10 things you may not know yet about the Chinese Rooster


Did you know that our western zodiac signs have an eastern equivalent? Therefore, here is some info about the ROOSTER, the eastern zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the western zodiac sign VIRGO.

Here are 10 useful facts about the Rooster


The proud, somewhat cocky Rooster (very) often stands in front of a mirror. Even the male Rooster and &lso the ones you wouldn’t expect. They do it secretly. Because Roosters are vain and spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance. Hair and clothes have to be right. The image, remember. Because they want to impress at all costs and especially on the opposite sex.


Mr & Mrs Rooster are born perfectionists and critics who put salt on all snails. And they truly believe that everything can always be better. That’s why Roosters also give you unsolicited advice… until you’re sick of it!


How do you seduce a Rooster? Belonging to the opposite sex and appearing attractive and well-groomed is a good start. If you can also wave a title (or a lot) of money, you can charm him or her in no time. Roosters love people who have the right status. And money makes life so much easier and pleasant, doesn’t it?


Do you want to get rid of a rooster? Then make fun of him or her. Their pride and somewhat swollen ego cannot withstand that.


Do you want to give a Rooster a present? A nice, handy mirror is always welcome. Or a nice scent. Of an expensive brand, of course.


Remember that Roosters can barely say the words “thank you.” They can also appear oversimplified to rude without even realizing it. Didn’t they just tell you the truth? The solution: grow an elephant skin if you often have to deal with a Rooster.


Is your rooster unfaithful? What do you think! Because this really is someone who remains tirelessly interested in potential bed partners from cradle to grave. But rest assured: in the meantime, you and the children will never be short of anything.


Roosters don’t seem like a super catch. Wait a minute, because beneath all the bragging and ant-fucking, a heart of pure gold is beating. Are you in need? Really in need? Then the rooster rushes to you first to help you and relieve your misery. And all this completely selflessly. You can be sure of that!


Roosters are not afraid of anything and dare to take risks. Definitely professional. These hard workers have nerves of steel and stay alert at all times and everywhere. They feel good in the spotlight and can certainly perform at the top.


Whatever happens, our Rooster is simply unstoppable. In the event of a setback, Roosters spring back up and continue imperturbably until the goal is reached. So a loud applause for all brave Roosters is certainly in order here!


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