10 things you didn’t know yet about the Chinese Ox/Bull


Did you know that our Western zodiac signs have an Eastern equivalent? That is why here is some information about the  Ox, also called Bull,  the Eastern zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the Western zodiac sign Capricorn.

So, here are 10 useful facts about the Ox/Bull:


The Ox comes across as friendly and calm and of course he is. But do not forget that in almost every Ox lives a real spitfire who always wants to be right and wants to get everything done his/her way.


A Bull is a creature of habit that loves traditions and is suspicious of changes.


Especially in the family, the Ox displays dictatorial tendencies. Each Ox does everything for his family that he/she rules with a steady hand. Not everyone is always happy with this, but in the end everybody always gets the best of what the logically thinking Ox/Bull can give.


Oxes are ambitious, want to reach the top professionally (and financially) and will work hard and patiently until they reach the desired place. After which the obtained prosperity is shown to the outside in a conventional manner via the necessary status symbols.


Oxes have a great nose for investments and can manage money well. Unfortunately, they take care (read stingy / thrifty) with their hard-earned money, much to the annoyance of those closest to the Ox.


Do you dare to go against a tough Ox? Know what you are getting into. Because the enraged Ox will not rest until he or she has brought you down completely. The Ox all too often draws the longest straw.  Because he or she also has the longest breath.


Oxes love sex. But not the kinky, adventurous or acrobatic variants. Too cumbersome or tiring, right? The little or not romantic Ox goes directly to the goal (the coitus) and prefers to skip foreplay. Yet the sensual Ox usually leaves the partner satisfied through his or her rather gentle but resolute approach.


If you cheat on the Ox, the frustrated Ox will move mountains to take out the competitor and secure his/her property ( = you).

If the naturally loyal Bull cheats on you, it marks the end of a long period where he or she has invested tons of patience in you and the relationship.


Life partners, friends, colleagues and family can often enjoy the bone-dry and sometimes even crazy (o yeah) humor of the Ox. Something you wouldn’t expect, but that is really part of the charm of the Ox/Bull.


This may be to compensate for the fact that they can be painfully candid and downright rude, whereby the Ox /Bull does not understand that he or she has gone way too far.


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