Cancer at work


Below you can read more about the professional qualities (+ and -) of Cancer and the associated professions. The following sketch is of course not complete, but it remains a good guideline.

CANCER ( June 22 – July 22)

You are sensitive or even hypersensitive, Cancer, and also blessed with a good intuition and a rich imagination. You are a caring, empathetic, protective, loving, concerned and homely type. You have an elephant memory plus literary talent and you like contact with the public. In addition, there is also your business and practical side. You can even share the sheets if necessary. On closer inspection, you don’t turn out to be the wimp you initially appeared to be. You do well or even fine as a self-employed person. You avoid dangerous work or work that does not involve contact with others.

Note: teaming up with a Cancer becomes more difficult as his/her authoritarian, erratic, unrealistic side gains the upper hand. Cancer, like Taurus, can be accused of laziness and lethargy.

These professions may suit you:

Self-employed or liberal professions – trader – shop/counter clerk – manager.

Nurse – student counselor – child care worker – elderly care worker – fulltime mum – midwife – obstetrician – pediatrician – care nurse – kindergarten teacher – nanny – childminder – tele-reception or palliative ward employee – shelter for drug addicts or young people who are difficult to handle – psychologist – psychotherapist.

Performing musician – singer – dancer – actor – instrument builder – actor – writer.

Cook – chef – restaurant owner – all kinds of catering and hotel staff (from the lowest regions to the absolute top) – wedding planner – organizer of all kinds of parties and events.

Historian – archaeologist – antique dealer – brocanteur – museum employee – archivist.

World traveler – operator/employee travel agency – compiler of travel catalog – sailors – fishing – everything on, in and around the water – the navy.

Laundry employee/operator – pawnbroker.

Brewer – pub owner – beer/wine seller – wine producer.

Clairvoyant – clairsentient – clairaudient – medium – palm reader – fortune teller (cards glass sphere – pendelum).

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