The downside of the zodiac sign Gemini


We all know: where there is a front, there must be a back. Because every medal always has two sides. So every sun sign has its dark side. Read here more about the different zodiac signs and their biggest weakness.

Your downside is: manipulation

You possess incredible verbal persuasion, Gemini. After all, you are smooth-mouthed and equipped with a fast-working intellect. Are you wrong? No problem. Then you talk yourself out of the danger zone in no time. And this in a way where your audience or conversation partner can’t get a pin in between. Because most of us are no match for the weapons of an experienced manipulator. And these are: expensive sounding but in reality completely crooked reasoning, lies, omissions, questionable deductions, slander and gossip. But that won’t bother you.

Beneath this manipulation lies your fear of loneliness

All your verbal juggling and maneuvering is actually aimed at sustaining many social and amorous interactions. Because you really need this. And behind that need is great fear. Fear of being alone, ending up alone and having to fall back on yourself.

Therefore, use your quick mind for more constructive purposes. This will 1) make you more fulfilling and 2) lessen your fear of being alone.



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