2021, year of the Ox/Bull


Welcome to 2021, the year of the Ox/Bull

On February 12, 2021 we all enter a new Chinese year that runs until January 31, 22. The spicy Rat disappears from the spotlights and makes way for the reliable, down-to-earth Ox/Bull. So: no more playing, taking risks and doing experiments. The diligent, straightforward Ox keeps everything organized, transparent and correct. Because a word is a word, remember!. Yet this Ox of 2021 has something other Oxen often lack and that is: a pinch of charisma. Because thanks to his or her natural appearance and verbal qualities, he/she progresses more easily in life than Oxen from other years.

Anyway, where there is an Ox, work must and will be done, and there is no escape. So don’t moan and groan and above all, never give up. 2021 will therefore be characterized by a lot of diligent work and professional activity. Because who does not work, does not win in an Ox year. Excesses disappear and fantasies are cut off without mercy. Because the often somewhat Spartan Ox unleashes a tangible wave of austerity, limitation plus a sense of duty on the globe. And of radicalization in all areas. Ultimately, people think and act in a conservative way. In all this, the year of the metal Ox will mainly be played openly (whether or not forced) and there will also be more and clearer communication. But an Ox always remains an Ox. So, all kinds of innovation and new trends are watched with a very suspicious eye. After all, Oxen swear by a known and proven approach. There will be more struggles this year and everyone will stick to their position more often. Because 2021 pollinates the overall energy with a blend of toughness and stamina. But we must realize that the Ox/Bull is very strong. In addition, Oxen/Bulls are armed with a set of legs and horns that can quickly and effectively crush any rioters and panic mongers. And that certainly happens when patience runs out. Too much is too much and in that case there is no more room for mercy and sentiment. This year everything will ultimately remain a bit the same as last year. Striking or shocking changes can only be detected sparingly. We can also expect a lot of struggle in private life this year. 2021 is therefore the appropriate time to put everything in order and clear things up. Especially within the household and the circle of relatives.

Some celebrities born in the year of the Ox / Bull

Lady Diana / Princess of Wales, Eddy Murphy, Walt Disney, Michael J. Fox, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Paul Newman, Anthony Hopkins, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Saddam Hussein, Richard Gere, André Rieu, Stromae, Van Gogh, Whoopie Goldberg, Bruce Springsteen, Smit, Tina Turner, Jessica Lange, Margaret Tatcher, Nixon, Auguste Renoir, Claude Lelouch, Barack Obama, Charly Chaplin, Rubens, Daniel Rops, Hans Christiaan Andersen, Barbara Bush, Bobby Kennedy, Dustin Hoffman, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Ivana Trump, Gerald Ford, Danny Kay, Willy Brandt.

This can be expected in 2021 for each sign of the Chinese zodiac

Are  you a RAT?

In 2021, you will have to work hard, Rat. Your energy and the Ox energy are mutually beneficial. You both like to roll up your sleeves. But as the Ox toils on in silence, you as a pure-bred dandy yearn for entertainment and amorous drama. And that is possible, as long as you keep it limited because the Ox energy forces you to quickly put your best paw forward again. Don’t be too loose-lipped and keep juicy gossip to a minimum. If not, it can come back to you like a boomerang. Do not expect big profits in 2021, but investing in your family and relatives will yield warm results.

Are you an OX/ BULL?

2021 is your year, Ox. And it feels like finally coming home. Because you live and move in your own solid vibes. Professionally you do not improve as much as hoped. But you can certainly make that big investment or even buy that vast lavender field in the French Provence to press your own lavender oil… yes, all is possible now. But then you have to open up to the changes that are now coming your way. You can also make important decisions in the private sphere. So say yes to that breakup, that new love, another baby or the move to that practical, new and spacious home.

Are you a TIGER?

You are again looking at a rather difficult year, Tiger. Because your impulsiveness and speed will not help you in 2021 either. You do not feel comfortable in the thoughtful, sober and straightforward Ox energy. So, it’s better to avoid a business partnership now. Because all seems quite okay at first, but soon the tide turns. You can be accused of carelessness, superficiality or stubbornness. Fortunately, things are better privately. And if your passionate nature would not find a way out of everyday reality, you will certainly fulfill your desires in your fantasy. Because the Ox energy has no control over that.

Are you a CAT/RABBIT?

You better keep calm in 2021, Cat. That is not so difficult in a Bull year, but that continuous work and toil is not really your thing. Moreover, the desired results are also not achieved. Concerns about this can affect your well-being. On the other hand, the Ox energy does push you to stop doubting yourself, to say what you have to say and no longer letting things pass you by. For example, you have to be taken into account and you still take a few steps forward in terms of work. You love your own place and hearth, your family and your friends. In an Ox year you can spend enough time on this, so that your private life continues quietly.

Are you a DRAGON?

This is a year of structure and discipline,not of exuberance, Dragon. And to be honest: you like to shine and like to be in the foreground, right? You will not be granted that place on the podium in 2021 because the rigid Ox energy will constantly  prevent it. So you’d better stay in the background and maybe just as well. Because this state of affairs offers you some kind of protection. This way, the many conflicts and problems will skim past you without affecting you. And so both your professional and your private life will suffer little or no damage.

Are you a SNAKE?

In 2021, you’ll have to step up a gear, Snake. In this sober and structured Bull year full of straightforwardness and clarity, you slither around on your way to… yes, to what? Because this is by no means your biotope. You, as a natural seducer, prefer to wind your way smoothly to tranquility, beauty, luxury and forbidden passion instead of taking the bull by the horns. Fortunately, there is your intellect and intuition to guide you through the most difficult passages. Some conflicts and problems may eventually come your way as professional and financial jammers can emerge.

Are you a HORSE?

2021 will be mostly positive, Horse. You can indeed work as … a horse, which will come in handy this year. The Ox energy ensures that you keep the reins in your hands and that you have financial windfalls. You don’t have to complain about work, because there are no major obstacles here. On the other hand you won’t experience exciting adventures. Problems only arise when it comes to relationships. Improve the interaction with your subordinates, because this is where you go wrong. And do try  to keep relationships with your partner, children and other family as simple as possible. Do not get involved in anything, then you will be saved a lot.

 Are you a GOAT / SHEEP?

Ox years mean plenty of structure, obligations and clarity. Admit it, Goat, none of this is your cup of tea. You can also have to deal with all kinds of problems. And facing problems is not your forte either. This year’s many demands will disturb your peaceful and happy grazing in green pastures. The remedy: anticipate problems. And that works if you go along with what is asked of you, without reacting neurotically to it. If you’re honest for a moment, you have to admit that no one is better at floating with what passes by, than … a goat. Exactly! Indulge your artistic side in another year.

Are you a MONKEY?

By your standards, 2021 will be a slow and unfortunately colorless year, Monkey. You, the tightrope walker of the Eastern zodiac, love to swing from tree to tree to pick up and collect the latest news about everything and everyone. None of this will happen now, because the Bull energy is curtailing you. No bad things will happen to you, but you should keep it all “small and limited” this year. So make the best of it, 2021 will pass quickly. Use this year to follow further training or learn a completely new skill. Take extra time for your flexible body and mind. Both can use some care and repair work now.

Are you a ROOSTER?

In 2021 you will recover from the stress of the past Rat year, Rooster. This year you can do your own thing, because the Bull energy suits you. A certain degree of rigidity, structure,clarity and ambition feels familiar to you and hard work does not discourage  you either. So do what you always do: use your brain, don’t boast too much,don’t crow too loudly and repair the damage incurred in 2020. And of course there are lingering problems. They mainly come from the relationship corner. You could treat your partner, your children and other loved ones in a friendlier,better or more attentive way. Because you still have a lot of work to do here

Are you a DOG?

The current Ox  energy doesn’t really make you happy, Doggy. You are already living duty-conscious and usually detached and so you don’t need even more restrictions in 2021. Moreover, in this Ox year there is often time nor place for your enthusiasm and your plans. And your sometimes emotional way of thinking and acting. Because Ox swears by the sober, the conventional and the predictable. Also possible: you are misunderstood several times. Or if you have to make a quick decision, you make the wrong one. So the best remains: quietly retreat to your soft, warm basket. Are there any puppies in the picture? Give your attention now especially to them.

 Are you a PIG?

There are certainly similarities between your energy and that of the Bull, Piggy. Such as sincerity, straightforwardness, and a real willingness to work. You also share the desire for a good and comfortable life in nature or in the countryside. So if you give it your all now, you will certainly get ahead in terms of work this year. But if you refuel at every turn with a nice cup of comfort (or wine) and a slice of cake, then you’ll miss it completely. And this year you could also encounter problems in love or in relationships with family members or relatives. And that doesn’t suit you at all. Therefore: stay very alert here, dear Pig!

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