Love Oracle OkCupid: discover the one through 3 simple questions…


Spring is back and so there will be a lot of flirting, seducing and… often looking for the right one. Are you not only looking for some fun, but especially for the one, the white raven, the ultimate soul mate? Then we have excellent news for you, dear visitor. Because read on and discover how you can spot that rare pearl better thanks to 3 simple questions.

Find the right partner with 3 questions? It’s only logical that you immediately think: that’s just nonsense. And yet it is possible. At least, if we are to believe four mathematicians at Harvard University. They hereby offer you this love oracle that actually has a more or less scientific basis!

The designers and discoverers of this oracle, which can offer support to all singles who are looking for a suitable partner, are four academics. Yes. This quartet was/is affiliated with the American Harvard University, one of the most renowned universities in the world. The entry requirements for future students are almost as high as the tuition fees. The generously paid professors are often top scientists in their field. Good brains and quality assured.

OkCupid discovered love oracle through 3 questions

The four star heads mentioned above, together designed a dating site called “OkCupid”. FYI: OkCupid is now one of the most popular American dating apps. Our four mathematicians reveal what predicts and often determines the success of a relationship. For this they developed an algorithm based on a survey on their site: OkCupid. And what does that survey reveal? Well, that only three simple questions seem to be decisive in determining whether or not you and a potential partner, have a chance at a bright future together.

The 3 OkCupid questions (and don’t fall over now)

1) Do you like horror movies?
2) Have you traveled a lot?
and finally:
3) ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to leave everything behind and live on a sailboat?

With someone who gives the same answers to the three questions as you, a relationship has a (very) good chance of success.  It is as simple as that.

Extra question for men only

And because those American mathematicians were men, they have come up with another question that only men should ask their female date. The question is: do you like beer? If the woman answers yes, she is 30 percent more likely to get into bed with him on the first date than if she says no. Well…


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