Aquarius at work


Below you can read more about the professional qualities (+ and -) of Aquarius and the associated professions. The sketch below is of course not complete, but it does serve as a useful indication.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

You have an intuitive, open mind plus a strong drive for independence and freedom, Aquarius. You are a brainstorming wonder, a truly original thinker, but sometimes you live with your head in the clouds. You can be an absent-minded professor or someone who is pleasantly insane. Either way, you’re a perfectionist mental type. Plus an innovator / avant-gardist / trendsetter / inventor. In short: a visionary. So you develop new insights that often go against what is common in society. You go where others do not (dare to) go. You experiment a lot, which is not always appreciated. You just always have to go to the depths. Of people and of things. Via science, your imagination or your experience. You are certainly good-natured, although you like to be alone and prefer to do your own thing.

Note: if your eccentric, fanatical or unpredictable side predominates, the picture will change. Then it is difficult to work with you. As a boss or as a colleague. If this happens, you slow down the productivity of the group.


These professions may suit you

Pioneering scholar and scientist – anything related to photography / radiography / electronics / aeronautics / computers / cars / aerospace, as long as it is technical / scientific or innovative / progressive – engineer – app developer – specialist technician – radiologist – nuclear medicine – anything concerning nuclear energy – astronomer – historian – inventor.

Writers and artists who introduce and / or disseminate new ideas – actor – astronomer – inventor.

Protest singer – rioter – revolutionary – stand-up comedian – innovative artist or media figure – influencer – political activist – activist of all kinds.

Well-being worker – street worker – psychologist – psychiatrist – healer – nurse – therapist – life coach – (personal) trainer – fundraiser – mediator.

Astrologer – palm reader – map reader – clairvoyant – clairsentient  – clairaudient  – diviner – exorcist – commuter and the whole therapeutically innovative or alternative sector.

Everything that demands great intellectual capacities and knowledge, vision, perfectionism, courage and pioneering spirit. Aquarius likes to be his own boss or to take charge.

Businessman or businesswoman with an innovative or extraordinary vision and approach.

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