Horoscope January 2022


What will  January 2022 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall:  in January, especially the fiery and adventurous in you take the upper hand, Aries. They create in you a desire for more tension and excitement. You achieve this by taking on new challenges and taking risks in multiple areas.

In terms of work, you can now seize new opportunities and test them. Especially after the 15th. Be picky and don’t rush anything. Take your time to read the fine print. In any case, you can count on the right support here. With partner? Small frustrations can become bigger. Watch out for this. However, you talk together about eventually upcoming changes. Be diplomatic and flexible. Solo? You are looking for the perfect partner and you are open to everything. Conflicts can become active in the circle of friends and family. Stay flexible here too. Because you test new things, your finances change with them. So try to spend as little as possible this month.



Overall: love and sex, as well as current, desired or ex-partners and relationships, are constantly swirling through your head. You are also more imaginative, happier and more open to others than usual. So take advantage of it, Taurus!

At work, your openness creates opportunities that can herald change. That can cause friction at your current workplace. But you won’t give up. Keep your sober self, if not, damage can occur that is difficult to repair. With partner? You are in the mood for something different right now. Just focus on your regular partner and try to start a good conversation. This will certainly take you further. Solo? Don’t look for it in a long distance relationship or with someone from a different cultural background. Because both options won’t work for you. You are now asking yourself questions about what exactly your friends want from you. And in terms of money, you think about how you can currently increase your income.



 Overall: although you often run towards life, in 2022 you will seclude yourself more often. To think about your relationship and work journey so far. In this way you come to new insights that you now mainly have to put into practice, Gemini.

In terms of work, you make progress if you have patience, stay alert and dare to look at things with new eyes. You can even complete a commercial project with excellent results. With partner? Your sex drive is peaking. As a mental type, you scare yourself. Still, your partner likes it. You give in but come up with a way out: weekends away are the right distraction. Solo? You too will be startled by someone chasing you. It’s too much for you. Doesn’t matter, take it easy, you have all the time. You have to make a financial decision, but best wait until after the 15th.  Because, till then you don’t really see it clearly. And yet you can get a nice surprise plus some unexpected support here.



Overall: it seems like this month you are organizing your thoughts and your relationships, Cancer. You try to let go of who and what you have outgrown. This way you gain maturity, independence and self-confidence. After which you will decide based on completely new criteria.

In January you immediately have to roll up your sleeves at work and shift up a gear. Keep calm, because it’s all about organization and focus. So don’t be distracted by requests or interference from outside. With partner? The positive predominates. You have plenty of ideas from which, together and after thorough consultation, a next project is chosen. Solo? You do introspection to be better prepared for the next round in your love life. As your fear of being abandoned has diminished, you dare to distance yourself from certain relatives and friends. In terms of money, you can afford something now, which is useful for your upcoming realizations.



 Overall: you won’t like to hear it, but in January you’re hypersensitive and vulnerable, Leo. You also suffer from negative feelings and lethargy. All this goes hand in hand. Realize that it will pass and even bring more balance into your life.

You will not become unemployed because at work it is now all hands on deck! There is (too) much being asked of you and everyone here. And so your professional and personal lives are intertwined. And yes, for a while your private life is going to be a mess. Around mid-January you decide to organize your work differently so that time is freed up for yourself, your family and friends. With partner? You are thinking about the future, aided in this by vibes of seriousness and communication. That’s really encouraging. Solo? You didn’t expect to fall in love again so quickly. But your intuition forces you to slow down and be careful. In terms of money, everything goes as usual.



Overall: January just might be the top month of 2022 for you in the love and romance department. And yes, small and big fears will block and destabilize you here. Do not give in except to love and let yourself be carried away.

At work you have to deal with new digital programs and new forms of training. You have to dive in, after which you adapt quite quickly. But you will have to take care of colleagues who do not like this at all and unintentionally slow down everything. With partner? You are overwhelmed with feelings and seem a bit lost. Go fully into the emotions and focus on what really binds you, Virgo. This is how you get closer to each other again. Solo? You are intensely enchanted and attracted to someone. You will have to make a choice, but choose wisely. Also know that he or she is definitely willing to wait. Your financial status and administration are healthy.



Overall: the atmosphere in the family can be tense, resulting in heated discussions. But you are determined not to be walked all over you when it comes to principles and money. Not even for the sake of peace. You remain your calm and honest self.

At work you are open to everything and even to change. You constantly dream about more meaningful, more humane work and try to find a new activity in that direction. You do this with full dedication, but in your enthusiasm do not go for something that you will regret afterwards. With partner? Family frictions affect the harmony between you. Do what you have to do and so do everything possible to keep your relationship viable and afloat. Solo? Little to nothing happens here. Because you have decided not to connect with anybody. Your financial situation and how do you guess it, is also linked to the family joust. Be sure to protect your own interests.



Overall: something is coming for you, Scorpio. Something (very) important in the love, passion, sex department… and let that be your favorite playground. But it will be a long-term affair before the desired loot is received.

You are very active at work. But mostly behind the scenes where your view on people and matters is sharp and accurate. Your persuasiveness and communication are also top notch. That means that your tug-of-war and behind-the-scenes consultations yield excellent results. With partner? You may now instinctively experience situations that upset your view of the relationship. After which you thoroughly evaluate the band, which often turns out positive. Solo? You go for introspection leading up to the lightning strike that awaits you. Your opinion can now be asked about someone from the family or circle of friends. Attention: you are now spending money without thinking.



Overall:  your energy is great and your desire to fly in it, too. Unfortunately, disruptors do arise. Resist the urge to deal with it by forcing it. Rather, see this time as a transition to the next step to take.

At work, you long for something new, Sagittarius. And above all to a job with more freedom and autonomy. But currently you lack transparency. Your way of communicating could also be better and moreover, there is not enough money to do your thing. Everything will start moving in February. With partner? Communication could also be improved here. But at the end of January you will understand each other better. Same with family and friends. Solo? You are full of energy and try to force something. Don’t, because you’re heading for disappointment. You discover a hidden talent that you can cash in later. You are limited in money. Good thing too, because this is not the time to spend a lot.



Overall:  in January, almost everything you do has a major impact on others, Capricorn. And this both in personal relationships and at work. You are authentic, consistent, wise, steadfast and invulnerable. And also desirable and indispensable…

You may feel comfortable in your own skin, but avoid making quick decisions on your own at work. Because that will be viewed as a sign of too much authority. But since you manage to polish your aloof and stern image, you can still make changes. After all, you will receive enough support and opportunities to do so. With partner? Thanks to your close bond, the two of you skillfully embark on a project together. Single? You are seen and admired. You get every opportunity to dive into the deep in a thoughtful way. In terms of money, you aim high and you go for solid investments, possibly together with a partner.



 Overall: January actually seems to be a month of introspection, looking back, intuitive snatches, balancing almost all areas of life, letting go and even growing maturity. Go with it, you can only win, Aquarius.

At work you are overcome by doubt. Frustration everywhere! Make a list of what you don’t like about work and how exactly you want to change that this year. Read this list every time you take action to change your work situation. With partner or solo? The following applies to both: here too there is doubt. Let everything bubble up and analyze and evaluate your relationship history up to now. Also the one with your current partner. This should be the eye-opener that will help you move into a more mature year in terms of relationships. Allow yourself to be fully guided by your new insights when dealing with family and friends. You are safe in terms of money. And so you decide to spoil yourself and embrace the fun sides of life.



Overall: you discover this month that your mediumistic and artistic talents that are now manifesting, seem to have doubled, Pisces. This enriching situation is the start of a kind of new you and that will have consequences in many areas of your life.

You can use your new insights and talents at work. Unfortunately, this is not yet a guarantee of instant success. But don’t give up and carry on as you are. Let everything slowly drip in into your professional life like an aromatic infusion. You will surely reap the benefits soon. With partner? You listen to each other and discuss together. Togetherness takes precedence over passion here. Single? There are no sparks and fire for you right away. But you still have your friends and family, where you finally expose the profiteers and distance yourself from them. In terms of money, it’s good. But here too it is important to watch out and not be generous to smooth-mouthed parasites.

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