10 things you didn’t know yet about the Chinese Tiger


Here are 10 facts you didn’t know yet about the Chines Tiger:


The stubborn, dynamic Tiger likes his own opinion. He hate to follow other people’s orders. He is often active in a leading position, managing or self-employed.


Our idealistic, committed but rather reckless Tiger is a fighter who prefers to combat injustice with fire and sword. For the rest of his life.


It’s very easy to seduct a Tiger.

  • Ensure the Tiger that he can keep his freedom in a relationship with you
  • Try to talk intelligent and always be ready to exchange thoughts with Tiger about pulling the many wrongs in the world and how to make them right again. Are you bad in discussions? No worries. Listen with full adoration to the eloquent Tiger. That works great!


A Tiger is always 100% committed (even 125%, if possible) for love, for a cause or ideal or at work. But all those well-intentioned efforts and commitments can also lead to nothing. Mostly by impulsiveness plus the absence of a clear perspective on the matter. In this case Tiger should be tenderly comforted and extensively confirmed.


Never overlook the proud Tiger. Or fool him. Never! Realize that self-reflection does not belong to the basic package of this creature. His ego is too gigantic and must often be confirmed by loads of admiration. Does the Tiger feel humiliated by you? You should expect the worst because his revenge will be sweet.


Love is for the passionate Tiger a real challenge, an exciting game. Tigers, in steady relationschip, let themselves be seduced by all the beauty that passes their eye. Multiple relationship break-ups are the reality because amorous adventures are never far away.


Did you know that the Tiger’s partner is rarely aware of the escapades of Tiger? Because Tigers know exactly how to stalk their prey unseen and get inside. And, after a recorvering break, they secretly go hunting again for a brand new tender bite.


Tiger itself is jealous and possessive towards the partner. If Tiger smells trouble, he will immediately provoke an escalating quarrel. Because both the partner and the rest of the family should dance to the tune of the Tiger, otherwise, it will go very wrong, very fast.


A Tiger at his best is a successful, courageous and focused leader. And he is also generous, humane and warm hearted. At its narrowest point, he or she is a loose cannon. Or a demanding, unpredictable egomaniac, repelling thereby others and the good in life.


The smooth and charismatic Tiger is vain and likes to dress up. They spend a lot of care on their appearance, no expence spared.

Did you know that all western zodiac signs have a chinese equivalent? The chinese tiger is traditionally linked to the western astrological sign Aquarius.


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