Astrological Preview 2021


What is your astrological preview and  forecast for 2021? A new love? Promotion at work? More money? You’ll find it out here!

aries Aries | March 21 – April 20

libra Libra | September 24 – October 23
taurus Taurus | April 21 – May 21 scorpio Scorpio | October 24 – November 22
gemini Gemini | May 22 – June 21 sagitarius Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21
cancer Cancer | June 22- July 22 capricornus Capricorn | December 22 – January 20
leo Leo | July 23 – August 23 aquarius Aquarius | January 21 – February 20
virgo Virgo | August 24 – September 23 pisces Pisces | February 21 – March 20


horoscope aries

Overall: Your normal urge for freedom plus your need for change, will get an extra boost this year. And if peace does start to dominate, you resolutely go for innovation.

Work. Since a while, you no longer feel happy in your current job. So,  2021 stands for change, Aries. Because you get new opportunities, just like that or as a result of an application. And those proposals sound pretty okay. Unfortunately, you usually cannot tick off enough points from your wish list regarding “your ideal job”. So you will have to take a risk if you want to leave your current activity behind you. You choose. The fruits of your choice, whatever it may be, you will reap from mid-August. Then you will arrive at a time of greater stability and balance on a professional level.

With partner. From January to August there will be peace in the relationship. More often than not, you understand each other and in the latter case try to tackle the jammer quickly. From September onwards, the relationship will become more energetic. And the connection between the both of you, will remain pretty good.

Single. This is where a lot of movement, excitement and passion will lurk around the corner from July 2021. Why? Because you have more charisma in one way or another and are therefore noticed more often. And you can use that to the full to activate powerful feelings in the partner you have in mind.

Friends. Use your talent to connect, build new engaging friendships and expand your social circle. Preferably through intellectual exchange.

Family. In the spring of 2020 you can expect a fruitful financial cooperation within the family. In the course of the year, a reunion with an aloof family member will follow, plus the healing of an old family trauma.

Finances. Almost all year round, your finances are caught between your fear of lack of money and your desire to take risks. You hesitate between consistency and a more daring approach. Your hesitant attitude towards money is clearly exposed here. But have no fear, you will never be in real danger. Still, it suits you in terms of money, only good from November. Try to sing it out until then.

Health. One piece of advice, Aries. Don’t overestimate yourself and take it easy in 2021. Because this is a year in which you can quickly get minor and / or larger muscle injuries. Towards the end of the year you have to take into account an increased mental load.



horoscope taurusOverall: changes are underway in all areas. And even though they will not be fully completed in certain areas of life by the end of 2021, they will become clearly visible this year.

Work. In terms of work, there is one constant active in this transit year and that is change, Taurus. Change that can take various forms such as: acquiring more independence and / or maturity. Or choosing a new professional direction that you want. Or, following a specialization. Or additional training on the latest technological evolutions in your workfield. Either way, all of these choices serve only one purpose. That goal is that by the end of 2021 you will know perfectly well what your professional reality should look like in the future.

With partner. Your partner turns a blind eye for a few months while you give your all for your professional evolution. But there sure are limits to his/her goodwill. In mid-September, your partner’s patience will run out and the bomb will burst. Pull yourself together. Hopefully you have learned your lesson when it’s all hands on deck at work again, in November …

Single. The 1st half of 2021 is favorable for a nice meeting and at the end of August you can still sit on a pink cloud together. In September however, things get bloody serious when it is everywhere busy, busier, busiest. If your new-born relationship survives that, the bond will immediately become a lot stronger.

Friends. Fortunately, there are still real friends, Taurus. You can de-stress with them towards the middle of the year. And recharge yourself there. And that is exactly what you will more than need in 2021.

Family. The family situation is quite difficult in 2021. You give priority to your work (often because there is no other option). Which gives you a shower of blame / complaints. It are the kids with their zest for life, who bring fun back to the family.

Finances. It may be stressy at work, but that doesn’t stop you from standing up for your financial interests. Sometimes there is a standstill, but in terms of money you catch a fatty fish more often than flounder. Bravo!

Health. In 2021, you can withstand stress and complications at home and at work just fine, Taurus. This thanks to your fairly healthy lifestyle of eating sensibly, chewing well, getting enough sleep and stretching your legs regularly. You can get a small injury in May or October.



Overall: In 2021 you will experience a kind of expansion of consciousness. You also discover new talents in yourself and you are amazed at the depth of your feelings.

Work. You notice how your insights fade step by step to make way for a good dose of creativity. Unfortunately, you do not immediately know what to do with the tandem creativity- intuition, because the latter is already emerging. You really need a push to do something with it. And you’ll get that push. Around mid-2021, you will experience and realize what added value this golden duo can mean for you. You let everything sink in and by the end of 2021, this pair has conquered a firm place in your mind, environment and professional reality. Bravo, Gemini!

With partner. You consciously choose a long-term vision this year. These plans will become concrete around September-October and you will take action then. This through living together, getting married, a pregnancy or buying a house. And you don’t even care what others expect from you. You enjoy doing what you plan to do. And you are so right!

Single. 2021 forces you to bring maturity and depth in your relationships. To this end, you must first get rid of all remnants from your relationship history so that you can start with a clean slate. And strangely enough, that big cleaning doesn’t seem difficult at all. From August onwards, things will gradually progress. Be prepared!

Friends. In 2021 there is clearly an intellectual energy circulating in your circle of friends. In addition, your friends also support you practically, emotionally and mentally in everything you do. Such as a professional further training, a foreign assignment and /or starting a new study.

Family. You spend so much time at work, both effectively and in thought, that the bomb must burst at home and in the family. That spectacle takes place in July. You can still express your regret and promise to improve. But you can also prevent the disaster and adjust your attitude in time.

Finances. Your finances are okay, Gemini. You succeed in increasing your income from work through the right investment(s). You also touch enough money to give a talent that you have been ignoring so far, finally and plenty of opportunity to develop. That can also pay off in the long term.

Health. Your mind and thinking ability are your greatest assets. But realize that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. Therefore: take care of your body as well as possible through a healthy diet, enough exercise and sleep, and if necessary, a personal coach. This way you get through all seasons without problems!


horoscope cancerOverall: Lower your shield and enjoy the success 2021 brings you. In terms of love there is peace and trust again. And you are completely safe at work.

Work. At work, the struggle diminishes, Cancer. And yes, you pull the longest straw and can therefore start building. But that does not seem as easy as you expected. Because it is only from autumn 2021 that your working method, your tools and your environment will change. The new faces and the new approach are productive and totally your thing. However, you will only receive your reward for so much effort towards the end of the year.

With partner. Here too comes a turn. Peace and the former trust in a future together are back again. You invest in a joint venture and that can be just about anything. Looking back together in December 2021, you will have to admit that this year has exceeded your wildest expectations. In a positive sense, yes.

Single. Love can come from anywhere in 2021. Watch out for September. This will be a month full of jealousy. Important to keep in mind: your circle of friends is and remains a source of new contacts. In this way you can suddenly come face to face with a potential partner in an informal way and without searching. So always stay alert and embrace that good opportunity that arises spontaneously.

Friends. In 2021, the circle of friends will be colored by many surprises and just as many tensions. And yes, it will be bend or crack more than once here. Pursue year-round transparency and sincerity. Then an ugly or big clash can be prevented, Cancer.

Family. Jammers and delicate family issues are fading. Even if they are not cleared up. Just think of financial conflicts or the distribution of material goods. September 2021 is the most appropriate month to settle and close all pending family matters in a satisfactory manner.

Finances. You perform well in the workplace and you usually manage your money well. And yet 2021 will be characterized by uncertainty and financial standstill. So you will have to make do with a limited budget several times this year.

Health. This year it’s all about strengthening your fitness and replenishing your reserves, Cancer. Because 2020 was exhausting for you. Eat well, go outside or do what you enjoy doing and what makes you calm. You can suffer from minor ailments such as a sprain, minor injuries, heavy legs or irregular periods.


horoscope leo

 Overall: you can no longer escape changes. In terms of love there will be more stability. At work there is that greater responsibility or the development of an independent activity.

Work. In 2021, you must be fully committed to partnership, teamwork and shared power, Leo. Let go of that outdated view that you and you alone should give orders. Today it is: together we stand, divided we fall. It’s only a matter of clearly discussing and defining the various tasks and powers at the top. This way you maintain your independence this year, but with a comfortable support.

With partner. Vibes, prompting you to make the bond official (marriage, legal cohabitation), are active here. Or at least encourage you to start a household together. If there still were any doubts about this radical decision, then February will definitely wipe all that dawdling off the track. Good luck!

Single. Just as with Lions with a partner, there is also a tendency towards stability here. That means that if it clicks between the two of you, you and your new partner can become a solid pair pretty quickly. The best periods for this great catch are in  March / April and October / November. So: go for it.

Friends. The circle of friends offers you security, conviviality and support all year round. Corona won’t change that. The hottest and at the same time nicest period of 2021 will be spring. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Family. You’re dealing with some jammers in 2012, Leo. You take the accompanying anger and tension home and even further into the family. After all, these seem like the ideal places to let off steam and vent your frustrations. And yes, that can result in chunks. But know that this condition settles down sometime between May and September, after which everything returns to normal.

Finances. Good year in terms of finances. Your normal income remains guaranteed and there is even something on top. So you can take a gamble and make an investment. You hesitate between common sense and taking a risk. But you don’t take an impulsive decision here. You weigh, consult and negotiate. You will therefore successfully complete a solid investment in September.

Health. Broadly okay thanks to your disciplined and sensible way of life. Of course there are the small inconveniences. Such as that allergy in spring, a disturbed sleep rhythm in August and a somewhat painful back in October.


horoscope virgoOverall: your love life will blossom in 2021 and a fresh wind will blow through your professional life thanks to the acquisition of more independence.

Work. From a professional perspective, 2021 is a year of progress and increasing independence, Virgo. You are also completely up to date with innovations and you feel more ambitious than ever. The way is wide open here to a promotion, a cool new job or an independent activity. Yes. Especially keep an eye on the 10 of July. Then important decisions are made for you.

With partner. It goes up between you and your steady partner. Not with much fanfare, but quietly and very consciously. Positive vibes are around you and that means there is plenty of love, sensuality, happiness and creativity circulating between the two of you. This is the case almost all year round, except in March. Then you are faced with an obstacle that has been overcome from April.

Single. Just like the couples, you are surrounded by the right vibes. Your seductive and sensual appearance boosts your earthly beauty. That can be picked up by someone from the circle of friends. Cupid hits especially during January, May / June and November, Virgo. Good luck!

Friends. Existing friendships are perpetuated, reinforced and even given a brand new impulse by benevolent planets. You are really a solid group, but without closing yourself off completely. In June you are even completely open to any interesting newcomers.

Family. There is movement in the family. You feel ready to welcome a baby. Or to move. Or to go for a new partner. Or to dive into a newly composed family. Anyway, around November, what you longed for will be realized. A big family event can be the icing on the cake.

Finances. That new job, promotion at your current workplace or self-employed activity, improve the financial picture. This improvement will take place between January and June 2021. You can get a salary increase or a loan in the spring.

Health. You want to live a healthier life through better food, more exercise and mentally putting everything together. But, you don’t really like that much restriction. So the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth in all those cases of doubt.  It is only from August on that you make a final decision to get yourself physically and mentally in great shape again.




horoscope libraOverall: listen to your heart and your intuition and limit your urge to control. It’s only by letting go of your grip on people/things that you now achieve your best successes in love and work.

Work. In 2021, the right vibes will force you to let go of your sobriety for the benefit of your intuition and imagination. In addition, Venus is also present, making your professional contacts with others a lot smoother. Which is bearing fruit. Especially if you have to work in a team or are looking for support to push a certain project through. Yes, you are on the right track, Libra. Bravo!

With partner. Done with the many disappointments that have been causing resentment for months. Done also taking each other for granted. Because love engulfs you from spring, followed by months of fun and togetherness. But this will also be the ideal time for all kinds of small and large projects that you can tackle together. Do, because 2012 will be a fruitful year in all areas for Libra couples.

Single. Here we can be brief. The single Libra has the best chance of meeting and/ or attracting a suitable partner in January and February. Only in September will it become clear whether the new relationship is strong enough to continue together.

Friends. In the circle of friends, things are not going as smoothly as you would like, Libra. You balance between loyalty and the urge for independence. Also, the interference of certain friends about your private life often becomes too much for you. Tip: do not book a holiday with friends in July or August.

Family. All kinds of things are happening on a family level this year. At the beginning of 2021, a few stubborn folds will be ironed out. In October however, tension starts to rise again, after which the conflict ends in November with a kind of division of family goods.

Finances. At the beginning of this year you try to borrow money to resolve a legal dispute, Libra. Unfortunately, this attempt fails. The dispute is almost resolved at the end of February. Unfortunately, you have to deal with administrative slowness or people with more influence pulling the strings behind the scenes. It is only in November (yes) that everything comes to a good end.

Health. You are a bit tired all year round, but you just carry on as if nothing is wrong. You pay a price for this in September/October. On the menu: headaches/migraines, a disrupted monthly cycle or bowel protests.


horoscope scorpioOverall: navigating between stress and passion, you experience your love (s) totally and intensely. In the meantime, you will tackle obstacles with fighting skills, determination and tons of courage.

Work. You balance between success and resistance. In March/April you are full of energy, your mind is sharp and you devour the files. You also launch somewhat daring projects, but with a calculated risk. Starting in July, you’ll swing back and forth between professional commitment and a no-support home base, Scorpio. You just take a pause for reflection and prepare yourself for a new approach. In November, everything falls into place and you receive the necessary support for the realization of your plans.

With partner. The passion/love between you both, flares up again. Unfortunately, this nice picture is continuously thwarted by relatives and/or housing problems. June and July are by far the best months of the year. Then there are surprises and changes that disturb the stability and the fun between you. So there is a lot of movement, but that is of little use to you as a couple in 2021.

Single. In January you will be interested in someone who does not meet your wish list. After which you let go of this story, Scorpio. However, interest remains dormant. A romantic relationship then ensues between April and July. Let go of your former wishes and demons, and experience how this relationship develops further positively in November.

Family. We all know the saying “You choose your friends, but not your family”. This as an indication to the fact that through divergent visions in the family, it will come to a real clash. In January, February or April. The solution? Listening to the other(s) with empathy. That way the situation becomes more or less normal again.

Friends. Fortunately, you find solace and a lot of understanding among your friends. And…what started as a friendship may turn into a romance in August or September,.

Finances. In a year colored by emotions and changes, you must muster all your courage to focus on money matters. Tip: March is good for transactions, November for negotiating and getting a pay rise.

Health. Despite intense emotions and a lot of changes, you will remain physically strong in 2021. That is why you can now handle a lot without developing ailments. Just keep an eye on your weight in August and September, Scorpio.



horosope sagittariusOverall: just about everything is fine. So the professional, the amorous and the family. But also the social and financial aspect. Moreover, even your energy and health are doing fine. Yes, 2021 will be a mostly happy year, Saggitarius.

Work. Your energy and fighting spirit peaks at work. And even though your ideas are top notch and your presentation of them very credible, obstacles arise. It is only in the summer that they disappear and that you get the green light from your boss and the financial department. As the last obstacles will evaporate around autumn, you will get a lot of freedom. Looking for a job? You drag out the coveted job plus the requested pay. By the end of 2021, you will have achieved what you want when it comes to work.

With partner. Happiness, a sense of responsibility and good communication boost the relationship. This is certainly a year to start any project together. Provided however, that the roles/tasks are clearly defined in advance. March, April and May are very suitable for this. And of course there are some jammers as well, but you reflect timely and thus prevent regrettable errors of judgment.

Single. You’re going to look for a buddy, that’s for sure, Sagittarius. But intellectual equality and independence are most important here. The best period to succeed is from mid-March to mid-April. You will have a 2nd chance in October or December to make the desired catch or to perpetuate a fresh relationship.

Family. In the family you get the feeling that people are hiding things. Take your time to find out what it could be. Around April, the truth will emerge little by little and almost painlessly. Finally, in June/July, the family heaven is completely cleared up again and you can all continue.

Friends. Not a cloud in the sky here, because cheerfulness and loyalty determine the atmosphere. It may be time to take a look around other circles because 2021 is the right time to expand your social net.

Finances. There is movement in terms of money and especially positive. You can afford more this year because your income increases. Favorable family situations increase your financial resources and material possessions. You can even throw yourself on a project or make an investment without danger, Sagittarius.

Health. No more stress, because you choose to live more slowly. And more attentively. Slow is beautiful, remember! You also invest in a healthy diet, enough sleep and exercising regularly. From April to July you consciously take time for yourself and your appearance. You can adapt a new look and/or consciously increase your seduction level and appearance.



horoscope capricorn

Overall: In both love and profession, the changes are often big. And even if not everything is as perfect as you desire, enjoy your successes. Because they are certainly part of 2021.

Work. The current vibes demand from you smooth-running relationships and an agile, flexible organization, Capricorn. Professionally not really your thing, but now you do get opportunities if you are fast and mobile. You know how to avoid obstacles and only keep what can be of service to you. Your chances of getting a new job are very high in 2021. After all, you appear very convincing and confident, but make sure to avoid arrogance. The results will follow in September.

With partner. You can love again carefree, without doubts and in the certainty that everything is fine between you. After months of introspection, you finally dare to surprise your partner who really appreciates it. The top months for you this year? Here they follow: January/February, May/June /July and December. Enjoy it, folks, enjoy!

Single. You feel how your longing for a new contact and/or new love, increases. Your sensuality also increases. Trust yourself and your appearance. Feel free to hunt. January, February and early March are best suited for this. Real success, and thus the desired response, is achieved especially in June and July.

Friends. During the first 3 months of 2021, the atmosphere in the circle of friends can be clouded by pseudo friends or moral knights. In the summer months everything  seems normal again, but in September/October/November the tension can flare up once more. This time because of money problems.

Family. Are there any misunderstandings in the family or were there real chunks? Then the matter is resolved or the shards are glued. To celebrate, you are going to move or change your interior. Because here too you choose a fresh, new start.

Finances. Very honest, Capricorn? Here there are highs and lows this year. In the 1st quarter you have to make an important decision. Do this in good conscience. In the summer you have to make a second important decision regarding your professional life. And of course, money is also linked to this. First consult your advisers.

Health. You plan to pay extra attention to your fitness and health this year. That’s fine, but don’t be too hard on yourself. In January or February you can suffer from your back or throat and in April from your nerves, airways and/or joints.



horoscope aquarius

Overall: This is going to be an action-packed year, Aquarius. There is already a lot going on in your love life, both for those with a steady partner and for singles. At work you come to a turning point that demands a decision.

Work. At work you go for the smooth running of the various teams. You are now also tackling the optimization of human and material potential. You motivate others, take care of their well-being and protest against working conditions that are no good. However, a lot is changing. In a positive way for you. Your ideas will be accepted from September. The month of November is very suitable to conquer a new job.

With partner. Making long-term plans is now suddenly no longer a taboo for the often freedom-loving person that you are. March and April are the appropriate months to discuss this with your partner. August and September are the months in which serious commitment arises and in which concrete plans are made. After which you take action.

Single. Same trend here, but less intense. From the end of March to the end of May you go on a conquest. And then you slowly but surely lose the title of “the most difficult single to tie”. The lucky one is he or she who can kiss away your great fear of losing your freedom until only a vague doubt remains …

Family. Here, above all, your authority is questioned. By young and old, yes. You hesitate between laxity and the strict approach, but it doesn’t help much. Also because communication falters and you get tired. A 1st crisis emerges from mid-January to the end of February. A 2nd from the end of September to mid-November.

Friends. Take as much time as possible for your friends, now. This is ideal to recharge yourself through understanding, unity and creativity The time to have great fun together in whatever way you want, is between the end of October and mid-December. Enjoy!

Finances. Your intuition works fine now, but it is not very profitable from a professional point of view. Favorable vibes become active from mid-May to the end of July. They make sure that the money comes to you or… that a decisive meeting comes your way that will positively influence your future.

Health. 2021 is a year in which you have to take good care of yourself. So, you get a kind of 2nd youth in return. Therefore, invest in controlling your weight and in a correct posture. That way you can limit your back pain or even get rid of it completely, Aquarius.


horoscope piscesOverall: All things considered, 2021 is the run-up to 2022, which will be special for you. This year, however, you will already get a taste of paradise on a love level, while you prepare your future at work.

Work. You look back with an objective view on the past years. You take stock and know/feel that you have almost had it in your current job. This adventure has come to an end. You can no longer muster the required energy to perform optimally, which is certainly visible. So you are going to explore the labor market and examine the various options. In July/August you take a few discreet steps towards something new. But it is only from October/November that you really take action. Good luck!

With partner. You live in your bubble with your partner, Pisces. Every now and then you just have to escape to get a taste of real life in the outside world. But you soon return to your safe environment and your trusted partner. Faith in each other may be restored, but you desire more. And that is: being able to move freely and happily in society again as soon as possible.

Single. From June it will be time to use your seduction techniques. After all, life can now bring a fascinating person into your path. There are also active vibes that make you fall in love with someone from or through your circle of friends. But doesn’t it seem to work? Then you get another mega opportunity in November.

Friends. At the beginning of 2021 you will end your friendship with someone who is no longer on your wavelength. This happens without drama and with respect for each other. And don’t worry, because the band with your good friends is now closer than ever.

Family. Yes, you are now completely focused on yourself, because you do not feel so good about yourself. Of course, this does not go together with paying attention to the family and other relatives. Moreover, you’ve had it with the everyday life. By June you will be over this small depression and see everything with new eyes. After which the most of your entourage wipe the sponge over your past behavior. Allelujah!

Finances. You mainly want to acquire financial stability in 2021. From mid-August to mid-October, you will receive more financial means through a different job or an investment made earlier. Are you going for an independent activity? The funding is secured because your concept is well received thanks to your great persuasiveness.

Health. However you feel (exhausted or in Olympic fitness), take it easy until the end of March, Pisces. And also try to move in the open air. Between mid-June and mid-August, your sleep can be made more difficult by workplace anxiety and stress. Our advice: take care of your circulatory and lymphatic system and watch your weight.


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