The dark side of the zodiac sign Aries


We all know, where there is a front, there must be a back. Because every medal always has two sides. So every sun sign has its dark side. Read here about the different zodiac signs and their biggest weakness.

ARIES  (21 maart – 20 april)

Your downside is: rudeness

You are the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. So you have a decent dose of primitiveness and primal instinct. Your performance is therefore direct, clear, sometimes even a bit rough. That behavior is encouraged by the highly charged Mars, the warlike ruler of the sign Aries. It seems that his energy is trying to suppress all the softness and nuanced behavior in you. After all, your combative nature creates a shield around you that enables you to attack the whole world …

Beneath this impudence lies your vulnerability

You want to advertise the image of a winner to the outside world.. The very thought that others might discover your weaknesses gives you chills. You view great emotions and feelings mainly as real weaknesses. That is why you hide them behind your competitive image. However, you can learn to accept your feelings and emotions better and even turn them into a usable strength. It’s really worth a try!


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