Horoscope February 2022


What will  February 2022 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall:  in February you will notice a big difference between your professional and private life. You also experience a certain dissatisfaction within, Aries. And the tricky part is that the reason for this remains unclear, especially to yourself. And that annoys you.

Professionally it only goes up. You do an excellent job at work and that can lead to a promotion, hefty bonus or even a wider field of action. And that applies to both employed and self-employed persons. Those looking for work now are also successful. With partner? Although your partner is always very supportive, you often work out your hidden frustration on him/her. Which ruins the harmony and has a nasty influence on the rest of the family. Solo? The atmosphere remains light. A few flirts are possible, but also a contact of a somewhat longer duration. Financially you are in good shape and you increase your income. It is now even the case that you can withdraw money from various sources.



Overall: February doesn’t seem like the easiest month professionally, Taurus. But as always, you’ll slog through it. At the level of personal relationships, things are usually fine, which is a good counterbalance to the current high work stress.

You get a lot on your plate at work. You also have to perform in a hectic, sometimes even chaotic atmosphere or … the work is extremely boring. Even for a creature of habit like you. Still, you get the job done. With partner? At the beginning of February there will be some frictions after which you notice how your partner surrounds you with more attention and care than usual and you appreciate that. Solo? You can spot the one now. But don’t count on a lightning strike, because this band grows slowly but surely. It is a party with family and friends. Birth? Live together? Big promotion? Housewarming? Your finances are thriving, despite major expenses. This via profits coming from an unexpected source.



 Overall: this can be a wonderful month, when your energy peaks and you grow personally, professionally and financially. A time when you find some inner peace and you treat your partner, children, family, friends, neighbors and colleagues warmly.

At work you get every opportunity to show what you are really worth. With excellent results. You get promoted or you can keep a cool job, Gemini. You will also receive support from various sides for future projects. Job seekers find the right job that pays even better than expected. With partner? There is plenty of understanding, trust and intimacy between you. It’s wonderful to be together now. Solo? Even a picky Gemini can actually find a suitable mate in February. Money wise, this is an excellent time. You receive income from your daily work as well as from investments made in the past. So you can spoil yourself shamelessly without feeling guilty.



Overall:  pretty cool month, Cancer. Because your love life takes center stage in February and a born romantic like you can only applaud that. That positive line even has branches to work and friendship and provides both with happy vibes.

At work, everything goes well and you work in a great environment. Your remarkable creativity and commitment command respect. Your projects are on the table. You may even be able to travel abroad for a short or longer period on a professional mission. With partner? The relationship is great because harmony triumphs here. Those on the brink of divorce can reconcile. If not, everything is handled maturely and neatly. Solo? Your life gets a boost through a new love or an ex who is looking for contact again. In terms of money, it’s okay. Extra money comes in the form of profit from an earlier group investment. Or: money can now also come to you through games of chance.



 Overall: a somewhat difficult month, Leo, because in February everything is pretty much under tension. And that is often not the right vibe to get good results. Your professional life as well as your love and relationship life can be burdened by it.

At work you do not meet certain deadlines or only with difficulty. Because something keeps popping up that needs to be dealt with immediately. And although you give the best of yourself here, you still have to deal with people who want to bring you down, which can escalate into a conflict. So stay alert. With partner? Two scenarios are possible here. Certain Leo’s discover their partner’s infidelity, which is quite hard to digest. Others take a relaxing break with their partner. Solo? This is mainly about casual contacts that don’t exactly make you happy. Money that is due to you does not reach you in time, and that can even get you into trouble.



Overall: February is turning out bumpy, Virgo. Because what you desire does not happen or happens much too slowly. This, both at work and privately. Because your relationships with family, friends, authorities or colleagues can sour due to your critical comments.

In terms of work, the same applies to workers as to job seekers. You plod on to the best of your ability, but a positive result only comes at the end of the month. So, here  persistence is the message. With partner? Misconceptions and mistrust greatly cloud the atmosphere. Taking a break from each other can bring more clarity. Either way, try to remain diplomatic. Solo? There are plenty of contacts here, but they are often too casual to become important. In terms of money, you will have to wait until the end of February to collect. Some don’t seize the chance that comes along, while other Virgo’s make easy money through their hobby.



Overall: February represents abundance, Libra. Because this can be one of those times when vibes of prosperity and fulfillment just come to you. You can reap success at work and also know happiness on a relational and family level. Top!

At work you experience satisfaction and progress in various forms. Such as getting more elbow room, tools and/or more authority. Because your status increases, you are also in a better place so that you can influence others more effectively. With partner? No news is good news. And that is also the case here, because you are doing excellent together in more than one direction. Single? Love is very much present in your life this month. And that could be in your fantasy that is now running wild. Or, you can score a suitable partner in real life that largely meets your wish list. February is also benevolent for you in terms of money. Because now an unexpected extra can come your way.



Overall:  hectic month, especially at work where you are nevertheless enjoying yourself. However, complications crop up in your private life. Because you are now discovering that someone you have until now, considered to be loyal and honest, isn’t that at all.

Yes, it’s busy at work. Fortunately, there is also stability and certainty that gives you the strength to go all the way, Scorpio. Also possible, you now need to take someone under your wing and train them. With partner? There is certainly tension between you plus misunderstanding. Working on it. The sky is clearing here towards the end of the month anyway. Single? The light-hearted and playful takes precedence, since your flirtations lead to nothing solid. Furthermore, the relationship with your parents and siblings is not really what it should or can be. Meanwhile, you worry about the health of a family member. In terms of money, everything is fine. You can still expect some profit coming from cryptocurrency at the last minute.



Overall:  not a bad month, Sagittarius, as you see some of your desires realized. Luck favors you so that most of your efforts will be rewarded with excellent results. On the home front, everything remains calm and under control.

For most, things work out quite well. February turns out a little less fortunate for the creative sector, except for bloggers, journalists, writers and media people. With partner? It is great living together, fun and the necessary excitement included. Solo and setting the bar high? Without realizing it, you may now fall completely under the spell of someone who meets your requirements. After which an emotional connection quickly follows. Furthermore, the relationship in the whole family and the circle of friends, is top notch. Although you have large/unforeseen expenses this month, your income is similar. You can even put some aside.



Overall:  February starts off in a minor, Capricorn. But as the month goes on, you become more cheerful and successful. This mainly has to do with your work where all your efforts, negotiations and meetings still yield great results.

Professionally, you will finally and again, get more hold on your career. You no longer feel like the plaything of fate, corona, circumstances or whatever. There are even plenty of interesting developments waiting for you at work where the atmosphere has become a lot happier and more hopeful in the meantime. With partner or solo? For both, you may be in for a bit of disappointment or some heartache this month. Until the tide turns, you can certainly enjoy the company of your children, parents, other relatives or friends. The financials are not really great, but not that bad either. You can also make a profit thanks to the input / commitment of family or close friends.



 Overall:  this turns out to be a month of sudden obstacles, standstill and slowdown, Aquarius. At the same time, you feel the pressure of colleagues at work and the hot breath of  chef(s) on your neck. You get stressed because too much is too much. Even for you.

February presents challenges in terms of work. First of all, very little goes according to your plan. Promises made are not fulfilled or simply put in the fridge. You also miss the necessary focus because your work is now incredibly boring. Also useful info: a few colleagues are not as favorable to you as you think. With partner? You really disappoint each other. The causes are a lack of communication, respect and openness. You are looking for the company of family or friends. Single? Yes, you can now just meet someone who gives your life and future a new direction. In terms of money, you can keep yourself afloat and pay everything there is to pay.



Overall:  in February a legal case or problem can finally be solved and/or closed. Furthermore, you live both professionally and privately under favorable vibes. That upward professional trend causes your finances to go up as well.

We’ll admit it right away: you’re doing a great job, Pisces. And will be noticed and rewarded. Through more trust from colleagues and bosses and through more budget and resources, more influence and elbow room. Because your opinion counts now. With partner or single? For both true love appears on the scene. You can travel together but also get married. Or it can be decided to live together. It is also feels good to be around parents, siblings and the rest of the family. And of course, around friends where some existing issues are deliberately discussed. Because more money flows in, you spend more. As a result, there is currently almost nothing to save.

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