Horoscope March 2022


What will  March 2022 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall: March is all about pushing your projects through, Aries. And that doesn’t have to be necessarily or exclusively professional. You now can achieve something in different areas of life because your energy and your purposefulness are peaking.

You now spread your creativity at work across multiple ideas. To realize this you need help and you will get it. But you are now so driven that you do not take enough time to refine your method or choose the right people. And that can cost you dearly.  With partner? You can unitely commit yourself to a private or family project while there is little time left for love. But you’ll make up for that later. Solo? You have your own amorous project where you need some help from friends or family. Don’t forget to make time for those friends. In terms of money, it will run loose and you will even feel like investing. Another project added!



Overall: you are now consciously looking to the future that you are trying to control, Taurus. You easily take others in for you, in function of your dreams. But beware: don’t be too headstrong. Because that way you can scare people and push them away from you.

Your professional ambitions are gaining momentum. And that is only due to your own approach and talent. You have demanded a lot from yourself and the people around you. Towards the end of March it will be time for everyone to slow down a bit. With partner or single? The same applies to both: don’t be too demanding in love now. Because perfection and therefore also the ideal companion is out of this world, although you may think otherwise. Stay flexible enough, also towards your friends and the rest of the family. That prevents loneliness. In terms of money, you will clearly improve and you may even be able to pay off an old debt. Top!



 Overall: in March you want to fulfill your ambitions, Gemini, both at work and privately. You do not hesitate to put yourself in the spotlight and/or impose yourself firmly. Start by thinking carefully, because otherwise it could all go wrong quickly.

At work, you now have the right resources to make progress. And you have to, because you aim high and the sky is the limit. But beware of over-confident approach to matters. Because this can bring you not only sudden problems but also strong criticism. With partner? You want more panache in your relationship and you will definitely get it. As long as you don’t check your partner unnecessarily. Solo? Yes, you can spot the real one. But you can only charm him or her if you don’t pretend to be important. Your pleasant energy makes you popular with family and friends. You are not busy with earning more right now, but you still succeed.



Overall: you don’t have to worry too much about work, Cancer. You have plenty of good ideas. In love and friendship things are a bit more sensitive. Try it here with humor and charm. That will give the best results for everyone.

At work you go into it with a lot of energy and inspiration. But don’t force anything. Stay within limits. Pushing boundaries is not an issue this month. Count on your charm to persuade people to your vision. Looking for a job? Use that same charm to land the job of your dreams. Should work. With partner? Do you really think you’re in charge? Then you quickly get a headwind, also in terms of money. Tap your charm again to smooth out the folds. Solo? Use your hard-to-name charm and use it to the full to catch and keep the right fish in your nets. You don’t really think about money this month, but you let it roll smoothly.



 Overall: month of evolution and transformation, Leo. You get hints through situations that force you to reflect on your life. Details can now influence your thinking and destiny. Be careful. Tensions can also make you change direction.

In terms of work, the current vibes may invite you to change and innovation. This can affect your way of working or the specific activity for which you are responsible. Tensions can arise. Get up and see what advantage all this brings you. With partner? It could be fun between the two of you as long as you don’t take your work home with you. But there too you adjust things in the interest of everyone. Single? You may seem a little tense to a potential partner. Change your approach and go more in-depth during the chat. That way you look more interesting. Income insured in March. It’s even time for a clever investment, Leo!



Overall: March is all about collaboration for you, Virgo. Your good will to serve a common cause plus your efficient and determined approach, deliver the desired results. But be careful not to push your vision too much.

At work you show so much of a healthy team spirit that people simply can no longer look next to or over you. You bring the right people together around a project and work from the seams. Don’t forget to reserve some quality time for yourself. Do something physical, it’s necessary now. With partner? Take time for him or her and feel how you are surfing the same vibes this month as if you lived in osmosis. Single? You too can achieve success, through your daring approach and the care you devote to the chosen one. In terms of money, you are more focused on the project than on making more money. And yet it falls into your lap automatically and deservedly.



Overall: in March love watches over you, while you watch over those you love, Libra. Your focus is on family situations or any problem with your partner, family, friends or colleagues. And you are determined to restore the balance whenever possible.

At work you get ahead through teamwork, but you also get help from positive vibes. And so you can score big, with the result that doors suddenly open for you. Be careful and don’t throw out your own windows by being too demanding here. With partner? You live close to each other. But it’s not okay to use your charm to enchant your partner so that you get everything done from him/her. Solo? Have you met the white raven that feeds your passion and at the same time gives you plenty of freedom? Then don’t put pressure on him or her, because that way you lose a great opportunity. This is a month in which you can brag about your talents so that you get paid better. But don’t overdo it.



Overall:  most important in March are your relationship and affection, Scorpio. You wish to give love and to receive love. Your charisma and benevolence help you with that. The only pitfall here is that you think you know what is good for someone else.

Your appearance is strong and allows you to excel at work. And through this charismatic vibe you can now make progress. In the meantime, you are torn between feelings and business. It’s up to you to balance those two poles. With partner or solo? The same applies to both: your mysterious charm and power of seduction, ensure that you can easily enchant or convince the person of your choice. This also works in the family, the extended family and with friends. Our tip: take a step back and do not put pressure on people. Let them come to you of their own free will. Because this can now happen spontaneously. Although you mainly go for personal appreciation, financial success will follow naturally.



Overall:  in March your focus will mainly be on your home base and how to improve it. That means on your family, house, interior, bank balance and possible investment. Guide everything with a firm yet gentle hand, so that everyone would feel at ease.

Your focus is mainly on your private life, Sagittarius, but there is also your work. In mid-March, you go a step further to highlight your qualities. Because you are now going for promotion and more money. Don’t force anything and don’t go too fast, then you will succeed. With partner or single? You long for more stability and even for your own nest. Dim a little and take it a bit lighter here. Your great energy and approach can conjure up stars in the eyes of your loved one. The rest will follow naturally. As mentioned, you want to make more money. Avoid playing it too hard or too driven. Rather negotiate smoothly and confidently based on your latest achievements.



Overall: in March 22 you feel the need to go for more, Capricorn. More love and security, more responsibility, respect, more money and goods. Watch out: if things don’t work out, don’t point an accusing finger at others, but examine yourself first.

At work you go for what you think you are worth and this expressed through the right compensation. And indeed, you are valuable because you usually give the very best of yourself in terms of work. But don’t overdo it. You could burn yourself and sit on the blisters afterwards. With partner? Don’t act like a chief but simply share your dreams with him/her who, to your surprise, will often go along with them. Solo and having someone in mind? Seduce him/her by your authentic way of communicating. Catching more money is now very important to you. You will not rest until you have convinced everyone of your contribution to the success of your employer. Hopefully it pays off.



 Overall: your energy peaks in March, Aquarius. Because the duo ‘decisiveness – seduction power’ does his very best for you. So you now can easily push through your wishes on various levels. But only if you communicate clearly and structured.

In terms of work, it sometimes seems as if you are currently in a mega playground where you can experiment to the fullest. Try to separate what you really need from the superfluous, in time. Because only in this way you can really realize things and shine personally. With partner? Learn from your past mistakes and use your current charisma to come closer to your partner and strengthen the bond. He/she will happily ask for more. Solo? You too must learn from your past blunders. Furthermore, you can now be so adorable that you can catch almost any fish you want. As far as money is concerned, it’s okay. Your great efforts over the last few months are now ensuring a comfortable financial situation.



Overall:  March brings you new and surprising opportunities, Pisces. Carefully weigh the pros and cons here. This way you avoid relapsing into mistakes made earlier. You will also make a lot of new contacts this month.

In terms of work, you still are looking for an activity (or even lifestyle) that suits you better. It is therefore important to define exactly what you hope to achieve until the essence becomes clear to you. The details and refinements can be done later. With partner? Instead of blaming each other over and over again, you’d better balance the relationship together. This will give you a better idea of ​​what you need or want to adjust. Solo? First, come to terms with your anger about your past mistakes. Only then can you start looking again in the right mood. Money seems less important now. This month you mainly focus on the realization of your dreams, hopes and wishes.




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