Horoscope June 2021


What will June 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall:  you need a real break, Aries. And no, this is not a waste of time. After all, the need to recharge your batteries, to think about your life and dreams and to attract your loved one(s) is very clear.

Professionally you have doubts about which path to follow. Both wage earners and self-employed people do not get a clear view of the matter. However, don’t give up on your dreams, even if you have to change your plans a bit. With partner? You go together for the extension or renovation of your home. That makes your bond closer. Single? Your self-confidence and appearance pay off in the last week of June. In the family you communicate well, even without words. This is also a time to welcome lost relatives again. Money is all right. Yet a certain agreement is not signed. After the 22nd things will be settled.



Overall:  despite the fact that your finances are somewhat instable, June definitely has its positive sides, Taurus. You feel how much you are loved and desired, which makes you optimistic and reinforces your confidence in the future.

Despite the sad economic climate, things are not really getting any worse for you. You forge useful connections with people outside your current workplace. Your ideas are now receiving little or no support at work. And that is not your fault, but due to the general financial impasse. With partner? The often forced cocooning strengthens and warms the relationship. Solo? You discover a new potential partner through a new face on the street, at the bakery or while walking. Action will start on the 21st. Sweet buns are also baked with neighbors and friends. And just now that you have a little less money, you want to spend more. Let your common sense speak!



Overall:  in June, you have to watch how your plans get messed up. Get rid of that disappointment. Use the time to test new ideas, get others excited about them, and eventually get good marks, Gemini.

In terms of work, you realize which professional dream you still want to fulfill. And how you – to start – can approach your current or future activity more meaningfully. Stay focused, align your goal and be prepared for change. The seeds have already been planted. With partner or single? The same applies to both: there are misunderstandings, delays and blockages of all kinds. In addition, it seems difficult to find quality time for two. Letting go, is the message here. You will notice that the situation improves automatically towards the end of June. In terms of money, you now surf on a great vibe. Until June 23, you should try your luck at a few games of chance. Go for it!



Overall:  in June, the quality of your professional and amorous relationships as well as the way they can end, is paramount. Listen here especially to your intuition and your heart. If these two are parallel, then follow this feeling, Cancer.

At work it’s quiet now. So this is a time to clear up lingering misunderstandings and conflicts with certain colleagues/supervisors. And to build new contacts. With partner? Is it okay between you? Then shift up a gear. Because this could well be your twin flame. However, is the relationship struggling to progress or does it feel toxic? Then trust your intuition, which is now on edge. Solo? Bring out your seduction skills and go for it. In the circle of friends, it is time to push off dubious contacts or avoid them. In terms of money, you have to demand what is due to you and be careful not to pay too much for goods and services.



Overall:  you want to move forward in both love and work, but you just can’t get off the starting blocks, Leo. First find out what is slowing you down (fear of failure? Unrealistic demands? Pride? Etc.) and try to handle this. Only then can you storm forward!

At work you keep kicking around because you (often wrongly) have doubts about the quality or usefulness of your performance. There are also changes at work that disrupt your habits. Overcome the shock by reinventing your job. Good luck. Solo or with partner? Your libido peaks and you use your seduction tricks with panache. But unfortunately misunderstandings arise here. Therefore, use gentleness and patience instead of imposing or forcing the matter. The disruptors in work and love burden your digestion and disturb your sleep. Take care of yourself. Don’t plan any major expenses now. That is something for later because your financial prospects may be there!



Overall:  in June the exhausting emotional rollercoaster stops, although the high intensity in love continues. You also feel how anger is building up inside you, Virgo. Because you are powerless in the face of a situation that is blocking you.

At work there will be a delay in the realization of your projects. Nor do your ideas get the support they deserve. Therefore, think carefully about its chances of success. With partner? You can finally channel the flow of feelings between you. The suffocating atmosphere caused by forced cocooning will also end. Solo? You are confronted with a passionate person who’s totally smitten with you. Isn’t it reciprocal? Then do take time to get to know him or her better. In June you will finally have more contact with friends and family. June can also bring you financial profit through a good investment or a passing opportunity.



Overall:  in June you will experiment with new attitudes and approaches to people and concepts. Both privately and professionally. Sometimes it is disruptive, but it does give you, little by little, new and useful insights.

At work you gather more fans than expected, Libra. And they all support you. So the atmosphere is great, which boosts your creativity. Your talents will also become clear as are the many results you have achieved to the benefit of everyone. You can expect some jealousy here and there. June resets your love wishlist. Because Libras with a partner as well as the seeking singles, are longing for balance and maturity in a relationship. So, some ups and downs can be expected here. Definitely increase your wellness budget because nothing should be too much to emphasize your beauty. There may be some problems with an investment. Stay alert here.



Overall:  in June there are clearly two types of energy active here. The first kind affects your work and the second your love life. In terms of work, you want to speed things up, but the planets slow it down. In terms of love however, you can go all out.

At work, things go way too slow for you, Scorpio. And just now, when you’re starting up a new project. In the meantime, use this time to polish up your project and overthink its necessity. With partner or single? Doesn’t matter because the same applies to both. It is clear that love takes precedence in June. However, it is important that you show courage and creativity. You experience how love rises to a higher dimension and the other suddenly feels like a soulmate. This can also happen in  friendship. In terms of money, one tip: Pay overdue invoices as quickly as possible. If not, the interest will rise further. And tackle those corona kilos that are sticking more and more.



Overall:  June is annoyingly unstable, Sagittarius. In the beginning there are mainly frustrations and blockages. Stay upright because as the month goes on, the sky clears more and more. There are even some pleasant surprises waiting for you.

There are stressful and heated discussions at work. Don’t get discouraged and stay optimistic. And above all: give the very best of yourself to throw proposals into the circle that cannot be ignored. With partner or solo? Initially, contact with the other party seems to be difficult. But at the same time there are vibes active here that make almost anything possible in love from 2 to 23 June. In the meantime, do not exhaust yourself and rest on time. Especially since you now tend to care about family and friends too. Be sure to organize your finances. Read contracts and official documents carefully. And know that just around the corner, abundance can be waiting for you.



Overall:  in June you will finally manage to discuss difficult passages and/or blockages from your past, Capricorn. The following weeks and months you will feel how this has freed up space to allow new experiences.

At work, the situation is difficult. It seems that there are leaks in the communication systems that confuse things. Put everything on paper as much as possible and back it up. Then you have proof if necessary. With partner? Tiring situation here in which tensions and unanimity alternate. You will also have to make honest confessions here, which your partner accepts with gratitude. After this, the relationship improves. Single? With you, things are simpler. Until the 23rd you surf on vibes of love and happiness. You have big ambitions and they require a large financial contribution. Unfortunately reality calls and you have to rethink your budget. No worries. You will get there.



Overall:  June stands for delay in your love and professional life as well as in your finances, Aquarius. Which frustrates you enormously. But June also offers you the opportunity to reflect on what has passed and learn lessons for what is yet to come.

At work you have a healthy relationship with everyone. And the job seekers are well positioned in the market. But stay alert and realize that you are in no danger if you dare to step out of your comfort zone. With partner? Whatever you try, unexpected jammers will slow you down. Do not force anything here, but analyze the situation. Solo? The same applies here. You want to move forward, but you run into obstacles. Our advice: stay calm and patient and bet fully on seduction tactically. The contact with family and friends is smooth. As far as money is concerned: you know your weaknesses in this area and unfortunately they are surfacing just now. Stay strong and resist the urge to let yourself go completely.



Overall:  June will be a great month, Pisces. You surf both professionally and in love on the most favorable vibes. And so talent, the required dose of luck plus good timing and sufficient resources are at your disposal. Make the best of it!

Everything is well at work. Because your creativity, imagination and charisma peak. Are there any ideas in a drawer somewhere? Bring it out immediately and there is a good chance that they will now receive a lot of attention. With partner? You spontaneously relive that top atmosphere from the very beginning when the crush between you was at its very best. Solo? You too will receive a nice gift. The one can just come to you at work or through a professional contact from outside. This is also a great time to resolve a lingering conflict or break up with someone who is slowing down your development. No money problems here, but avoid large purchases. Because you will soon need cash to start a project.

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