Virgo at Work


Below you can read more about the professional qualities (+ and -) of Virgo and about the associated professions. The sketch below is of course not complete, but it is a good guideline.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You’re reliable at work, Virgo. And also punctual, conscientious, practical and well-organized. You also have an eye for detail with the result that nothing or no one escapes your attention. Your principled attitude can be highly appreciated by your bosses, and so you crawl up the hierarchical ladder almost unnoticed. And this despite the fact that you are neither a social animal nor a lickspittle. So you usually only owe your achieved professional status to yourself and to your excellent performance. You are good with numbers and you are helpful. You possess an analytical mind, well-developed fine motor skills and all things considered, you are and remain a mainly intellectual type.

Attention: you often feel less comfortable in a group or with colleagues. This is due to your perfectionism, your critical (sometimes even nitpicky) and down-to-earth attitude in combination with your shyness.


These professions can give you satisfaction

Controller/inspector – food inspector – kitchen hygiene inspector catering – tax inspector.

Analyst – systems analyst – statistician – programmer.

Dental technician – watchmaker – precision mechanic – gem setter.

Scientist – chemist – biochemist – internist – pharmacist – pharmacy assistant – laboratory technician – nutritionist – dietician – bacteriologist – virologist – scientific researcher.

Secretary/secretary – accountant – economist in schools/institutions/monastic and other communities.

Herbalist – homeopath – psychologist.

Property manager – administrative assistant or head of an administrative department.

Nanny-  butler – personal assistant – nurse – home care.

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