10 things you didn’t know yet about the Chinese Horse


Did you know that our Western zodiac signs have an Eastern equivalent? That is why here is some information about the Horse, the Chinese zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the Western zodiac sign Gemini.


Here are 10 facts you may not know yet about the Horse:


The mentally and physically limber Horse likes to sell a lot of drama. A Horse is also intelligent, impatient, versatile, handy, verbally strong and at home in all markets. Horses know how to handle things and they can work like a… Horse. That too, indeed.


Horses have no fear and are overconfident. They take risks and refuse to listen to good advice. They prefer to do everything their way. Moreover, they can do 2 or even 3 things at the same time.


Horses are honest or … at least they think so. In reality, any Horse can spontaneously run wild during any conversation. Out of pure enthusiasm, of course.  After which he/she will serve you a completely unique version of the facts.


Horses cannot be ordered and locked up between four walls. And this both privately and professionally. They must be able to break out, run in all directions and gallop into the wide world. Free and self-employed professions and jobs that guarantee a lot of freedom and variety, are just what most Horses want.


The stylish, elegant Horse is not directly an example of loyalty, because passion is the fuel here. Passion that often evaporates as quickly as it is flared up


The woman who chooses a Horse man must continue to surprise her husband. And give him the feeling that he is free and in charge. In the meantime, she can quietly do her thing behind his back. Because our egocentric stallion is so busy with himself and his many plans, that he won’t even notice.


Mares, like stallions, are self-centered. Attention: under her fresh and girlish appearance, the mare hides a razor-sharp mind. This spirited, smart Amazon prefers a more mature, intelligent man from whom she can learn something. And who understands her whimsical nature better. The man who can make a mare laugh is also the man who will one day tame her.


Do you want to seduce a Horse? Then give him or her lots of attention. Because Horses with their big ego want to be seen and heard. Also use plenty of surprises and uncertainty. So feel free to let your stallion or mare taste a bit of their own medicine. That keeps the relationship exciting and certainly worthwhile for most Horses.


The Horse, which is driven by a strong masculine energy, is quite popular because of his / her wit, originality and humor. Humor that too often comes at the expense of others. A minor detail that rarely keeps awake the often emotionally immature Horse.


Finally, in the Fire Horse, the unbridled passions of the modal Horse are multiplied. This Horse is so powerful that it can trample anything in its path or… accomplish great things. Fire horses are only born every 60 years. The last Fire Horse year was 1966 and the next one will not arrive until 2026. The well-known, tireless British top chef Gordon Ramsay is a thoroughbred Fire Horse who has yet opened 32 restaurants. With ups and downs however, as befits a real Horsy.





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