The downside of the zodiac sign Cancer


We all know: where there is a front, there must be a back. Because every medal always has two sides. So every sun sign has its dark side. Read here more about the different zodiac signs and their biggest weakness.

Your downside is: withdrawal

At the slightest frustration, you feel like going back to your shell, Cancer. And that shell can take various forms. This way you can withdraw into melancholy or nostalgia. But also in sullenness, laziness, passivity, introspection, stupor… You can also withdraw into yourself, but also into your bed, house and garden or into your family. You are, after all, a family person. Either way, it’s very hard for others to get you out of your cocoon.

Behind this withdrawal is your need for emotional and affective security

And let’s not forget your chronic fear of suffering and/or lack of love. Your need to be pampered, is always there. Hence the maternal in you and the fact that you value the nurturing in others. You can be too protective of your family, even suffocating. Focus a little more on yourself. Treat yourself as you treat your loved ones. In this way you will eventually find more peace and security in yourself.


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