Horoscope May 2021


What will May 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall: it seems like nothing is going the way you planned for work and money, love and friendship, Aries. Practice patience, go to sleep a little earlier and experience how everything will eventually go in the right direction again.

May is colored by money problems in the workplace. More specifically by money that is due to you but is delayed. That can be a bonus, more work resources or even your commission that is not paid. Don’t get too excited about this. Calm down and find out what’s really going on here. Resume your efforts to get the money you promised in the 2nd half of May. And yes, now it works. With partner? He or she is demanding and worried. Don’t dismiss those tensions but try to let them evaporate. You can do this by giving him/her a lot of attention. And don’t forget humor and playfulness. Solo? From the 20th you can actually meet your sister soul through your circle of friends.



Overall: May brings renewal, Taurus. This through new hope, new opportunities, new challenges and new people around you. You neutralize obstacles through willpower, patience and perseverance.

You experience tensions in the work sector. Your plans are disrupted at your current workplace or during your search for a new job. After May 20 however, everything falls into place and you can pop the corks. Bravo! With partner? You talk to each other openly and constructively. You seem to be gaining maturity and are making plans. Moving? Baby? Marriage or cohabitation contract? You’ll figure it out. Solo? You are full of hope because you feel that this is a time when anything can happen. You become more aware of reality and strengthen ties with close relatives and your best friends. In terms of money, you will clearly progress after the 20th.



 Overall: in may you are an easy prey for flatterers. Watch out, Gemini. At the same time you become more and more aware of your physical possibilities and hidden beauty. Use this tandem to your advantage in all areas.

At work you are euphoric and you see it mega big. You also let yourself be led by unreliable, megalomaniac people. Therefore, wisely postpone important decisions until June. Then you can look clearly at people and things again. In love (and in friendship) you view everything differently. Solo? You no longer seek for fresh and young, but for personality and maturity. Couples also seem to be waking up and intend to give their relationship a legal character. You become more interested in and involved with your family and ancestors. You are introduced to their spiritual and/or material heritage. You can really make a fantastic discovery here until mid-May.



Overall: positive vibes shimmer through your body and life, Cancer. And yes, you can take advantage of it. Especially during the 1st week of May. But towards the end of May, you have to watch out and separate the wheat from the chaff.

At work you are firmly in the saddle. Feel free to lean on your team and delegate. After all, you have competent and reliable colleagues. Something will shift in mid-May. More authority in your current job? An outside proposal? Becoming your own boss? And yes, you have doubts but go for it anyway! With partner? Your bond is fine and you now want to realize an old, somewhat forgotten dream. Solo? You have to choose new ways to find a partner. For fun and atmosphere you have to be with your friends. And yet you decide to clean up your circle of friends and acquaintances. Note: unexpected expenses or a new love can take a big chunk out of your budget.



 Overall: the planetary vibes give your imagination, passion, dreams, drive and intuition an incredible boost, Leo. So the climate to perform/produce is certainly there. And yet “staying alert” is highly recommended here.

At work, jammers come to you but they rather stimulate than block you. Because you eliminate them calmly by coming up with an original approach, time after time. This guarantees you the necessary support and approval. With partner? You argue about matters related to your work. Thanks to adult communication, you avoid useless drama. Single? You only want one thing: to be able to go outside freely and happily to meet potential partners. Even your friends often seem distant. Carry on a little longer, Leo. In terms of money it’s like this: you feel the need to spoil yourself well. But everyone knows that you have expensive taste and are fed up with budgeting. Let’s wait and see how this turns out…



Overall: in May you experience a surge of emotions, Virgo. And you can’t handle this well. It makes you vulnerable and it absorbs your energy. Fortunately, you get sincere compassion from your environment.

At work you have the situation under control. You also can show enough creativity to get sufficient support for your ideas and skills. You will receive new proposals from 20 May. The advice here is: read and reread the fine print and investigate in advance  the reliability of a business partner or customer. In terms of love, you are now falling victim to an emotional tsunami that shakes up your values and norms. And so you get completely out of balance. This applies to people with a partner but also to singles. Keep yourself as calm as possible, in June your balance and self-confidence will return. Need money? Turn to your friends or a warm-hearted family member. Because you will find it there now.



Overall: you are going through major personal changes in May, Libra. They feel disruptive at first but ultimately turn out to be mainly positive and constructive for you.

At work you now have to deal with sometimes unrealistic demands about things that you can’t control. To master this intense and complex situation, you must draw deeply from your rich experience and call upon the right relationships. You will reach a satisfactory compromise on this matter at the end of May. With partner? You are going through a bit of a rough patch. Mainly because you embrace your growing urge for freedom and independence from now on. You accept who you really are. Solo? You are now mostly interested in people who have maturity and seriousness. In terms of money, this is a positive time characterized by investments and real estate transactions.



Overall:  you experience mostly positive vibes in May, Scorpio. Love blossoms, the workload is noticeably diminishing and you are overflowing with brilliant and creative ideas.

It’s quiet at work. You have time to get rid of loose ends and sort out your affairs. You also get time to let go of your creativity completely. Jot down those ideas, because they can be useful later on. With partner? Are you in doubt between your partner, family obligations and your friends? Choose your partner, you will not regret it. Single? Yes, your heart is beating faster for someone. But watch out because at this time, you live on cloud 9. The only real downside this month is your finances. Because at the end of May, a great opportunity will come along that can give you a nice extra penny or… that will leave you with even more financial worries. So you must stay very alert.



Overall: With every decision or choice you make now (both private and work), there are as many pros and cons. Not simple, indeed. Ask the advice of experts and weigh the minus and plus points very carefully, Saggitarius.

At the beginning of May, your ideas will be rejected at work. So always make sure to have a plan B and soak up the atmosphere in advance. Something changes around the 20th. New function? More independence? More fee? Everything is possible. With partner? Here too, change is afoot. To live together or not? if so, where exactly? Who is moving? To have a child or not, etc. Everything is questioned. If you get stuck, friends can offer support. Solo? Your libido will wake up and lightning can strike from May 15th. Your thoughts and feelings throw you back to your childhood. You reflect on the essence of your life. You are comfortable in terms of money. Enjoy!



Overall: in May your love and sex life get a mega boost, Capricorn. But only if you feel safe with your partner. If so, you throw away your fears and inhibitions and it will be a time full of sensuality and eroticism.

At work you go for transparency through clear communication, regular consultation and teamwork. You also offer clear guidelines and the necessary structure. The positive results of this solid approach will become visible at the end of May. With partner? You mainly celebrate the revival of the relationship through spicy sexual experiments and a lot of intimacy. Don’t forget to take restorative naps in between acts. Single? Be prepared, because at the end of May someone can set you on fire in the blink of an eye. There is smooth communication with family and friends. You use your money wisely and a good thing too, because at the end of May you suddenly find yourself faced with that unforeseen expense.



 Overall: May is going to be a magnificent month for you, Aquarius, and do you know why? Because you feel free and this both privately and professionally. And that is exactly how you want it.

At work you continue your fight to make the work process more human and to meet victims. You throw original ideas on the table for this. At the end of May you will be really listened to and you will receive respect and more autonomy. Solo? You are not looking for that all-consuming love and the external and internal pressure that come with it. You just want to connect freely and happily, have fun and exchange ideas. With partner? You are also best friends and you have a good time together. Watch out: you let the money roll in May. Think also about your fitness. You exercise little and eat well. That is a dangerous duo! In the family, this is a time of beautiful old family stories and of reconciliation.



Overall:  May ensures that your mediumistic gifts and your imagination get a boost, Pisces. This means also that you are overwhelmed by so many messages and visions that you often cannot separate the useful from the rubbish.

At work you are confident, motivated and bursting with ideas. Only select what is feasible and always check the solidity of your co-workers and/or business partners in advance. The keyword here is vigilance. With partner or single? Let yourself be carried away by the current sexy vibes, multiplied with your own fantasy. Release all brakes and let yourself go. That is how you and your partner definitely get to cloud 9 on a regular basis. In the family there is confusion in the 2nd half of May. Be sure to  keep in touch with them.  And because having fun often costs a lot of money, you end up in the red. It doesn’t worry you, but remember that here too the key word remains: vigilance.


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