Spotlight on Pisces


Your astrological sign is Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Then you’re a mutable water sign and phlegmatic by nature. You’re flexible and (sometimes intensely) compassionate towards others. You’re are also tolerant, peace-loving, and patient. You’re imaginative, musical, dreamy, and equipped with great intuition. But you’re also hypersensitive and emotional. That makes you very receptive to, and influenced by, everything and everyone around you. You lead a passive life and you often let people walk all over you. You’re in touch with spirituality, religion and mysticism. But your willpower is faint. Do you feel unhappy or frustrated? Then you just swallow your pain and you escape whenever possible, to your self-created universe.

Pisces are accommodating and easygoing. They seldom judge others. Pisces are like big sponges that absorb good and bad vibes. Do Pisces need to take sides? Then they remain on the surface or they take off immediately. They happily leave difficult decisions to others. They prefer to follow. Pisces do not like bold and sharp statements. Naturally, they avoid any confrontation or discussion and they consistently agree with what others say. Therefore people barely know where they stand with Pisces. Especially because Pisces can act in an unexpected, devious way. As a result, not everyone appreciates the friendly but at the same misty Pisces.

When it comes to love, Pisces are usually sensual, empathetic, generous, creative, and flexible. They also possess a great erotic fantasy. In love too, they are guided by their intuition. A Pisces can totally efface him- or herself for someone. If they connect with a partner, it is desirable that the other person has a strong will, shows initiative, and knows how to get things done. Do Pisces end up with a partner of similar temperament? Then both can slowly and unanimously sink into a swamp of illusions, lies, alcohol, substances and/or debt.

  • Your weakness: feet and lymphatic system
  • Your greatest quality: dedication
  • Your biggest downside: losing yourself in daydreams and illusions
  • Your color: purple, indigo
  • Your Planet: Neptune
  • Your metal: Palladium
  • Your gemstones: aquamarine and sapphire
  • Your day: Thursday
  • Favorite occupations: You’re not cut out for the hard business life, nor are you able to tackle large projects. Thanks to your imagination and your own little world, you can survive in routine jobs for (very) long. You can mostly succeed in the art world, the care sector or in religious functions.
    Then we arrive at: artist (all forms of art, but especially music), doctor, social worker, nurse, midwife, terminal care assistant, assistant at nonprofit organizations, priest, lay helper, nun, pedicure, everything related to the world of film, theater, and television. Also cut out to work with minorities or differently abled persons. Pisces can also be a gifted medium, palm reader, astrologer, card reader or naturopath. Or work in isolated places such as hospitals, prisons, convents, boarding schools, penitentiaries, in shipping, or on oil rigs.

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