The downside of the zodiac sign Scorpion


We all know, where there is a front, there must also be a back. Because every coin always has two sides. So every sun sign has a shadow side. Read here about the different zodiac signs and their greatest working point.

ARE  YOU  A  SCORPION? (23 oktober – 21 november)

Your dark side is: self-destruction.

You don’t shy away from any means of creating chaos in your own life, Scorpio. Just think of looking for danger, self-sabotage on a relationship and social level, eating disorders, addictions, etc. You always cross borders. Just for fun, out of boredom or also as revenge. The fact that you suffer huge losses this way, doesn’t bother you. And in love you rage even harder. Furthermore: if you have set your sights on something or someone, you are unstoppable, no matter what the consequences are.

Beneath your self-destruction lies the fear of being happy.

The idea that your happiness could depend on someone else or on some outside factor, is unbearable. That is why you try to keep the reins in your own hands through self-destruction. You mistakenly think you don’t deserve happiness. But the truth may also be that you’re afraid of being happy. Because you could quickly be bored, asking yourself: is this really all life has to offer?

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