10 things you may not know yet about the Chinese Goat


Did you know that our western zodiac signs have an eastern equivalent? Therefore, here is some info about the Goat, the Chinese zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the western zodiac sign Cancer.

Here are 10 facts you may not know yet about the Goat

Deep down, every Goat hates working on a regular basis within a particular structure. Just the words “regular”, “work”, “must” and “discipline” are enough to immediately scare the distressed Goat away.

Goats need a lot of support to get through life. On all levels. So they look for a protector who relieves them of the daily worries and in the meantime allows them to do their thing.

Never allow a Goat to handle your finances and administration. Or their own. That’s just asking for a lot of trouble.

On the other hand, you can use points 1 and 3 if you want to get rid of a Goat. Force the Goat to take care of your finances, administration and tax return(s) on a regular basis. Practice patience and you will find that one day he or she will be gone without a trace.

Realize that the worst thing that can happen to an average Goat is being forced to take responsibility or make decisive choices.

What can you actually do with a Goat, you may ask. Well, the creative and artistic Goat brings beauty, atmosphere and artistry into your home and into any company in a casual way. Sometimes her or his appearance is already enough to increase the fun and get everyone in the right mood. .

Goats do not measure “give and take” against each other and remain themselves, always and everywhere. Goats don’t change. Do you think she/he is fantastic? Fine. Not a fan of the Goat? No problem, because then she will look elsewhere for a tender, green meadow where she can graze to her heart’s content.

Do you want to seduce our Goat? Option 1: See it big. Throw enough money and luxury at it. Overwhelm her/him. Option 2: Lure her/him to a hotel or B&B in the full, blooming nature. That also appeals the Goat. Enjoy!

To seduce you, our Goat will gracefully hop away from you to hide here and there and confuse you. Pretty exciting, right? And concerning sex and other entertainment, the Goat will always be availiable here … always …

If the Goat is cheating on you, then it’s not intentional. No way, how can you even think that! Shame on you! It simply happened in an impulsive moment, in a fit of bewilderment. And meanwhile, she had completely and sadly forgotten that you existed. If you cheat on her, she will complain and bleat silently. She will also, everywhere and persistently, tarnish your image. You can be sure that she or he, in a seemingly harmless way,  will tear you down completely. You have been warned.


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