Horoscope February 2021


What can you expect in February 2021 according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20


General: you’re going for human interaction in February, Aries. That is why you work hard on your social, family, professional and amorous contacts.

At work your qualities as an entrepreneur and competitor get a boost. A change of direction is also possible, but then you take the whole team into account. Solo and searching? Your popularity is peaking, so… take advantage of it. With partner? Together you invest in something that you are passionate about. After the 25th, however, you mainly have eyes for each other. You dream aloud of a housing project with family and/or friends. And if so: where is your beloved freedom, Aries? Your family listens to your fantasies without blinking. In terms of money, you are now more than once urged by your bank, boss or business partner. First determine your strategy before going on the defensive.


General: you have a hard time with the fast pace of life and work, Taurus. You hesitate between blocking and speeding up. Before making decisions, try to calm down.

Things are not going well at work. The planned changes are there, but it is chaotic. Or, you have to decide too quickly. Your plans are also being postponed. You feel so  displeased with all this, that you almost want to give up. With partner? The conditions at work are also affecting your family, because you are surly and difficult to approach. Solo? Don’t be too difficult now. After the 25th you will find your balance again. Your family can be dragged into the consequences of your work situation (moving house, heavy work schedule). Your friends respond with understanding. And in all that turmoil, your finances remain remarkable stable.


General: intense time, Gemini, in which you cleanup in various areas. You look back, evaluate and make a decision: save or delete. Difficult but on the other hand… so exciting!

When it comes to work, you arrive at a turning point that brings beneficial changes. Get rid of those toxic contacts, the fuss behind your back and stress as a work standard. With partner? You rightly set healthy demands on the relationship. Solo? You set the bar high! You both now have the unique opportunity to step into a relationship that aligns with your renewed insights. You choose! You don’t have much to tell your worried family right now. Just send a text message anyway. With the friends it is different and there may even be some friction. You also look at your financial situation. And yes, there is still enough left for that project.


General: you ask yourself questions about certain aspects of your life, Cancer. Listen to your inner voice and intuition. What comes up now surprises you and affects your private life.

In terms of work, you have achieved things that at first seemed impossible to you. In combination with your meeting with special and inspiring people, this makes you reach further. Just some blocking thoughts still need to be eliminated. Single or with partner? You have more or less digest your past relationships and you feel ready for a fresh start. Stay alert, because a new opportunity will now float by. In the family old wounds are healed. Among the friends, there are newcomers with a vision and a mission who make you want to work with them. In terms of money, you are now starting a project that will only bear fruit later.


General: nothing goes as expected or hoped for. But behold, through this whirlwind you discover a wealth of love plus unsuspected professional qualities, Leo.

You must avert the crisis that arises at work. That way your plans fall apart. And so you come across a problem that you competently solve, which further confirms your authority and expertise. With partner or single? New relationship needs, arise in you. Make sure to first refine the image you have in mind and put it into words for yourself. Only then talk about it with your regular or new partner. You can now neglect friends and family a bit. And yet the advice of someone who knows you well is worth gold in these turbulent times. You unexpectedly discover an untapped source of income.


General: you are now so confident that you dare to take risks in love and at work. Amorous things are going well, but professionally there is more resistance.

At work you go for a reorganization including high-tech. It’s a matter of not missing the boat. However, this project is not well received, but after a while the management or your business partner will consent. With partner? You let go of your inhibitions and go for it. With your heart and your body. Solo? Unseen confident, you go on the pick-up tour and take the lead. At home you would like to redesign or renovate your living spaces. And you see it so big that unfortunately you soon hit your financial limits. In the circle of family and friends everything goes on quietly.


General: February is the month in which you gain insight into your private and love life. It’s also the time that leads to insights about the dark side of your own personality, Libra.

At work, you go for more meaningful and more humane. Not just for yourself but for everyone. Your vision is accepted, but its realization will unfortunately take a long time. With partner or solo? You are popular with the Kama sutra as your sex bible. Because your libido is peaking. And you and your steady partner or that new love will soon notice. Trust Red Bull. In the family, someone makes a confession that is received with great empathy. With the friends everything is okay, but…an amorous click can arise here. In terms of money, you will consciously make cuts in both your expenses and your lifestyle.


General: your immediate environment is worried, Scorpio. Because this month you only think about love. With your steady partner it is going to be steamy, while singles are ready for that big conquest.

You focus on your private life this month. But professionally you are still considered a leader. Moreover, your creativity is now so fantastic that you simply have to use it at work or for your own account. With partner? Are jou okay as a couple or not? It just doesn’t matter. Love vibes envelop you and give new life to the relationship. Solo? You too are on the same amorous roller coaster. A crazy love crosses your path between the 18th and the 25th. And… enjoy. In the family, a new baby arrives or an older child is leaving home. In terms of friendship, all is quiet. Your finances are okay.


General: you have plenty of ideas and desires, but they just don’t take shape. No matter how much effort you put in. Do not force anything, it’s simply not the right time. Practice patience, Sagittarius.

In terms of work, your working conditions are discussed. And it is not possible to reach a good compromise here before the end of February. That causes stress. Definitely refine your arguments. With partner or single with a new love? Your urge for freedom remains strong. First create clarity for yourself here. Do not discuss this with your partner until after the 20th, because then your seduction power and charm will peak again. You help a family member in distress. The same helpful vibes flow also through your circle of friends. You have long been asking for more financial resources and/or a wage increase. You will only be heard towards the end of the month.


General: You may perhaps think it’s not possible, Capricorn, but this month love itself will emerge and you too will be carried away with that warm flow.

It is calm at work. Use that time to examine carefully the communication at work. Find out where the wrong kind of communication, or lack of it, intensifies problems instead of solving them. With partner or solo? You feel that you can only now, accept and express your sexual identity. And that opens a new world that you can share with your steady partner, new love or one-night stand. Don’t resist the urge, go for it. Life is short! That rich vibe also waves through your family, and it feels just fine. With your friends on the other hand, you become selective and you end parasitical friendships. In terms of money, you search and find ways to increase your income.


General: February could be the most important month of 2021, Aquarius. In almost all domains. Now, just follow your gut feeling.

Your work will not escape the transformation wave you are currently surfing on. Avoid outside influences and think about your future. Being in charge and / or being your own boss may well float. Follow your instinct. Your affective life also changes. Both those with a steady partner and seeking singles, feel the growing need for a great long-term relationship. Your choices and their consequences can shock both family and friends. Bite through the sour apple and stick to your decisions. You don’t worry about money now. Still, you can have a windfall around the 25th.


General: although it is not visible to others, you are currently doing a lot of inner work, Pisces. Well done. Do continue with it.

At work, you show yourself unusually aggressive and bite you off hard. That puts the others out of balance. Realize that this attitude really does not make you profit. Around the 25th, everything falls back into place. As for love: do you have a steady partner or are you single? In both cases, an old love can just come into the center of your attention again. The choice is yours whether or not to participate. In the family, the time seems right to settle misunderstandings. A clean sweep is being made in your circle of friends. You mainly feel relief here. Your attitude at work temporarily skims your salary.

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