately, there are the warm moments with children and / or grandchildren.


In February, your family and friends are the center, Sagittarius. You come closer to them in a pleasant atmosphere. At work you get more flexibility but the stress level grows proportionally. With partner? Or you are the stable element now ensurin consistency, or the bond in hardend with distance as a result. Single? You hope for surprises and fireworks and you get them both. Even if only for a moment. Follow your finances closely, because the duo less revenue – more expenses will become active.


February is all about love, Capricorn! With partner? Here’s a serious commitment such as marriage, living together, have children or adoption. Solo? Someone blows you off your socks, and you will never forget Valentine 2016. As for your money, everything goes to your liking. At work one and another go not smoothly as planned. Fortunately, through the right contacts the case will move on. At home you are at service of both your children and your parents. And you embrace your friends in one big heart vibe.


In February, you are confronted at work with changes that do not make happy. Keep your mouth, Aquarius, so you do not make a difficult situation worse. On the rebound, you seek solace in purchases temporarily undermining your financial condition. But you better seek support from your partner, family, relatives and friends. With them you are always welcome and they are at your service with their understanding and warmth. Single? From February 17th, the opportunity lies in the fact that you will get a relationship that offers love and support.


February is a month of operation based on the right gut feeling, Pisces. Especially at work then, where you get more leeway and must therefore take decisions more often. Thanks to this intuition you can better assess predetermined situations. With partner? Either you go all romantic or … the gap between you widens. Solo? You get in the grip of strong sensations. Stick to the facts, otherwise you will choose wrong. Both in the family and among your friends have to watch over yourself not being used.


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