Horoscope May 2022


What will  May 2022 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall:  in May you have plenty of plans, Aries! Because you have energy for sale that you can use just about anywhere. Through small and larger projects. In the meantime, you try to keep in touch with those who are dear to you and you strengthen the bonds with them.

It is especially at work that you are now using your great energy. You want to give your professional life new impulses or even a new direction. You quietly work out a plan, taking the lessons from the past with you. But you won’t talk your way to its realization until the end of May. With partner? You want to, but you only manage to really focus on him or her from the 20th. Fortunately, you can count on your charm here. Solo? You mainly focus on your work. Still, your current appearance provides a welcome dose of amorous distraction if needed. You clearly want more pay. With your actual dexterity, self-confidence and charisma, you can certainly get this done quickly.



Overall: you are bursting with ambition, Taurus. At work and privately. But play it smart and use May mainly for reflection and postpone the realization of your plans for a while. That prevents exhaustion, as you could quickly go beyond your limits when eliminating obstacles.

At work, you slow down to thoroughly think through and plan everything before going full steam ahead from the 20th. In the meantime, you can invest time and attention in your partner/family and social network. With partner? You have plans for you and for the whole family. It certainly doesn’t come naturally here, but you still manage to get him/her on your side. That’s a good start. Solo? Also and especially in love you want to be completely yourself. This does mean that you must be sufficiently independent and that you must also let go of unreasonable demands. In terms of money: earning more means in any case: being more independent. Unfortunately, May is not the right time to bring in more money.



 Overall: May is mostly beautiful but also intense, Gemini. Contracts are signed, projects are completed. You have enriching contacts. You possess charm, brim with energy and make heads turn. The question remains: how are you going to channel all this?

You can achieve a lot in terms of work now. Your charisma makes you self-assured and you quickly win over people. You mainly focus on the future and have plenty of energy to get the most out of your projects. Be sure to check for potential pitfalls first. With partner? You do well together and here too you hatch a plan. After which you warm up your partner plus the family to get started. Solo? You will be noticed and you make an effort to do the right catch. You seduce, enchant and amaze and then you bring out your wish list. Well… In between it is great to spend time with family, friends and colleagues. You now mainly recruit money for your projects through your charm. That can certainly take you far, but patience will take you just a little further.



Overall: in May you are ambitious and determined to get what you set your mind to, Cancer. And that can be both professional and private. You have the courage to leave your comfort zone and the strength to force something if necessary.

You take action on a professional level. Because the time has come to go the extra mile to find a new job, validate your talents or get a promotion. You step out of the shadows to claim what you are entitled to. Because you feel it’s now or never. With partner? Your focus is now on your work and your social network. Yet you can convince your partner that all your efforts will also add value to his or her life. Solo? For you too, ‘progressing at work’ takes precedence. But you realize that you must always remain alert in case the white raven that meets your high standards, flies by. Because you go for more and better at work, the financial will follow naturally.



 Overall: May isn’t exactly the easiest month for you, Leo. The New Year’s resolutions you had, are long gone. And you decide to do your own thing. Professionally and privately. Which of course does not go unnoticed.

In terms of work, you now feel that you have to do the job alone. And thanks to your insight and well-thought-out strategy, you will succeed. That gives you the courage to look for a suitable job that promises you (even) more freedom and money than you already get. And because your timing is right, your chance of success is high. With partner? Your professional ambitions also influence him or her and the entire family. So it’s important that he/she supports you and you work hard to get him or her to do so. Solo? You focus on work and social contacts. Therefore love can come to you through someone who is together with you involved in an ongoing project. In terms of money, you eventually get what you had hoped for.



Overall:  could May be “your” month, Virgo? Perhaps. After all, this month you usually do what you really want to do with full conviction. Because it makes you feel good. Both in work and privately, where you are guided by your strong intuition.

At work, nothing and no one can stop you now from stepping up and/or doing what you think is right. Moreover, you can convince others to join your proposals. Success is assured, which can lead to a promotion. Or even in the transition to another job. With partner? You continue to balance between work and relationship, but you still find the time to make the bond with him/her closer. Relaxing happens with family or friends. Solo? It looks like your libido is peaking and you’re rushing to find the one that makes you gasp! Money really isn’t your main concern right now. But it can come to you from different directions.



Overall: May is full of contacts and opportunities, Libra. Both professionally and privately. You now easily connect with others, which boosts your popularity and image. 1 tip: think carefully before committing to a person or business. Above all, be picky!

It can get tough at work. You will have to make decisions or sign a contract. It is deliberating and weighing. Follow your heart, but also listen to your mind. Because this turn is important for your future. With partner? It is busy, but through the right communication you will succeed in strengthening the bond. Solo? There is no shortage of new faces and familiar contacts in May. But are you willing to instinctively invest in one of them? You choose! You will need to de-stress and that works best with the right people around you. When people talk about money at work, you are strong enough to claim your piece of the cake.



Overall: May represents finding peace and balance, Scorpio. Done getting worked up about futilities. You focus more on your partner, family and relatives. You are also calmer at work, which allows you to look wider and take advantage of new opportunities.

You feel more and more at home at work. You emerge from the shadows, create and seize opportunities and succeed in pushing your ideas through. With chefs and colleagues. It doesn’t all have to be new and different for you. You simply try to get the best out of your daily work and living situation. With partner? You are open to more communication. But you insist on giving each other more freedom. But all in all you live in harmony together. Solo? You set the bar high, with the rinse becoming thin. And yet you don’t intend to dim your demands. Well… As far as money is concerned: you demand more of it at work. You do not hesitate to highlight your strengths and raise your voice. Until you get what you ask for.



Overall: you have optimism for sale in May, Sagittarius. In other words: you and your current positivism do not go unnoticed. You can use this to win over others and work out your plans. And this at home, at work and in your social circle.

It doesn’t really matter what job or activity you do now. What counts is your decisiveness and commitment during working hours. That effort will be noticed and you will soon reap the benefits. Also financially. With partner? In May you can do what you love with the person you love. And on top of that, you do what you can for your family and please both young and old. Solo? You have a dream and you will do everything to make that dream come true. Your current charisma helps to attract a suitable partner. In terms of money, this is really a time to invest. Perhaps in a house that can quickly become a cosy home. Suffering from chronic pains? They now largely disappear on their own.



Overall:  in May, your smile will be surprisingly irresistible, Capricorn. Just like your energy and the way you approach things. Moreover, your enthusiasm seems contagious. You can now use all those assets at work and privately.

At work, you put well-thought-out ideas on the table. You also have enough energy, enthusiasm and arguments to make your case. And that’s how you get the right support and the desired budget. After which you open the way to shape your plan in June. With partner? You want to make the bond spicier and tighter. That’s possible because the right vibes now promote you to a good listener. But you are also open to the rest of the family. And you’ll soon feel the warmth coming your way. Solo? You give up on the past and make an effort to spot a suitable partner. There’s a good chance you’ll succeed, because your charm is peaking now. In terms of money you want more, but don’t overwhelm those who have to pay you. Stay reasonable and it will definitely work.



 Overall: May is going pretty well, Aquarius. Financially, you are now reaping the benefits of your efforts from months ago. Furthermore, your time and energy now goes mainly to improving the home front. More specifically to everything that concerns your house or interior.

At work, you focus on your qualities during various negotiations. This should help you sell yourself more expensively, given you need money in the private sphere. And you turn out to be handy enough to effectively bring in more. With partner? Your commitment to the family delights your partner and you can now get almost everything done from him/her without much effort. And this on several levels! Solo and looking for the one? From the 20th you radiate everything that a possible partner could wish for. So use those vibes and take advantage of them. In terms of money, you really do everything you can to generate extra money. And yes, you can do it. If you have some spare time, you will find solace with family and friends.



Overall:  in May you will be guided by the strong, dynamic vibes of perseverance, courage and entrepreneurial spirit, Pisces. And that will give you excellent results. Both professionally and personally. Tip: take full advantage of the opportunities that are emerging now.

In terms of work, you have to leave behind everything that is no longer profitable. It is better to discover and use your full potential. Dare to be yourself. Don’t let the cheese eat off your bread and have the courage to throw your real self into battle. You can only win. With partner? You don’t shy away from experimentation and sensuality, but you don’t let anything impose on you anymore. Because you want to remain yourself here too. Your decisiveness surprises your partner who quickly sees the good sides of your attitude. Solo? You are now doing well on your own, holding the boat off a bit. And you don’t let anyone talk you down either. Digesting the past first, also offers benefits. Money is not your main concern. But watch out. In no time, your purchases can significantly exceed your budget.

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