Horoscope October 2021


What will  October 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall:  your physical strength is peaking, Aries, and your mind is clearly on edge. So be sure to go for what or whoever you want! This month, the focus is mainly on your relationships and, in addition, on all possible forms of association and commitment.

At work, it’s a difficult one. Your mind is not on your job but keeps wandering to your love life and so you get stuck. That is not appreciated at work. Avoid conflicts, stay calm! After the 17th, your sympathetic side can work wonders. In the love department a sentimental decision imposes itself. With partner? You say wholeheartedly yes to each other. Legally or in private. Doesn’t matter, you mean it! Solo? The relationship you are starting now is blessed. For both love and happiness smile at you. In terms of finances: in October your expenses are skyrocketing. And yes, you are investing in your future, but don’t overcook it here!



Overall:  the most important thing for you this month, remains your work where there are still changes going on that disrupt your beloved routine. Don’t look back now, look ahead, Taurus. Keep your calm self and take that fresh start with confidence.

At work you have to go through a real adjustment period. Which works wonderfully because your professional relationships and environment are reassuring and constructive. This way you get to cruising speed earlier than expected. With partner? The intimate periods decrease because you have to  keep going in the workplace.   However, the warm feelings between you remain intact. Solo? You too have to invest in your job now, but because of the changes there, you might be able to find true love  in the workplace. The start will be a bit difficult but luck is on your side. A friend disappoints you greatly. Promises made were not kept. You can now make nice profits through a business transaction.



 Overall:  exciting month, Gemini. It bounces up and down at work. On: at the beginning and end of October. Down: during the weeks in between. And in terms of love: be prepared, because in this department you will now be facing more than one surprise.

At work you initially have to deal with a mix of rapid changes, important contacts and pushing boundaries. After which everything kind of comes to a standstill. This is a time when you can experiment. At the end of October everything will be up and running again. With partner or single? The following applies to both: the brewery is coming to life and things are going pretty well. Those who are dozed wake up suddenly, and enthusiastically go for temptation and making new plans. There is only one hitch: your latent fear of a serious commitment. When it comes to finances, you want to spend a lot of money, but for some reason you don’t. Bravo! Watch out, you may get some muscle aches now.



Overall:  in October you look for and find the right balance between duty and freedom. Also, your skills don’t escape the attention of your boss or headhunters. You can of course take advantage of it. A family member needs you this month, Cancer.

In terms of work, doors will open for you if you aim for a new job or more prestige. You seduce here through your expertise and direct, pragmatic approach. You no longer settle for a place in the back and you step into the spotlight. With partner? Tension is in the air over a family member calling on you. From the 18th the problem is solved and you can breathe again. Single? You don’t dare to tell your date(s) what exactly you want from a partner. But at the end of October you put more spice in your encounters. In the family you are asked for help, after which you step in to alleviate the need. You are now reaping the benefits of a previous and smart investment.



 Overall: mixed month, Leo. On one hand, there is the love department in which you can really score. On the other hand, there is your work where it’s more difficult. Tip: especially now, listen to the voice of your intuition that comes to you in your dreams or through flashes during the day.

At work, your negotiations and travel are disrupted by a lack of good communication. Don’t get excited, don’t explode. Try to regain control by still focusing on consultation and flexibility. This critical passage will not disappear until the end of October. With partner or solo? For both this is a time to (again) express your love and commitment to the other, who responds extremely positively. These varying emotions create inner stress in you, which makes your back and kidneys somewhat sensitive. Income and/or contract signing are delayed both privately and at work. And this until the 20th. Stay zen, Leo. Stay zen!



Overall:  in this otherwise pretty smooth month, you manage to get rid of your complexes, Virgo. They originated and grew out of incidents and hurtful comments during your childhood and youth. Your self-image improves, you feel liberated.

As far as work is concerned, there is little to report. The atmosphere is great here because the relationships between the employees are top notch. You can use this plesant interlude to organize your affairs and deal with overdue work. With partner? You enter a stable phase in which the small, everyday yet significant sides of love are important. You can and may just be yourself. Single? Things are not going well here. You’re picky and that’s okay. But you can also become too critical where nobody meets your requirements and you are left alone and disappointed. This can also play tricks on you in friendships. In terms of money, everything runs smoothly.



Overall:  you feel best when your personal relationships are running smoothly. And let this just be the case in October, Libra. Because your power of seduction is great and the relationship with your partner is top notch. Love blooms, so…this is a successful month!

Not much happens at work now, so that the working atmosphere takes precedence. Here you can show your best side through empathy, dialogue and flexibility. Rather let your heart speak than your mind. This way, stress and fatigue decrease and you (and everyone else) get more energy. As for relationships: here there is plenty of sensuality, pleasure, true feelings, passion and commitment. With partner? Your commitment seems unstoppable. Solo? After October 7, you will effortlessly seduce the person of your choice. Hopefully to be continued. Even financially it’s a bit playful. You buy and buy without counting. Play it safe here and build a small buffer at the beginning of October



Overall:  rather quiet month, Scorpio, in which however, your creativity flares up again. So get out that brushes, canvas and/or paper. Put on your dancing shoes or find a choir you can be a part of. Would you rather go pottery? Just do it!

It’s not that busy at work. So it’s time to pimp your image, because you are being watched. Give it your all, show yourself motivated. Around the 20th, a great opportunity can float by. Just like that. Be ready to grab it. With partner? Passion has given way here to love, jealousy has given way to trust. You can definitely handle the future together. Solo? You feel as free as a bird. Everything is possible, but nothing is necessary. And you don’t feel like diving into a relationship just like that. After all, you go for quality, for a shared vision and desire. A lingering financial dispute is finally settled in your favor. Also possible: you get a pay rise.



Overall:  in October, make a clean sweep within yourself, Sagittarius. You can do this by literally writing down loaded situations. Furthermore: don’t magnify things, don’t make an elephant out of a mosquito. And also: think for a few minutes before you throw something out again!

At work you notice that the promised support is not forthcoming. Ultimately, this turns out to have not so much a person-related as a logistical cause. In the last 2 weeks of October you will receive positive news plus the promised support. Solo? Your affective life peaks this month. You want to go out, see people and you succeed. Of course thanks to your friends. Because this month you will find fun, warmth and support where necessary, in your circle of friends. With partner? You have rarely been so candid and transparent with each other and that creates an immense trust between you. Fortunately, there is no loss in terms of money, but there is a delay in what you have to receive.



Overall:  the right vibes ensure that you now find and dare to pronounce the right words, Capricorn. Words that affect others especially emotionally. This way you step out of your comfort zone and discover that it will pay you a lot in the end. Bravo!

A beautiful month in which the focus is mainly on your professional life and in which there is a lot of good news to pick up. Your proposals and projects will be given the green light and your professional ambitions will be met. Do you want to move up or are you going for a new job? In both cases it turns out positive. With partner? Here are some hearty discussions arising as a result of your leap forward at work. But everything ends in peace. Solo? You feel like you’re not ready to dive into a relationship right now. Your honest communication not only earns you supporters at work but also in your circle of friends, which feels just great. In terms of money, you will get what you asked for anyway.



 Overall:  this nervous month is also going to be an enlightening trip, Aquarius. Now nothing you refuse to see is swept under the rug. Look, ask questions, seek and find answers. Align your goals sharply at this turning point in your life.

In terms of work, you have thought a lot and set your goals. You go for it and you reveal your intentions. You use transparency, strong arguments, motivation and persuasiveness. Ditto for those looking for a new job. There is a good chance that you will get what you want. With partner or solo? Both of you think and talk about the difficult balance between engagement and freedom. Especially with the friends. With partner? You listen, talk and discuss. Solo? You can now turn a beautiful friendship into a warm love. When it comes to money, you have to stay alert. Above all, don’t spend too much and don’t make important decisions.



Overall:  pretty good month, Pisces. But it’s still wiser to put everything into your professional life now. Because the vibes are telling you to focus on your work in October. As for love, you can rest assured. Everything is okay here!

At work, your intuition, special gifts and inspiration come in handy. Even more: follow your clairvoyance and high sensitivity here. Do people see you as an extraterrestrial? So what! After all, you will be honored because your talent and fantasy will eventually be accepted and even used effectively. With partner? You’ve been living in a kind of symbiosis lately. Now is the time to step back, take enough distance and evaluate the situation. Have no fear, the final conclusion is clearly positive. Solo? Be available and enterprising. Because that attitude can now open the door to unforgettable sensual sensations. In terms of money: respect your budget and do not make unnecessary purchases.

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