Is your child or grandchild a Capricorn?


The Capricon child (December 22 – January 20)

Then you have a born go-getter at home. Sure. And at the same time an introvert. Because this usually closed but strong child will not show his/her feelings quickly. The young Capricorn appears impassive outwardly, but in reality is very affectionate. And also good to know: this child does not want to burden his parents/guardians with his fears and sorrows.

The Capricorn child soon shows a  great maturity and sense of responsibility. Often also too great a sense of duty, considering his age. If it does something wrong, this child will then tend to punish itself for it. This is not a child with a physical orientation. It likes nature and long (also lonely, yes) walks to be able to completely relax. At home, it prefers games that involve thinking, exercising patience, and building. For example, Lego Classic and Lego Ideas are ideal here, as are large puzzles.

At school, it is a calm child who studies diligently and neatly completes the assigned tasks. The exemplary Capricorn child is valued by the teachers. But this child is and remains later, picky when it comes to his or her friends, who are of course scarce as a result…

How to deal with your Capricorn child

To protect the inner child

He/she matures earlier than many other children. But it still remains a child and unfortunately it will not be easy to make the serious Capricorn laugh. And yet it does love humor. Nice cartoons and other films from the Disney factory are suitable for him or her. But your child can also enjoy Home Alone and Richie Rich. And let’s not forget the slapstick of monuments like Laurel & Hardy!

To teach the child some social skills

This child often lacks the flexibility to easily make contact with others. It may even tend to isolate itself somewhat from the group. Lend a helping hand here by regularly inviting classmates or cousins. You can also register your Capricorn for group activities. This will give him/her more strength to move comfortably in a group.

To take away the tensions in this child

Help him or her by putting the existing fears into perspective and rationalizing them. Do not put too much pressure on him or her and avoid frequent contact with the negative news stream. It would be good if you look ahead and learn some relaxation exercises with this child under expert guidance. Because sooner or later an anxiety attack can occur here. Be prepared.

Avoid scathing sentences such as:

Come on, have you lost your tongue again?

One can never really count on you.

It’s very bad what you’ve done.



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