10 things you may not know yet about the Chinese Rat


Did you know that our western zodiac signs have an eastern equivalent? Therefore, here is some info about the RAT, the eastern zodiac sign that is traditionally linked to the western zodiac sign Sagittarius.


Here are 10 useful facts about the RAT


Like its western equivalent Sagittarius, the Rat is split in nature. He/she definitely likes adventure, taking risks and a regular dose of excitement. But in the meantime she always remains anxious about the future, thinking that she will not have enough goodies to eat in her old days.


Rats are physically strong, flexible, fast, handy and attractive. They emanate a somewhat mysterious charm and possess a sharp intelligence. They fizz like freshly uncorked champagne. Mr. and Mrs. Rat usually show off in front of the opposite sex frequently, mainly to test their market value.


Rats are born individualists and can be unexpectedly aggressive and/or rude


A Rat always lives according to his or her own rhythm. Obviously, no Rat is willing to color or live within the lines. And nobody can change that. Those traits make it difficult for our Rat to be part of a team, professionally and fruitfully. Unless our ever calculated and opportunistic Rat is allowed to call the shots in person.


Rats can’t live without a lot of drama and passion. Because passion is like oxygen to them. Consequently, they are fond of all kinds of emotional intrigue and complications. Is life getting too boring with you, according to him or her? Then our Rat will provoke a few things so that there is soon a good portion of tension and drama on the menu.


Rats have always a difficult relationship with money. One day they are wasting money without any problem, while the next day they behave like real misers. Nevertheless, Rats are always out to bargain shopping or make a profit if possible.


All Rats are evening people. And so this animal loves night and mist, secrets (also dark ones, especially dark ones) and untrodden paths.


Don’t underestimate the cunning Rat, especially if it’s your opponent.  After all, every Rat is inventive and at home in all markets.


Rats are imaginative lovers and will give you, in and out of bed, incredible moments that you will never forget for the rest of your life.


If the Rat cheats on you, he/she will continue to deny everything through a series of confused excuses, which will not keep you angry for long. Until one day you can’t take it anymore, of course. If you cheat on the Rat, he/she is guaranteed to cheat on you too.



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