The downside of the zodiac sign Libra


We all know, where there is a front, there must also be a back. Because every coin always has two sides. So every sun sign has a shadow side. Read here about the different zodiac signs and their greatest weakness.

LIBRA (23 september – 22 oktober)

Your dark side is: opportunism

You need people. And you want to have a social circle that you can be seen with. Whether or not you interact with certain people is often determined by the benefits you can get from them. Such as prestige, radius of influence, and also all kinds of personal benefits and things that you can get that way. You also attach great importance to your outward appearance, often at the risk of being labeled vain and superficial.

Behind your opportunism is the fear of displeasing.

Your social life is important to you, if you are afraid of falling by the wayside or not counting here. You feel that you have to meet the outside standards. Because being different or just being yourself can leave you excluded. The truth is that an authentic person with his own standards and values is often more popular with people and makes friends more easily.

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