Horoscope April 2021


What will April 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall: in April, there’s a lot going on in the relationship field, Aries. A super mix of various vibes ensures that seducing and impressing, even on everyone and everywhere, has rarely been so easy for you.

In the workplace, you charm and convince others to support your ideas. But watch out. Since you are now sensitive to words, you too could be overwhelmed by smooth talkers. In terms of love, you now successfully use your passion, daring and spontaneous side. With a steady partner? Thanks to action and enthusiasm, your joint plans take shape. Solo? You are now very popular on the street and in the supermarket, but also with friends and your online network. Use that vibe, Aries! Even in the family there are now few to no jammers. In terms of money, you have the stars on your side. After all, you have more income than anticipated. And that does generate some jealousy.



Overall: now that the tragedies at work seem to be a thing of the past, you enjoy the peace you have regained, Taurus. You consciously use this to reflect on things.

At work, the folds seem to be smoothed out and communication is easier. There will be a debriefing about the consequences of an earlier conflict. You make a daring proposal that, however, is widely acclaimed. Your love life provides surprises or changes direction. Your sensual side will re-emerge anyway. With partner? Your relationship takes a new turn. This fact can also be active in friendship. Solo? You fall in love instantly. Fasten your seatbelts, please. When it comes to money, against your nature, you start making impulsive purchases. It is not until mid-April that you will regain full control of yourself in the finance department.



Overall: both on a relationship and on a work level, you defend what feels right to you, Gemini. Of course not everything changes overnight, but it is important that you remain true to your standards and values.

At the beginning of April, you can successfully negotiate better working hours, more resources or your financial compensation at work. However, stay alert, because a week later you will notice that the agreement is not even started. Around the 20th you will be heard and you will receive the support of others. With partner? You live on quietly without much hassle. Solo? An encounter turns into a relationship that is not “The Great Love”. And you think it’s fine like that. That takes the pressure off the kettle. You also stand up for yourself more often and more decisively in the family and circle of friends. Watch out with money. You are on slippery ice. You are not yet in the red, but there is a chance that it will come to that.



Overall: professionally everything is back to normal, Cancer. You do your thing, assisted by an experienced team that is happy to work towards the goal you have in mind.

At work, you write a new chapter thanks to your charisma and persuasiveness. Do you make a proposal? There is a good chance that everyone will support it. But from mid-April, others come forward and your influence diminishes. Stay creative and combative. Your love life will resume from mid-April. Single or with a steady partner? You benefit not only from positive vibes but also from spicy surprises. You are finally investing more time and energy in your social life. In real life or virtual. Extra money is on the horizon towards the end of the month. After all, you will receive money that you have been waiting for a long time or… an unexpected bonus.



Overall: pretty good and even a bit happy month, Leo. In April, delve further into exploring your unconscious patterns and motives. That pays off in the long term.

Changes are happening at work. Rest assured, you are not threatened. Your charm, creativity and energy also peak. So, you can influence what is happening now and help yourself significantly. With partner? The relationship is blossoming and every joint project (baby wedding-moving-house purchase) starts under favorable vibes. Single? You aim for a solid long-term relationship. You will meet many people this month, but the right one can also come to you through the circle of friends. In terms of finances, one piece of advice: put some money aside. After all, there is now so much positive happening in the private sphere and you always see it big. And “big” means that everything is always more expensive than expected. Stay alert! 




Overall: in April you are under (positive) high voltage, Virgo, both at home and at work. Take care of yourself and reserve your evenings and weekends for relaxing your body and mind.

In the workplace you show motivation, leadership and entrepreneurship, Virgo. Do you desire a promotion? Work towards it now. Would you rather have a new job or even become your own boss? The right vibes are now also available for this, especially if you have expertise in the new technologies or health sectors. In terms of love, you are overcome by an unprecedented surge of instinctive sex and sensuality. Solo? Then you fall in love very quickly now. With partner? You bring about a real revival of the relationship. Would you like to make an investment? April is the right time for that. After all, it takes very little effort to convince your banker and obtain the necessary loan.



Overall: the right vibes ensure that your stress level decreases in April and that the energy-consuming drama level of certain situations diminishes. This way you can breathe better again.

Some unexpected jammers arise at work. Fortunately, you manage to handle everything routinely, correctly and efficiently. Because you are currently active and combative. The planets fold in half to provide both the single Libra and those with a steady partner with a dazzling amorous life. To this end, they bless you with intensity and passion. And especially with an irresistible charm. Be alert between April 13 and 19 because then Cupid can hit the target. You feel freer and more optimistic and that creates more action in the circle of friends. After the 20th you should mainly focus on the financial. Because a pending case will be completed in your favor.



Overall: a creative or innovative vibe is noticeable in April, Scorpio. This can take the form of an artistic element or as a new approach to an early or existing relationship.

At work, the period up to April 15 turns out to be very intense. You suddenly get a lot of work, because your chefs, colleagues and customers trust you given your expertise and perfectionism. Love is warm and intimate. The same applies to both the singles and the Scorpio’s with partner. They maneuver in such a way that they can withdraw with the loved one to cocoon in a cozy and familiar environment for them. You will also finally be able to tell a secret to your partner, a friend or someone from the family in April. This brings great relief to you. In terms of money, you become disappointed because what is due to you, does not seem to reach you.



Overall: April seems to be a month of inner struggles or changes, Sagittarius. Accept your mood swings and your – according to you – physical downsides.

At work, the pressure will increase after April 15th. You have to complete an assignment successfully and/or you will be given more responsibility. This requires a great deal of focus and commitment from you, but it does also mean more money. With partner? You now feel your adventurous side emerging with a lot of passion and fun as side effects. Solo? You meet someone you like and you are willing to take risks here. If in doubt, follow your gut feeling. Stay open to surprises. This month there is less time for the family and friends. From the 23rd you can get a nice financial proposal, but only after you get solid arguments through good communication.



Overall: in April, you manage to let go of your known reluctance, Capricorn. At the same time, you manage to look hopefully to the future with a lot of confidence. Bravo!

A lot is changing at work. This mainly concerns matters linked to ideas, communication and digital knowledge. Fortunately, you have been comfortable on that train for a while. The family has come to the fore this month as joint decisions have to be made. Reassure everyone and you will see that everything works out fine in the end. With partner or single? The same applies to both: love is back in its full size. Ambiance, sensuality, romance and eroticism are in full swing and encourage you to explore all the fun facets of the love game. In terms of money, each family member must take responsibility and see where he or she can save.



Overall: April is a good time to pick up messages from your subconscious and do something with them, Aquarius. In the meantime, go along with the need to clean up your memories.

At work you have to go the extra mile, and you like that because you hate routine. You also step into the breach for a colleague who is being treated unfairly or you try to straighten out everything that is crooked. And no one will stop you from doing this. In terms of relationships, you are seductive, dynamic, witty, brave and good-natured in April. Use this unique, charismatic blend to seduce everyone. In the family, with your steady partner or a new love, with relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors. Go ahead and take advantage of it, lucky one. And yes, your finances seem to be slipping, but you can’t get everything in life, can you? 




Overall: in April you can clearly feel the positive interaction between your body and the subtle energies surrounding you, Pisces. It also helps you to turn a page permanently where necessary in your life.

You go through a quiet period at work. Use your time to put things in order and get rid of loose ends. Take stock of your professional life. Then you will soon be able to continue with new courage. In love, it is now time to shift up a gear. No more dreams, but deeds,Pisces. Your body wakes up. Your libido can be heard, as well as your sensuality. The temperature here rises every day. With partner? You test erotic conversations and games, which is very inspiring. Solo? You fall in love with an old love or a new friendship. Let yourself go completely. Financially things are going well this month.

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