What brings 2022 for you according to the numerology?


Numerology is a system of interpretation based on the tradition and symbols of the Kabbalah. Numerology can be used to discover future, general as well as personal, tendencies.

We can easily find out which numbers will influence you in 2022. Because we only need the vibe of 2022 and that of your personal year in 2022. After that, we can test your personal year against the predominant vibe of the year 2022.

It all sounds more difficult than it is because we only need 2 numbers.

1) The number/vibe/energy of 2022 and that is: 2 + 2 + 2= 6.  So 6 is the predominant vibration or energy of the year 2022.

2) The number or vibe of your personal year, which we calculate as follows. Suppose you were born on November 24 = 24-11. That then becomes: 2+4+1+1= 8. To that we add the vibration of 2022. That becomes: 8+6=14. 1+4=5.  So your personal annual vibration is 5.

Below you will then look at ‘personal 5 year’, where you can read how both energies (5 and 6) interact this year.  And what you can expect of this duo.


Personal 1 year in combination with the 2022 vibe 6.

Your personal year-vibe 1 differs radically from the 6-vibe of the year 2022. In concrete terms, this means that you will often feel slowed down and this due to unexpected causes that you have absolutely no control over. This duo sow delays, obstacles and thus frustrations in your path. That’s why you have to grit your teeth more than once this year and exercise patience, something you really don’t care about right now. Because your personal year vibe  1 steers you toward fast action and pushing. On the other hand, your relationship life (partner, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances) looks a lot better, as does everything you try to achieve on a limited scale.

Personal 2 year in combination with the 2022 vibe 6.

Your personal year vibe 2, vibrates largely in harmony with the 6 vibe of 2022. What you desire for yourself and on a relationship level, broadly seen, now has a great chance of success. If you don’t go too far, don’t demand too much and are willing to make some compromises, 2022 looks mostly positive for you. No major obstacles in sight. A possible divorce, for example, or certain parts of it, can now be settled in your favor. Ditto for an inheritance, family issue, other ongoing disputes and/or financial conflicts. You can also receive encouraging profits this year from previous investments or from your professional activity.

Personal 3 year in combination with the 2022 vibe 6.

Your personal year vibe 3 generally goes well with the year vibe 6 of 2022. Which means this will be a good year for you, numerologically speaking. In any case, you will move a lot, do a lot of business and meet lots of people in various fields. All this comes through your work, loves and friendships, family or neighbors. You will often move around and make the necessary changes in your personal life. You can also give yourself a different look and/or work on your condition. However, this is also a year in which you can put an end to an existing relationship, friendship, collaboration or to a certain environment. This through a move, breakup, new job or new responsibility.

Personal 4 year in combination with the 2022 vibe 6

Your personal year vibe 4 (and you) will get a boost thanks to the 6 vibe of 2022. But be aware: 4 and 6 are not really friendly vibes. Yet this year, you can still draw in enough oxygen to take back control of important matters in your life. However, the focus here is mainly on the professional, business and financial aspects. Because yes, hard work has to be done this year and with this combination. More precisely: you have to toil hard in 2022. And luckily that leads to pretty decent results. Everything that is based on patience, structure and regularity will be a success. But do you lack these qualities? Then the results here naturally and unfortunately, turn out completely different.

Personal 5 year in combination with the 2022 year vibe 6

The 5 vibe plus the 6 vibe guarantee you a well-filled 2022 with many advantages and opportunities. Because in this fascinating time you will experience an increase in various areas. You will make many new contacts and explore many new directions, opening up many new opportunities. It’s up to you to grab it or not. You will also be able to open up more to others. Your charisma and libido will peak this year with multiple, volatile and sometimes even risky relationships as a side effect. Unfortunately, you are now also much more susceptible to excesses and addictions of all kinds! Stay vigilant, keep your wits about you. A warned person is worth two.

Personal 6 year in combination with the 2022 year vibe 6

A double 6 vibe guarantees optimism, joy and success. Especially private. You need to plan your agenda carefully to maintain the right balance between your personal life and your work. Because your family, close relatives and close friends are very present in your life this year and often call on you. And so they will unintentionally take a big bite out of your financial, affective and energetic reserves. Yet 2022 will mainly remain the year in which a lot of positive things happen in the love/relationship field. This through a marriage, meeting, cohabitation, birth, buying a house, etc. For others, however, it’s now or never to free themselves from a tight bond of love or a bad friendship.

Personal 7 year in combination with the 2022 year vibe 6

7 and 6 are definitely not friendly vibes, so they are bound to produce conflicting vibrations. This year you may feel like leaving things as they are or even giving up what already exists. But it is almost impossible to change anything. Although finances and work are under control, you seem to be in the grip of a certain gloom. You swing back and forth between two poles. On the one hand, there is your great need to take more quality time for yourself, to analyze and do some research. On the other hand, year vibe 6 pushes you into social life and almost forces you to look for a new job. The resulting short circuit can block and frighten you, after which  you neglect your personal life.

Personal 8 year in combination with the 2022 year vibe 6

This is a powerful combination of 2 vibrations that usually have little in common. However, their forced merger on a professional and financial level can bring you results. Because in addition to business and financial insight, there is also an ability here to easily deal with people and to win them over for you. This tandem therefore ensures evolution, success, and also the realization of what you want to realize. These vibes can even evoke a feeling of ‘the sky is the limit’, but also a desire for (even) more freedom. This course of events is naturally and unfortunately, largely at the expense of your private life and of your personal/intimate relationships.

Personal 9 year in combination with the 2022 year vibe 6

The 9 vibe and the 6 vibe are mostly favorable to each other. Yet you often hesitate between investing in a limited/intimate circle or in a larger business or ideal. Either way, you’re at some sort of end or turning point. In a closing period, so to speak. You will now feel the urge to clear up lingering issues in your life. Love, your friendships, your relationship and/or your work situation are questioned. Be especially careful not to radically blow up all the bridges behind you because then there is no turning back. It is best to take a new path by accepting a suitable and promising offer. Because that too can come your way in the animated year 2022.

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