Horoscope September 2021


What will  September 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall:  you have always been combative and enthusiastic. These qualities will be further enhanced in September, giving you an extra dynamic vibe. There’s only one thing to add: feel free to take action now, Aries!

At work you are a bundle of energy that succeeds in executing his/her plans effectively. This is also a time when you can decide to change direction, position or job. Here too you are supported by helpful vibes. Go for it! With partner? Your love for the other is sincere and enduring. So you decide to tackle even more long-term projects together. Solo? From the 10th, and fully supported by your charisma, you go hunting. Does the other resist? You love challenges and you go after your target quickly with fresh energy. You are also popular amongst friends. In terms of money, you have to negotiate hard to get that loan or additional loan. But you can do it!




Overall:  in September, jammers interfere with your daily routine. That is something that really annoys you, Taurus. The best thing here is: quietly go along with the change without forcing yourself. That can even bring you pleasant surprises and results!

At work, you now mainly have to invest in relationships and the exchange of information. This will refine your ideas and plans and provide solutions. A lot will be possible here from the 20th. In the first 2 weeks of September, there will be changes. With partner? The stability between you increases spontaneously. Solo? You suddenly meet more potential partners. The ball is now in your court, so put in some effort. Good communication with family and friends is also more effective. Your leap forward professionally, offers you new financial opportunities at the same time. So negotiate a pay rise now. Own boss? Increase your hourly rate! This money job is best completed before September 26.



 Overall: the relationships at work, plus the actual working atmosphere, barely give you satisfaction. And so the worrying about your professional activity continues for the time being, Gemini. Fortunately, everything is going much better in private.

At work, there must be transparent communication and what is more: from the heart. That’s not your cup of tea. Be sure to make an effort to speak honestly with others. Preferably take the floor between the 20th and the 27th, a week in which announcements come most easily to you. With partner? Everything is going well, as you tackle a new project that is getting off to a flying start. Solo? Take every opportunity to meet new people or explore new circles. Through friends or on your own. After all, anything is possible between 5 and 29 September. In terms of finances, you are very eager to spend a lot of money right now. And yet you don’t do it because you realize that the bitch called karma will come after you soon.



Overall: September is sure to be a sunny one, both at work and privately. And that is mainly due to your commitment. Because of course there are problems, but they don’t bother you. Because you solve them through fast, focused and clear communication, Cancer.

You are now strong enough to make a professional change. That’s why you explore the market. And yourself. Are you going for a total retraining? For another job? Or would you rather be your own boss? Either way, you’re ready for change. With partner? There is turmoil but it does not threaten your relationship. A family member is in distress and asks for help. You get the job done in no time, after which you make it cozy together again. Solo? A friend declares his/her love to you. Or introduces you to someone intriguing. The end of September is a decisive one here. Money wise: do you want to get rid of a family heirloom? Make a donation? Invest in a 2nd residence? Go for it, the vibes are favorable!



 Overall: improvement is on the way in all sectors, Leo. Not only because you find support, solutions and ways out but also thanks to your amazing flow of ideas. You are in touch with reality and with who you are, which is enlightening and constructive. Bravo!

At work you manage to get the green light for a certain project and you even realize a few things. This is mainly done through good communication, but even better is the presentation of irrefutable arguments. Keep them on hand. With partner? Although you work well together on the same project, time is running out. Because soon there will be trouble with a family member and that creates stress and frustration between the two of you. Single? Note that your love life will get new impulses from the 15th to the 29th. A lot can happen here. Around September 7, the money tap closes. It will open again from the 20th. But either way be sensible, sober and stay within your budget.



Overall: September certainly offers you great opportunities, Virgo. You are now both physically and mentally strong. So you decide to throw all your complexes overboard and actually get the most out of it in all areas. Our tip: don’t overdo it.

There may be a reorganization or downsizing at work. You are safe and even more empowered because of your efficient, reliable approach. Another option: you can prepare to start your own business in peace. Single? You are the focus of attention. So love can just appear during a trip or further training. With partner? It is genuine and warm between you. Plans you made together are very close to realisation. In terms of finances: you need money to make your dreams/plans come true. Don’t worry, because the necessary money is now arriving in one way or another (loan, bonus, unexpected repayment).



Overall:  there’s a lot to mention here, Libra. But broadly speaking, we can say that your body has already felt better. And furthermore that you are better off in private than at work, where things are sometimes misunderstood.

You often complain at work. Fatigue and a chronic lack of appreciation for your achievements erode your enthusiasm. You can also be displeased with a misinterpreted response from a colleague. But do not despair because from mid-September your energy will be cranked up again. Also possible: you get a bonus. With partner? You are quietly working on the solidity of your relationship. Bravo! Single? You are ready for something big. Something like the welcome of true love. But you are only looking for an intelligent and experienced partner. Money wise: beware. Because from the 10th you really feel like buying a lot. Resist the urge if possible!



Overall:  you must admit it, Scorpio. You have now reached a satisfactory level both privately and professionally. But that still doesn’t seem enough for you. Your imagination runs wild, fueling your ambitions and forcing you to look for more and better.

At work you can take it a little easier, because you are well surrounded and supported. It’s time to think about the road you have traveled, the experience you have gained and the point where you are now. But you realize that you have to perpetuate this status and keep going. Because standing still is going backwards. With partner? Everything is fine between you, but relatives disturb the harmony. Your cozy dinner will have to wait a little longer. Solo? Everything is going well for you too, except for a little jealousy left or right. But you can easily neutralize that. Have you had any financial windfalls lately? Then think about investing. The time is now ripe for it.



Overall:  you may not be excited about it, Saggitarius, but this month is all about your professional life and your finances. Now is the time to act and to show what you’re really worth. Best of luck, but you can do it!

In terms of work, you get new impulses through a new start. But you have to give it your all to get to that start. And that includes self-reflection. About never realized dreams and wrong choices that you made unconsciously in the past. With partner? Little happens between you two, but it doesn’t matter. More importantly, you keep talking together because you’re on the same vibe now. Solo? You don’t feel like hunting. Fortunately, there are still your friends who will save you from a lonely period. In terms of money, you are stressed about a big expense that you have to make and/or a loan that you have to obtain. Don’t worry, it’ll be all right!



Overall:  this month everything is going mostly as you planned and wished, Capricorn. And this on a personal, professional and financial level. But you have to work hard for it. So hard that your body and mind crave rest.

On the professional level, everything is fine. Working relationships and communication: top notch! Combat skills: top! Financial support and scope: great! Success: great! If you now also follow your intuition, you can reap the rewards after a hard time of toil and sweat. With partner? Harmony prevails between you and that can lead to a happy fact. Single? You are now attracted to someone from a completely different background than your own. Your mind struggles, but the  attraction is stronger. In terms of money, September represents abundance. First of all, there is your excellent professional income, but you also manage to capitalize on your own talents. Bravo!



 Overall: in September you are as honest as possible with yourself. You try to see your wounds, failures, and successes with new eyes. More rational and objective. The result of this process definitely feels positive and constructive.

If you want to achieve results at work, you have to communicate clearly what you want and where you want to go. That way you get support instead of frustration. And that’s how you get ahead. With partner? The relationship has matured. Because and admit it, Aquarius, that great fear deep within you for commitment and solidity is gradually disappearing. Because you feel good with your partner and vice versa. Solo? You meditate on relationships and your mind has settled in this area. You’re ready to make the leap to a real, mature bond with all the trimmings. You don’t have to worry about money now. Treat yourself, you should definitely be able to!



Overall:  September is all about love, Pisces. But just as much about intuition and you will certainly feel it. Because this duo shows its powerful influence both privately and in your professional life. It can become quite intensive because choices have to be made.

It’s calm at work, so this is a time to think about your professional journey. Because an evaluation is certainly in order here. You feel that you are ready for a new leap, for a new chapter, and you’re excited to get started and to give it your all. With partner? Love blooms. There is also passion, harmony and fusion here plus a positive event ahead. Solo? Magical vibes do their job here too. You meet someone after which the initial contact develops quickly. In terms of finances, you will have to deal with financial problems that still circulate within the family. Don’t panic, after all, a solution will be found that satisfies everyone.

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