Aries at work


Here you can read more about the professional qualities (+ and -) of Aries and the associated professions. The sketch below is of course not complete, but it does serve as a useful indication.

ARIES ( March 21 – April  20)     

You, Aries, prefer work that guarantees you enough action, freedom, plus a certain level of risk. You must and will be able to let off steam. And there should not be too many prying eyes around you. If you feel your boss’s hot breath on your neck all the time, that’s a breaking point. Of course, danger, noise, movement and challenge can be present in abundance. Everything to do with pioneering, trendsetting, experiment, fire, metal, dangerous or challenging working conditions and machines, appeals to Aries. You are not a man or woman who is suitable for precision and / or monk work, because you mainly see the big picture.

Attention: given your speed and impulsivity you can often deliver careless and / or superficial performances. Or not finishing or breaking things …


These professions attract you:

Firefighter – Police Officer – Race Pilot – Pilot / Fighter Pilot – Military.

Dentist – surgeon – ophthalmologist – physiotherapist – work in the emergency room or in an ambulance team.

Sports trainer – athlete (even extreme sports) – referee.

Journalist (preferably war reporter) – interpreter – tour guide – expedition leader – mountain guide – explorer.

Butcher – window washer (as high as possible) – all jobs in the construction sector.

Mechanic – technician – designer – inventor.

Politician – artist.

Self-employed and liberal professions. Entrepreneurs.

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