Spotlight on Aquarius


Spotlight: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Is your astrological sign Aquarius?

Are you an Aquarius? Then you are a fixed air sign and lively by nature. You have an altruistic, gentle and sensitive character. You are also original and quirky, and an independent freethinker. Because you have the courage to go in against everyone and everything, you are quickly labeled an anarchist or a rebel. Recent scientific and technical developments captivate you. As an innovator/pioneer you don’t shy away from experimenting. On every front. Your ideas are often ahead of their time. You’re a bohemian who does not allow anyone to walk all over you. Your sense of humor is “slightly eccentric”. But you can also be otherworldly, floaty, peculiar or just contrarian.
Despite the fact that you’re basically a Lone Ranger, you’re constantly among people and you frequent many different environments. You respect everyone’s individuality and you often drag a string of friends and ex-lovers along with you, whom you like to keep in touch with. All these people need to be able to share ideas with you about things that really matter. Superficial companionship, sophisticated situations and phoney contacts, are not your thing. As far as you’re concerned, all people are brothers and it makes you a great friend or colleague. Because, despite your mental alignment, you are perfectly able to service others in a sensitive and no-nonsense way.
In the love department, Aquarius are mostly friends for life, through thick and thin. They are not passionate partners, gushing lovers, or wise father figures. They don’t rate marriage, romance, frills, and sentimentality highly. Freedom and independence, remember? They just go for the partner of their choice and they try to make a good team with him or her. In addition to a link with the (preferably intelligent) partner, they continue to invest enthusiastically in their circle of friends.

  • Your weakness: legs and ankles
  • Your strength: altruism
  • Your bad side: (a tendency to) anarchy
  • Your color: violet
  • Your Planet: Uranus
  • Your metal: Uranium
  • Your gemstones: Turquoise and Amethyst
  • Your day: Saturday
  • Favorite occupations: Everything requiring great intellectual abilities and knowledge, vision, perfectionism, courage, and a pioneering spirit. An Aquarius likes to be his or her own boss, or likes to be in charge. Think: pioneering scholars and scientists, writers who spread new ideas, an astronomer, historian, inventor, anything related to photography, radiography, electronics, aviation, computers, etc. As long as it is technical-scientific or innovative/progressive. They also feel at home as: a protest singer, firebrand, revolutionary, stand-up comedian, innovative artist or media figure (radio-TV-movies). Furthermore: social worker, teacher, psychologist, psychiatrist, healer, therapist and the entire paranormal/occult sector.

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