10 things you may not even know yet about the Chinese Dog


Did you know that our western zodiac signs have an eastern equivalent? Therefore, here is some info about the DOG, the eastern zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the western zodiac sign LIBRA.

Here are 10 useful facts about the DOG


Dogs (even those with a high degree in an exact science) are open to mysteries, parapsychology, the occult, the bizarre, and the paranormal. And nothing can be done about that, nothing.


Dogs cannot live (or live only half) without love and tenderness. Anyone who is loved by a Dog can count on their commitment, help and sincere dedication. Dogs are good, loyal partners and friends.


Dogs carry the heart in the right place and are quite often drawn to health care, medical, charity, voluntary service or organized international aid organizations.


The usually intelligent Dog is professionally honest, dutiful, diligent, serious and competent. He or she gives himself completely here and mostly puts the general interest first.


Our Dog will work very hard to earn money for the family and loved ones. But making a fortune in itself doesn’t really interest Dogs. Because they are essentially detached and philosophical, can live just fine without luxuries, and would feel good in a world where bartering is practiced.


Dogs can be anxious, worried, somewhat paranoid and always on their guard. But they can also be downright pessimistic about the phenomenon of man and the valley of tears in which we live. Out of sheer misery they can start barking, growling, whining or biting hard.


When seducing, our Dog shows perseverance, courage and steadfastness. Because love is serious business for every Dog.


The Dog declares his/her love with hanging ears, a muffled voice, moist eyes and a trembling snout. In addition, Doggy also explains that he/she feels that you are soul mates who, through time and space, are destined to find each other again and again. Unsurprisingly, hardly anyone can resist these magical words from friend Dog.


If you cheat on your Dog partner, he/she will give you the impression that this is just a trivial matter, a fitulity. In reality, Doggy is now completely devastated inside with grief and despair. If the Dog is cheating on you, you must have been very, very wrong. Examine your conscience right away, you rascal.


Please note, if you systematically kick or treat a Dog inappropriately, he/she will one day be tired and annoyed. And eventually take you back hard, angry and mean (yes). Get out of the way …


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