Is your child or grandchild a Scorpio?


Is your child or grandchild a Scorpio? (23 oktober – 21 november)

Your Scorpio child or grandchild is precocious and interested in many things that other kids of his/her age usually are not interested in. Like death and sex for example. He/she is not obsessed with it, but is mainly curious about it. This child feels comfortable with adults and dares to interfere in their conversations. Unless it’s very shy.

This intelligent, alert child and often even brilliant pupil just wants to know how everything works. Unfortunately, this attitude can also cause problems. His/her acumen can produce friction with authority or fellow students.

This is someone with a strong, jealous nature who aims for exclusive relationships. And this at home, as well as in the family and friendship. He/she is also a tender soul that needs a lot of attention and love. This affectionate child needs also respect. Respect for his or her own secret garden.

The Scorpio child is usually a fearful child. It mainly fights against irrational fears such as darkness, monsters, ghosts… He/she is therefore very receptive and a barrel full of emotions. But make no mistake: if this tough kid has his or her heart set on something, it will get it! It always tries to push its will.


What is the best way to deal with a Scorpio child?

To satisfy his/her precocity

This child thirsts for knowledge. Therefore, give it as much access as possible to information about the topic that intrigues him or her at that time. Also be open to all his/her questions about this, even if the answer is beyond his/her age.

To curb his or her tendency to manipulate

Realize that this child is capable of manipulating anyone from an early age. So also educators, friends, family members, etc. It does this by committing affective blackmail or by arousing feelings of guilt in the victim. All this to fulfill his or her whims and wishes. You, as an educator, must stop and punish this behavior. Stand your ground, be strict, and remain indifferent to the threats and bribery attempts that this child will unleash on you. Wishing you every success!

To calm his/her fears

It’s important not to minimize, ignore or laugh off this child’s fears. Reassure them by letting them talk about their fears. You can react positively to this by providing as much understandable and practical explanations as possible. Don’t burden the child with your own fears, but don’t mask them either. Anyway, there’s no point hiding things from a Scorpio kid, because it feels so much. And razor sharp!

Try not to use these kind of sentences

You’re just a little troublemaker. That’s you!

Stop those questions, you’re way too young to understand this.

Did you hurt yourself? Just right. Own fault!


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