Horoscope August 2021


What will August 2021 bring you according to western astrology?

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20



Overall: this month, your physical as well as your intellectual performance is remarkable, Aries. And guess what, in August your intuition shows you the right way to make your small and bigger plans succeed. And to make your dreams (even the dusty ones) come true.

In terms of work, you are fine. Thanks to your popularity, you can easily secure the desired promotion, a new job or fix that profitable deal. Need money? Your banker really isn’t difficult right now. In the meantime, you successfully negotiate further in the direction of a new professional adventure. With partner? You refuel on a pink cloud where your plans for living together or getting married are taking shape. Solo? Your friends are not positive about your new love. Is it jealousy? Or are they just trying to protect you? Anyway, don’t listen to them and follow your heart. In terms of money, you have to negotiate hard until you can remove all doubts. After which you finally get the green light.



Overall: the start here is rather hesitant and confused, Taurus. But as August progresses, you regain your confidence because you realize: no one has to lecture me, because what I do, I do well. This way you can still close the month in a beautiful way.

In terms of work, you have to endure a tedious interrogation. Not pleasant, but soon you find the right tone that helps you to tackle the tricky questions. At the end you will be judged to be creative and skilled enough to take on a new challenge. With partner? All tensions and doubts are gone to make way for warm intimacy. This happiness radiates on your family and even on the rest of the family. Solo? You are on the right track towards a contact that will bring you affective satisfaction. Many a  Taurus must now put an end to a dubious friendship. There is little movement in terms of money, but the current negotiations will end well.



Overall: you want to move forward, Gemini. Because you want to find pleasure in what you do. So in August you will have a relaxed brainstorming session about your future. You let all ideas come to you and you uncover a hidden talent, forgotten resource or unused savings.

There’s little movement in the workplace. So you can start by listing your plus points that you test against the activity you have in mind in the future. You are now planting new seeds and are curious about what will come out. With partner? Most of the stress has ebbed away and you agree on the redesign of the living space. So start with the renovation or with the search for another house. Solo? You float. This could be the result of a love at first sight and/or the omen of something lasting. In terms of money, August mainly means working behind the scenes on an investment. You can also receive a sudden refund or a higher compensation than expected.



Overall: the tranquility that August brings, creates the ideal climate to reconnect with others. Or, to make new contacts. And this on a family, friendly and amorous level as well as professionally. Go for it, Cancer!

In terms of work, you can prepare yourself calmly for the coming rush. This through good planning and recognizing the essence. With partner? A lot of vibes offer support here. Love deepens and in both newly formed and older couples, there is enough confidence to make long-term plans. Single? Come out of your shell and get out there. Because right now your chances of a contact colored by seriousness and future perspective increase. Watch your money between 10 and 25 August. In a fit of euphoria you now want to realize a lot. Unfortunately you lack the necessary funds. Watch out for sweet talkers (also among friends). Keep both feet firmly on the ground.



Overall: you prefer to be in control, Leo. Unfortunately, this month it is less successful. Elusive vibes throw a spanner in the works. You now also get haunting dreams that you better write down immediately. They can give you enlightening information.

In terms of work, there are those changes and innovations. And you are quite willing to change direction, but you fear that you will lose your achievements. Your fear is unfounded. Your popularity, combativeness and ability will ensure that everything runs smoothly. With partner? A mini-crisis manifests itself with the theme: you are in an adventurous mood and your partner is absolutely not. From the 22nd the frustrations disappear by themselves. Solo? Here things are simpler. Your charm peaks between August 8 and 25. Go for it, Leo! You are concerned about money. But during the negotiations about your compensation, you will receive the necessary support.



Overall: pretty good month in which patience and letting go of certain things, yield the best results. August is also a period in which you can promote yourself and the many qualities that come with it. Because the time is right, Virgo.

On a professional level, you have to deal with delayed files and even cases that are completely blocked. Keep a cool head because after the 20th everything goes smoother thanks to better communication. With partner? It’s just fine between you, passion and Kamasutra tidbits included. Single? Then August will serve you fun and surprises, topped with lots of sensuality. All this linked to a decisive meeting. A small restyling for Virgos with a partner as well as for singles, will spark the passion. Concerning money, there are no problems. So you can delight yourself and/or your loved ones with an appropriate gift.



Overall:  you get back on track in all areas Libra, yes. Your regained (self) confidence, energy and mental strength guarantee this. And whatever others may think is becoming less and less important. You look and move forward. Bravo!

It is still quiet at work. So it’s time to put things in order, strengthen or evaluate contacts, release balloons… In short, time to soak up the atmosphere and take a look. From mid-August you will have the support of Venus. With partner? You are more balanced and more equal in the relationship and that can only improve the bond. Single? You are all set for a new love. However, you have decided to remain yourself this time and not to deny your individuality in order to please the other. Does the other not like this? Then that’s totally his or her problem. In terms of money: yes, you spend a lot, but you can limit the damage in time.



Overall: a new era is dawning, Scorpio. Because in August you turn a page and start a new chapter. And of course you rely on an important tool: your experience, gained from both your setbacks and your windfalls.

Whatever you’re up to at work (new project, better salary, demand for more resources, that coveted promotion), make it clear. Because you are ready for change, ready for something new. And then wait. Your perseverance, patience and daring will be rewarded from the 22nd. In the meantime, recharge yourself in the great outdoors. With partner? Your relationship survives the phase where the passion wanes. She even gains balance and stability. Solo? You look for the right one in the circle of friends and the associated social circles. Good thinking! Because towards the end of August your wish could come true. When it comes to money, everything remains pretty much the same here.



Overall: nice month, Sagittarius. The road to work, love and the use of your talents is wide open. That is partly determined by the fact that you finally realize what exactly you are worth. And because your fear of failing and missing your target, evaporates.

At work, in August, you’re heading for what you want (promotion, more opportunities, more pay) because the situation changes in your favor. This is the time to prove yourself and play your cards right. And you can do this thanks to a hidden power. When it comes to relationships, anything can happen. With partner? You use your complete address file to get certain things done. Such as finding a new home, job or cleaning assistant. Solo? You do the same, but to discover new faces and hopefully spot the right one. In terms of money, the situation is solid and stable. You defend your interests full of fire, which comes naturally since you are in top shape.



Overall: in August you will define your capital differently, Capricorn. Because you suddenly look beyond money and property. You take stock of your strengths and your dormant talents. And you intend to take full advantage of that potential!

At work, the current vibes create a new dynamic. Done with the grind. You start working with and thanks to your creativity and the use of new ideas. Which of course opens new doors and roads. With partner? The intensity of the feelings decreases somewhat in favor of a duo project that takes shape. Baby? New residence? Investment? A marriage? Living together? Plenty of choice! Single? Go outside. For a walk, bike ride, weekend trip or safe party. It’s right there that Cupid just like that, can hit the mark. In terms of finances, a thorough evaluation is needed. Because a new project is coming up, both professionally and privately, and that costs money.



Overall: month of liberation, Aquarius. And more specifically of old, bad and painful memories. And from other emotional wounds. You decide to leave them behind for good or at least give them a place from where they can hit you less quickly.

You successfully defend your interests at work. You do this confidently, intelligently and clearly. Your home base and friends fully support you in your pursuit of a better professional level. With partner? This is where fierce confrontations can arise. Stay zen, after all, you have nothing to fear. Because you will notice how everything changes direction and runs loose from the 22nd. Solo? You too get into a positive vibe by choosing for a charm offensive. Your effort will be rewarded from the 3rd week of August. In terms of money, the current changes are making you move forward. Which in turn leads to a lot of administration (whether or not notarial). Stay strong!



Overall: in August the time is right to clean up, Pisces. Within yourself. Descend from your pink cloud. No more escaping from reality. Because it’s best for you right now. Therefore, aim for the kind of love and work that really suits you. You can certainly do it!

You are currently not enjoying your work. Solve that frustration by doing something about it. Say what you want, emphasize your pluses. Amaze friend and foe with a new idea or just find another job. The ball is in your court. With partner or solo? Then know that various vibes work together to help you in love. Couples show their relationship even more clearly to the outside world. Solo? Take action now. Because although Cupid may be on your side, you must do your share. Feeling a little weak at all that buzzing activity? Retreat to your own comfy bubble to recharge. You want to go shopping, but luckily you don’t cross the line.

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