Spotlight on Sagittarius


Spotlight: Sagittarius (November 22 to December 20)

Is your astrological sign Saggitarius?

Then you belong to the fire signs and the mutable signs. You think, move, talk, and work fast. You’re restless, adventurous, righteous, and enthusiastic. You need space, oxygen and a feeling of freedom to feel good. Trapped in an office, a house, or a dwelling that is too small? Or are you stuck in a structured or, to you, lethally predictable job with a superior who’s looking over your shoulder? Then you either quickly take off, you become sick or nervous, or you tear the place up. You also need enough money, because you have to spend it and you see things big. You like to travel (only in your mind if need be), you like the unknown and you like sports.

Sagittarius inspire confidence and they are well-liked. Because they are generous, upbeat, sociable, and spontaneous. They’re also straightforward, ambitious, and idealistic. People often think they have a Sagittarius all figured out. And yet their true nature is ambiguous. Sagittarius seem indulgent, but they’re simultaneously aware of their self-worth. They are very bold, but at the same time very worried. They are anxious, but at the same time brimming with confidence. They charge ahead, but wait things out. And don’t forget the army of irascible Sagittarius that can appear coarse, shallow or hypocritical.

When it comes to love, Sagittarius are givers and caretakers, and they are focussed on their significant other. No bridge is too far, no sea is too high, to give him or her what he or she desires. Alas, few Sagittarius can resist the siren’s call. Because they love the adventure and the unknown. Are they cheating and sleeping around? Then they’ll make sure their significant other has everything he or she needs, materially and emotionally.

  • Your weakness: hips, thighs, liver
  • Your strength: goodness
  • Your bad side: vanity
  • Your color: purple
  • Your Planet: Jupiter
  • Your metal: tin
  • Your gemstones: amethyst
  • Your day: Thursday
  • Favorite occupations: : AAnything that promises freedom and variety. And, everything associated with animals, nature, philosophy, religion, law, and politics. Think: priest, high religious offices, farmer, agronomist, ranger, game warden, hunter, marksman, politician, higher state offices, nun, judge, diplomat, philosopher, scientist, tour guide and everything related to tourism and import/export. Doctor, freelance professional, healer, therapist, pastor, preacher, propagandist, writer, explorer, adventurer, riding school owner, sales executive, animal breeder, animal trainer, zookeeper, veterinarian, advertising executive, teacher, nature guide, representative, PR manager or PR specialist. Foreign correspondent. Furthermore, everything that has to do with the automotive and aerospace industry.

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