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All that lives remains subjected to constant ups and downs or reciprocating energy waves. We are bobbing along on this eternal rhythm from our first cry until our last breath. The science regarding these bio- or life rhythms is called biorhythmics.

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About Biorhythm

  • Early last century the professors Fliess (Berlin) and Swoboda (Vienna) independently observed ups and downs on their patients. Both in the physical and emotional area. Separately, they noted the physical or masculine rhythm (23 days) and the emotional or female rhythm counting 28 days. Later, another two academics added, again independently of each other, the mental or intelligence rhythm having a cycle of 33 days. It was Teltscher from Innsbruck and Hersey from Pennsylvania.
  • The physical or masculine rhythm has 23 days in which 11.5 and 11.5 min phase in positive phase. This rhythm influences the available energy, resistance to infection and disease, stamina, physical strength, enterprise and work ethic.
  • The emotional or female rhythm is only 28 days, 14 min phase and 14 in the plus phase. It is active in the field of moods, intuition, feelings, emotional resilience and mental strength.
  • The intellectual intelligence curve is about 33 days, of which 16.5 days in the plus and 16.5 in min phase. It strongly affects the reaction and concentration, the acumen, presence of mind, wit plus have the ability to record and insight.
  • Nobody has the same biorhythm, except those born at exactly the same moment.
  • The biorhythm is represented as three wavy lines on horizontal line. Anything above the horizon is called the plus (or positive) phase, everything underneath: the min (or negative) phase. And of course, the three rhythms have each another curve.
  • The positive phase obviously gives us the opportunity to make the best of ourselves to the three different surfaces. Because, we feel tireless, want to jump right into things, don’t care that our love life is at a low ebb or do surprisingly well at an interview and get the job
  • The minfase: no disasters happen because this is in fact the much needed recovery time after an active plus phase and prepare for the next burst of energy at each of the three levels. It is therefore logical that everything here what will happen in a minor key. You feel less fit, are edgy or get the material for the upcoming exam but not imprinted in your head.
  • The critical days. Here you have to watch your step. Difficulties arise especially when a curve on its way up or down, cuts the horizontal line. That transition is felt for 24 hours. When one rhythm cuts the horizon you will notice that things just do not want advance. Even if you try your best. You just have a bad day, you know? But be careful: when 2 or even 3 rhythms simultaneously cut the horizon, you have to stay alert. It is recommended that you keep as calm as possible and to avoid large or risky actions.
  • Certain Swiss clinics do not preform surgery if the patient’s physical and emotional curve are in the critical phase. That complicates the recovery and promotes the occurrence of complications. Also, the surgeons do not escape here to the rule. They do not operate if more than one of their rhythms cuts straight. Just too risky for everyone.

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