Oracle based on numerology


Want to perform a quick check on a starting or ongoing project of yours? Project that can be professional, business or private?

Then call on our numerological oracle. It provides you with clarifying or guiding advice when approaching or developing a business and/or personal project. So with this simple method you can discover for yourself which vibes are currently active around your project.

Basic info:

Everything revolves around numbers here and more specifically about the different combinations of the numbers 1, 2 and 3. A combination of 2 numbers is always needed to be able to give useful advice. The 1st digit concerns the actual project and the 2nd digit represents the outside influences that can favor or, on the contrary, slow down a business.

What do you need?

 1 dice + pen and paper

This is how you consult this numerological oracle.

  1. Keep your project in mind as much as possible.
  2. Take your dice and roll until you get a 1, a 2 or a 3. This is the 1st part of the combination. Note this number. Suppose you get a 3.
  3. Roll the dice again until you reach the number 1, 2 or 3 again. That’s the second part of the combination. Suppose you roll a 2 here.
  4. Always respect the order of the numbers obtained. Your combination then becomes 3-2.
  5. Then read the explanation that belongs to the combination 3 + 2.


The different number combinations:

1 + 1: Here we can be very brief. This absolute winner combination can only indicate that your project is heading for a success.

1 + 2: Done with the lies, the half-hearted truths and pretending. The hour of truth has arrived. Examine yourself. Ask yourself: what do I really want. And that can be both business and private. Realize that the answer is already within you. And that admitting the truth will free you from a tricky situation by showing you a way out.

 1 + 3: Don’t get discouraged. Even if you have the impression that you can’t get any further and the light at the end of the tunnel just doesn’t come into view. Because despite this, you are slowly but surely moving on in the right direction, without realizing it. Therefore carry on bravely. You will eventually get where you want to be.

2 + 1: And indeed, your feeling that someone is trying to bring you down, may be completely justified. Do you want to find out who he or she is? Just don’t. Only give your precious time and energy to something positive. Because only then the balance will automatically recover, after which you are heading for a modest or even considerable success.

2 + 2: Twice two represents patience and great caution. Collect as much information as possible in all directions before committing and/or taking action. Make sure you don’t get caught and arm yourself with a plan B or (if possible) sufficient reserve.

2 + 3: Dark clouds are gathering above the horizon without you even realizing it. But… don’t panic here! A sudden turn of events or an unexpected helping hand can take you out of your predicament. After which you can take a new, healthy start.

3 + 1: With this combination it is advised to change your view on the matter. To look at what you are struggling with from different angles, while staying positive. Can’t figure it out on your own? Then you can brainstorm with someone who is favorable to you. After which the gods will also be favorably disposed towards you.

3 + 2: Well, you hardly know how to react and no one will blame you. Above all, try to stay calm to free yourself from this misjudgment fault.  If you are faced with a delicate situation, you should practice self-preservation as much as possible. And the message then becomes: save what can be saved!

3 + 3: You are clearly on the right track. Bravo! And what’s more, your perseverance will certainly be greatly rewarded!


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