Horoscope November 2021


What will  November 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall: You now have excellent physical resistance, Aries. So time to fly in, because November is a time full of possibilities. Tip: don’t wait for people and/or opportunities to come to you. Take the first step yourself now. Results assured!

Your creativity peaks this month, which everyone will see and hear. At work, you introduce new ideas and are determined to push them through. This can be done through quite unexpected contacts and the fact that you (and your enthusiasm) are well received. With partner? It’s okay between you two but you must take some quality time together now. City trip? B&B + wellness? Cycling weekend? Choose. Solo? You like your freedom and yet lightning can strike strongly around the 14th. Be ready! Everything runs smoothly with family and friends. In terms of money, you follow your instincts and opt for something new or risky under the motto: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Fingers crossed!



Overall:  November seems to be a kind of transit in which (too) little happens. However, this gives you time to make up for a lack of sleep or to examine your emotional life. Evaluate your relationship with your partner, family, relatives and friends. You can only gain from it, Taurus.

At work you are under pressure as a result of a change in planning or a reorganization of some departments. You don’t like this, because it crosses your plans or agenda. With partner? You make a resigned impression, with your partner wondering what’s wrong. Nothing bad really, because the dip is just temporary. You pick yourself up pretty quickly and even manage to surprise your significant other. Solo? You fall head over heels for someone, live on cloud 9 and would do anything to please him or her. Your intimates try to talk to you in vain, but you only follow your feelings. Financial problems are now arising, but you get in action quickly and can put out the fire.



 Overall: in the 1st half of the month, your nerves will be severely tested. Peace will only return once you manage to channel your feelings. This way you avoid things getting out of control. Everything will be much easier and more fun in the second half of November, Gemini.

You are not the easiest colleague at work right now. You also miss effort and strength. Don’t mope, get out of your bubble. Contact positive people who have energy for sale. The same is true if family problems suddenly arise. With partner? For various reasons, you are now avoiding intense/close contact with your partner. It’s raining invitations. You use it to go out and socialize with others, together with your partner. Solo? You’ve had it with being alone. You reconnect with an ex or let a friendship grow into more. Which makes you feel great. And so you are also able to complete private plans. In terms of finances, this month you can reap the benefits of previous choices.



Overall:  at the beginning of November, problems appear out of nowhere. Don’t be a big mouth, but don’t bury your head in the sand either. Get to a place where you can blow off steam and recover as quickly as possible. Even if it’s just for a few hours.

In terms of work, you have to realize that you can’t possibly keep everything under control all the time. Don’t look back too much, that won’t get you any further. Live today and make the best possible choices now for the sake of the cause. Don’t let your mood be influenced by a yes or no. And above all: communicate. With partner? You now pay more attention to your family, relatives and friends than to him or her. That’s okay for you, but check what your partner thinks about this. Solo? Cupido is kind to you and will give you some pleasant surprises after the 23rd. Money wise, be careful, Cancer. This is no time to start new projects or demand big profits from previous trades



 Overall: November gets 3 stars, Leo, because lady luck smiles on you. Above all, try to be less demanding of the people around you. At work and private. After all, daring to be flexible and benevolent towards others, is a sign of true maturity.

Everything is going well at work. You will be stable here from the start of November. Your projects gain in importance, your influence increases. You can finally realize what you’ve been fighting for so long. With partner? This is where it’s more difficult because you are currently investing everything at work. Which causes complaints from your partner and the rest of the family. You do your utmost best to dedicate the 3rd week of the month to your partner and family. Solo? Your charm peaks from the 17th. After which you meet someone special with whom you experience romantic peak experiences. In terms of money, the picture looks less good, but that will certainly be compensated later.



Overall: don’t take too much on your fork in November, Virgin. Because now this a real danger. Be frugal with your energy and relax as often as possible. Recharge your batteries by just doing nothing, which is beneficial for body and mind.

Around the 9th, things around you start to move and you shift up a gear. Especially at work where your fighting spirit and perfectionism are addressed. And where you try to get your way, yes. Be sensible and respect your limits. With partner? Frustration appears between you, but your partner does his or her best to smooth out the folds. Solo? You stay alert and set the bar high. Yet someone manages to charm you around mid-November, after which you let yourself be carried away. Family and friends call on you. Guess what? As usual, you can’t refuse. Rather think about yourself for a change. In terms of money, there is nothing new to report.



Overall:  at the beginning of November you get a bit out of balance, Libra. Because of an event that is out of your control. Fortunately, there is the support of the right vibes. This way, from the 17th, you still get the chance to successfully influence and complete the case. Bravo!

At work, you must be patient and not act prematurely. It’s about seizing the opportunities as they arise. This applies to Libras who are working on a project or file, but also to those who are looking for another job. With partner? Your partner’s love and commitment will suffice for you. The peace this gives you, promotes the start-up of joint projects. Solo? You can seduce easily if you want to because you have a nice total package for this. And you use it because you are now chasing connection. For a little while or for much longer. The atmosphere in the family and with friends is cordial. You enjoy every precious moment here. The right timing is also important now in terms of money. So stay alert.



Overall:  during the first half of November, your work mainly consumes your energy. In the 2nd part, your focus is more on your private life. That goes from your partner, over your family, relatives and friends, to your neighbors and even making new contacts.

At the beginning of November, you are at work with many doubts and questions. Because you are not able to judge the current situation sufficiently. Around the 15th the fog lifts and so you start enthusiastically setting up new projects. Don’t run too fast here and/or don’t set the bar too high. With partner? It goes well between you because the basis is solid through a good relationship and commitment. And so you immediately plan an end-of-year holiday. Solo? A romantic love just comes your way, Scorpio. And if you have any doubts because it seems too good to be true, you’re wrong. Because it’s definitely true. In terms of money: keep your wits and don’t make crazy or risky spending.



Overall:  November invites you to embrace the new, Saggitarius. To that end, you transform the existing, after which you succeed with brilliance. You are now only a breath away from success, which however, will only come if you can deliver what you promised.

At the beginning of November there will be a delay in your projects at work, but don’t worry. After the 13th their realization comes close and you feel it. So put away your impatience and annoyance and take the time to prepare optimally. You are clearly on the right track because there are additional great opportunities. With partner? You notice how the other is (still) crazy about you. And he/she has even set aside time for two to refuel together. Far away from the children and the family. Solo? An ex approaches you again. You are amazed but everything happens gently here, with a surprise on top. With more money ahead, you can certainly spoil yourself. To do!



Overall:  you’re thinking about not planning too far ahead anymore, nore aiming high, Capricorn. Just dealing with what each new day brings, seems enough for you. Above all, don’t listen to those who will try to talk you out of this. Because they are definitely coming.

In terms of work, you are now faced with things that you have never had on your plate before. And it feels like a test. That is why you opt for a careful and discreet approach. During the 2nd week of November, you will find a solution to the problems and gain more authority. With partner? The relationship is now in a dip, because the rut strikes. You also can no longer place everything so well. Your partner recognizes the mood and tries to breathe new life into the bond. Solo? You are tired of the people around you, and that’s visible. So you work on it. Around the 14th, fate brings a possible mate on your path. It’s up to you to recognize him or her. As far as money and friendship are concerned, everything goes as planned.



 Overall:  do you hate talking openly about your feelings? That’s your right, Aquarius. But think about who and what you really want in life. And it’s only fair to share it with those close to you.

At work you are gripped by a kind of energy dip and/or a lack of motivation. Here too, be honest with yourself about what you really want professionally. Don’t rush things and take all the time you need. You are not alone, because you get support from the people around you. With partner? You dominate the relationship. Who says your partner is happy about this? So show some more flexibility here. Solo? No, you’re not looking for a partner right now. And yet love can surprise you thanks to a friendship that suddenly becomes (much) more. You might leave November boosted and in love. Your social life is going well and is wonderfully inspiring. Money doesn’t seem to be much of a priority this month.



Overall:  this month you’re surfing on excellent vibes, Pisces. Which means your life is looking great. However, you should be careful not to get yourself in trouble. Because despite those good vibes, problems can crop up at any moment and change the mood completely.

The first half of November is decisive for the following months at work. Your ideas are called innovative, sound and concrete, after which you quickly receive support and money. The end of November is calm and also positive for the further course of your story. With partner? You are making a fresh start on cloud nine. Tenderness and unity reign supreme here. Your happiness is clearly visible. Single? Do you have someone in mind? Your feelings grow quickly for him/her. In a starting contact? That too will soon become more. All goes well in the family and friends circle. In terms of money, you are now in good shape thanks to your fine, professional performance.

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