Horoscope Juli 2021


What will  July 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall: month full of high tension in which you often want to tear things down, Aries. Because just when you are full of energy to make a difference, amorous and creatively, you can’t get any further. And the reason is that suddenly numerous resistances appear that thwart your plans.

At work, your ideas are constantly brushed aside. Don’t get worked up but perfect them and tie up loose ends. In the meantime, remain patient and humble. Only this way you will be able to convince your colleagues/chefs to give your ideas a chance. With partner or solo? For both applies: your libido and charisma peak and so you should be able to fully enjoy your loved one. But one (or more) of your friends are playing dirty here. You discover it at the end of July, after which you still win. In the family an old sore is finally and honestly being talked out. The positive emotions that follow are overwhelming. One tip in terms of money: do not make a purchase or investment that can put you financially stuck.



Overall:  July is full of obstacles, conflicts and tensions that throw your daily life upside down, Taurus. Stay calm and determined. That way you’re sure to find the right words and arguments that ensure that clashes and extra pressure are avoided.

Everything is fine at work. But a change is coming (moving, different or more working hours), which sows discontent in your family. You try to find a solution here and you succeed towards the end of July. With partner? A heavy thunderstorm hangs in the air. But because the communication between you is open and easy, the arguing will turn out positive. Solo? In your circle of friends, a newcomer catches your eye. And yet you doubt. Let it all sink in and take a closer look. Something is going on in the family. Try to keep the lines of communication open and you’ll get out of it. In terms of money, this is a great time for negotiations. You stand up for yourself quickly and get what you ask for.



 Overall: in July you are moody, curt, impatient, dissatisfied and cross. In short: you are almost unrecognizable, Gemini. Pull yourself together. After all, no disaster happened. You are just exhausted. Take a well-deserved and restorative break right away.

At work you have lost your communication skill and you walk around frustrated because a certain case keeps dragging on. Unfortunately, the team spirit is seriously affected by this. Do something. Does this not work? Then go on holiday, you really need it. With partner? You hide your doubts, while your significant other feels that there is far too little commitment on your part. But you can’t reassure him/her, just now when you have to make decisions. Solo? A strong person makes advances. But his/her arrogance makes you doubt. Money-wise it’s fine. Yet you do not want to spend large amounts of money on something or someone about which you have serious doubts.



Overall: you sense in July how changes are coming, Cancer. In love and at work. It is not yet clear what it will be exactly, but you are certainly willing to gently let go of who or what no longer suits you today.

In terms of work, July is the time to find out which trajectory you wish to follow from now on. Are you going for another job? For retraining? For a thorough training to update your current knowledge? Anything is possible, but is only starting to take shape from next month. With partner or single? Both of you, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and established habits. Now do not shy away from persons or proposals that breathe change. They can be an enrichment for you. In the family, but also in the circle of relatives and friends, a better communication simultaneously leads to more understanding. From a financial point of view, it will be a matter of biting your teeth and making ends meet, for a while. Get well soon.



 Overall: July gives you new insights, Leo. About yourself. It shows and makes you feel that ‘being successful’ is not a synonym of ‘I can afford everything here’. In other words: your consciousness evolves positively and you can only benefit from it.

At work you do not tolerate orders and interference. Note: if you don’t lower your voice here (and preferably as soon as possible), you’ll be heading straight for a hard collision. Definitely avoid showdowns this month. With partner or solo and looking hard? In either case, you push on without thinking about the needs of the current or future partner. What counts is conquering, where you determine whether it comes to a sustainable bond. But you might be surprised. Own fault. Even in the circle of family and friends you try to push your will, until you are forced to slow down. In terms of finances, July is no problem.



Overall: July is off to a rough start, Virgo. This leads to dissatisfaction, frustration and even anger. Allow those emotions to come and try to discover their cause. Fortunately, the month ends in beauty, both in terms of work and love.

At work the pressure becomes so heavy and you have so little space to manoeuvre, that it becomes too much for you. Go talk to your boss, speak up and have a proposal ready. That can be accepted at the end of July. With partner or single? Well … you are both in a blockage and in an annoying rut without a positive future perspective. The single Virgo is still the luckiest because he or she sees a few new faces through the circle of friends. Virgo’s with partner must take action to get things moving. From July 29, warm feelings finally get a chance again. In the meantime, your finances are doing fine. So this is the time to spoil yourself well!



Overall: in July you will intuitively find out what is still missing to take your professional and personal (family / amorous / friendly) relationships to a higher and more fruitful level. After which you dare to push off who/what no longer suits you.

In terms of work, your radar and intuition are now on edge, Libra. They show you the right way to a promotion or new job. Either way, you feel appreciated. However, remember that July is a time to plant new seeds that will guarantee you a better future. With partner? Uncertainty and disagreement abound here. And yet you fall into each other’s arms again and again. Solo? Here too there is uncertainty and fear of the new that can come to you through friends. Be open, worry less, dare! Painful incidents in the family and friendship can now resurface. With regard to money: you must submit documents to complete an administrative part.




July brings nice vibes, Scorpio. The somewhat pessimistic side of your character is toned down a bit. Your confidence and hope will grow. And you even manage to put your own ego and that of others into perspective and approach it with humor.

At work you can count on a good dose of creativity, determination and charisma. But you have to justify every step you take and you don’t like that. With partner? Although you put a lot of energy into your work this month, your relationship isn’t really suffering. You even go for more security through a joint project and that can be just  anything. Solo? Above all, realize that love is more than a spicy seduction game. True love is a union of two souls. This month, you’re willing to overlook quite a lot of family and friends. In terms of money, you now have to negotiate a contract, obtain a loan or settle a family matter.



Overall:  in July you completely rediscovered your optimism, Saggitarius. you throw yourself into work and love. Watch out for dips. Now forgotten childhood dreams can also resurface, still waiting to be realized.

At work, you have been perfecting your working method and organization for months, so that the entire process runs more smoothly. But no matter what you try, your ideas don’t seem to work. That will change from the 22nd. With partner? You dance in unison into the summer with the desire to realize a project together. Unfortunately, you see it big, while the available budget is rather small. Solo? Forming a relationship is no longer a necessity, because you enjoy your freedom to the fullest. And right now there are many eyes on you. The choice is yours. In terms of money: pay attention because after the 10th you let yourself go completely. Unless … you use and cash in one of your hidden talents.



Overall:  July promises to be beautiful, Capricorn. And this in many areas. Just think of love (especially love, because here goes the crescendo), friendship, work and family. No wonder you occasionally get a dip.

In terms of work your ideas about work relationships and organization, will receive the necessary attention. This is also the appropriate time to influence others through the right words and get them on your side. With partner? The communication between you is confidential, honest, loving and it increases intimacy and togetherness. You want to do more together and opt for a joint project. Solo? You step on a real rollercoaster for a sensual ride, fueled by your libido and desire. Stay strong in the process of seducing or being seduced! Your financial situation is somewhat tense. After all, you now have a lot of irons in the fire and that also leads to a lot of expenses.



 Overall: In July, the focus is on your relationships, Aquarius. Or rather: on the difficulty you have when entering into affective/amorous relationships. That is a direct result of your great need for freedom. Freedom that you don’t want to give up for anything or anyone.

The atmosphere at work would improve considerably if the involvement between the employees and/or supervisors were improved. You too can contribute to this. Try to renew your contacts at work. Question your colleagues, listen to their proposals and also take an interest in their home situation. Solo? You let yourself be seduced freely and happily, but things don’t have to go further. With partner? Yes, the attraction between the two of you is great, but your fear of losing control plus your freedom is greater. Throw the latter overboard and go for fun. And that also applies financially. You are completely safe here. So spend your money relaxing and buying gifts. In short: make fun and make others happy.



Overall:  pretty good month, Pisces. The right vibes mainly support you in the affective and creative area, which in turn has an effect on other areas. In the workplace it is best to stand firm and not let the cheese eat off your bread. Applause!

At work, your creativity, charisma and popularity boost. And … your great ideas actually reap success. Yet you still doubt yourself and even think about turning down a promotion. Wrong! Because you do deserve that promotion. In love, broken hearts are now glued and dreams do come true. With partner and completely dozed off? You are awakening and experiencing a revival of the relationship through heaps of affection that become active between you. Yes, you only have eyes for each other now. Solo? There’s a good chance you’ll meet the right one now. Be ready! Professionally you have to squeeze everything out in terms of money. After all, you are worth every cent you ask for.

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