The downside of the zodiac sign Taurus


We all know: where there is a front, there must be a back. Because every medal always has two sides. So every sun sign has its dark side. Read here more about the different zodiac signs and their biggest weakness.

Your downside is: greed

You as a materialistically oriented earth sign, are the real enjoyer of the zodiac. You express yourself mainly through the acquisition of money and material possessions. That can even degenerate into the urge to collect. In not being able to let go or throw anything away. But you enjoy just as much through your culinary and sexual gluttony. At best, you are a true bon vivant. At worst, a pleasure seeker who ends up in excesses. A selfish Epicurean, who tries to satisfy his/her own needs without thinking about others.

Under your greed lives your fear of the irrational

Your great connection with the tangible indicates fear. The fear of losing touch with reality. You are afraid of the intangible, of  the invisible, of madness. Your close and tireless relationship with matter keeps you with your feet firmly on the ground. And that’s how you want it too. You don’t care if people call you sober. You do not shy away from physical work, but… do also work on your consciousness.


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