How will the planetary ‘heavenly T’ affect your 6th sense in 2016?


In 2016, several planets form (astrologically seen), an aspect called the “square in the heavenly T”. This aspect can help us to develop our intuition or sixth sense. There are zodiac signs that will less affected, other will feel more influence (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). But, the impact of the square in heavenly T will be felt by everyone.

About our intuition or 6the sense

Intuition is a natural gift, which we received at birth. Next ro our 5 ‘regular’ senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) we are blessed with a 6th sense: the intuition of the rapidly bubbling knowledge. Our intuition is one of the most important tool in our life. It is a unique, personal and sophisticated barometer and guide that we can use on our life path. It a said that intuition is like our common sense being in a hurry. Unfortunately, in this world ruled by facts and figures, we do not spend enough attention to this strong built-in tool or even push it away, on purpose .
That is an attitude we tend to pay afterwards a high price for. Our intuition does not tell us if something or somebody is good or bad. It tell us if something or somebody is appropriate or should be avoided, at that specific moment in our life.


You remain virtually unaffected, Aries, besides some positive vibes of the heavenly T. These make it in 2016 easier for you than normal to use your common sense. Yes. And it even brings you more patience towards difficult situations and people instead of always just walk in and fly. This year you stand more philosophical in life. Think first and then act, you know? Wouldn’t that be a good thing …


You leave away your stubbornness and your blinders under the influence of this square, Taurus. And you let yourself be carried away by the harmony that comes over you. Someone will have to talk to you about listening more to your intuition and to your heart. And to trust these more. Especially in love and friendship. So listen to that person instead of you averting immediately. And you will benefit from what you hear.


Yes, you are this year in the focus of the now active T- energy, Gemini. We know that your interest flashes in all directions. Your challenge now, however: Evolve by leaving the level of superficiality Focus and search for what is underneath and behind the outside and dare to dig deeper. To the guinine, to the truth. In yourself, people and situations. That way, you get the chance to discover a different reality this year. In order to learn how to everyone and everything also can be approached in a different way. Not really easy, but you only can become more complete by this.


The power of the heavenly T fits your alley, Cancer. You are by nature quite intuitive and psychic and the T-vibes step take it to the next level. In 2016, you can adjust better to people and especially to their subconscious. Because of this, you succeed in reading others like an open book an better understanding them. This is the right way to help them plus yourself forward.


This year you can increase your maturity at your pace, Leo. Especially by developing your intuition. You will be helped by someone who knows you well, you love and respect. This person can learn you a lot because he/she is older or has more experience in this area. However, it is also possible that you will play this role for a younger person. Because here on earth, we are all the same time master and pupil.


You, too, are in 2016 completely in the grip of the current astrological configuration, Virgo. Her energies push you to lift your realism, rigor and thorough attention to detail and analysis to a higher level. Your challenge this year: try to open your vision on the world In addition to a thorough analysis, you may for a change examine the whole. Widen your view on yourself, people and situations. And you can get so far that you begin to realize that every problem has not one but several solutions. Your finely tuned radar will discover them!


You experience little interference from the square in T, Libra. What you will notice is that the seriousness with which you confronts tp people, situations and things, will increase. You get interested and start thinking about the ethical and moral side of life. This increases your sense of responsibility. What is reflected in your actions and motivations. And the fact that you’re becoming moderate on every angle.


YOu mainly receive the good vibes of the aspects mentioned above. Scorpio’s naturally feel an affinity with the more subtle areas of life, such as esotericism, spirituality, astrology, energetic work, see clearly, hear clearly, etc. In 2016, you can integrate this knowledge and gifts in your daily life and serve others with his. You can even book personal successes with this.


You will now, like Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, inevitably be immersed in the T vibes, Sagittarius. And you will know it! Your challenge will be: improve and deepen your innate intuition and trust in the universal order. You can do this by curbing your impetuosity and be mor responsive to live in 2016. By better looking and being patient to listen to people and situations. In other words, by paying attention to the subtle signals that your environment is continuously transmitting in words and deeds. Learn to pick up signals, recognize as a guide and then use.


Heavenly T brings you not but benefits, Capricorn. And in the sense that you are more relaxed in life in 2016. You feel more free while the need to come out with who you are and what you own now will increase sharply. So this is the perfect time to share your knowledge, your physical and spiritual wealth and your talents with others. Do not back out. Go for it!


Your life babbles on, Aquarius. You are now able to consolidate what you already have achieved. Because your faith in live now enables you to view objectively and into detail your principles and ideals. What you experience as valuable and usefull, you keep. To then put more energy in. You better leave sterile whisfull ideas and thinking for what they are: guzzlers that yield into nothing.


Like a fish in water, that is how you feel the energy of the T-planetary constellation, Fishy. We all know that you naturally possess tons of intuition and you unconscious use this for guidance in your life. And in that of others. In 2016, however, awaintes you a new challenge: what you feel and experience inside, you should now consciously test and integrate into the reality You will discover more and more what signals you can and cannot trust. Which will turn mean a significant added value for your personal life and that of those with whom you have contact with daily.


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