10 things you didn’t know yet about the Chinese Snake


Did you know that our Western zodiac signs have an Eastern equivalent? That is why here is some information about the Snake, the Eastern zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the Western zodiac sign Taurus.

Here are 10 facts you didn’t know yet about the Chinese Snake


If you look closely, you can often recognize Mr. or Mrs. Snake by his or her coquetry and vanity. Two qualities that he or she naturally controls to perfection.


Snakes are born seducers. And they do this by unleashing an individual blend on others. Blend composed of kindness, magnetism, a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, intelligence, detached charm, profundity, a dose of civilization and sensuality. Through this cocktail, Snakes enchant others  in a rather inconspicuous, difficult to describe but extremely effective way.


If you feel that the Snake is out to get you, resist immediately. Because tomorrow will be too late,  oh yes. Then he or she has already thrown him- or herself around you and you will no longer be able to free yourself from his/her intimate, fascinating grip.


Has it already happened and have you succumbed to this smooth and enchanting being? Then be smart enough to maintain sufficient independence and go your own way. Only then does the Snake starts to appreciate you.  Note: never forget that the genuine appreciation of a Snake approaches the effect of a soft drug.


Snakes are lazy by nature and don’t like to get tired. That’s why they are so calculated and so well organized. This attitude allows them to do the required work with a minimum of effort and perspiration. And of course, whenever possible, they are happy to leave difficult tasks to others.


Snakes like to be at home. That at home must of course correspond to the well-developed sense of beauty of our Snake. Because Snakes can do a fantastic job as interior decorators or interior stylists. Or as antique dealers or designers of high quality furniture and home decoration.


Snakes love music, film and art in general. They can talk and discuss about it endlessly. With a good glass of wine to pieces in the night. Have you fallen for a Snake? Then know that Snakes are also good philosophers or psychologists. They will keep you awake at night to go on and on about relationships and love in all its facets. All this framed with caresses, sensual sex and a lot of hypnotic hiss. Be prepared and take vitamins regularly to survive these types of marathons.


Are you fed up with your possessive Snake partner? But… do you realize how much effort it will take you to escape her stranglehold? If you ever manage to. Snakes do not like to be treated badly or to be left alone. So: be well prepared if you want to run away. Stay strong!


Would you like to know if your  Snake partner is unfaithful?  Then you have to realize that Snakes need passion in their lives. Once the passion has evaporated from a relationship, he or she looks for a new playmate without feeling guilty. Rather than force a breaking  up, because Snakes hate breaking up. But don’ worry. Snakes cheat in a discreet, smooth and agile way. Usually you won’t even notice.


Snakes somehow always manage to live a prosperous and comfortable life. How they achieve this doesn’t matter. But each Snake ensures itself at the end of the desired prosperity and luxury.


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