Spotlight on Virgo


Is your astrological sign Virgo (August 23 – September 22) ?

Then you’re a mutable earth type and you often possess a cool beauty. You’re modest, introverted, and intelligent. For you, the mental aspect trumps the emotional one. Your work often takes precedence over your personal life. You’re a nitpicker who loves to collect the right data and sort it, organise it, and analyze it meticulously. You excel at unraveling things, Virgo, as in: the human nature, things, and situations. You tend to focus on details, on the separate parts. This way of experiencing the world, coupled with your intellectual disposition, diminishes the opportunity to approach and survey a problem in its entirety. You are, and you live, very frugal.

Yes, you quickly become nervous, and the built-up stress isn’t directed outward, but continues to stir around inside of you. It creates a chronic sensitivity or even permanent problems for your intestines. Especially your stomach and your bowels are burdened, which makes you frequently worry about your health. The fretting drains your precious energy. You’re very reserved towards others. And you don’t make real friends easily. Which is the result of your need for order, analysis, and your practical and down-to-earth disposition. Because everyone drops the ball sooner or later, only few friends survive in your eyes.

Your ideal partner is, all things considered, someone like you. He or she won’t have to swallow your criticism all the time. Since spewing criticism will rarely, if ever, play a role here. Since you’ll understand and appreciate each other effortlessly, because you both think alike about matters that are considered important.

  • Your weakness: your intestines
  • Your strength: your eye for order and structure
  • Your bad side: your critical disposition
  • Your color: dark green
  • Your Planet: Mercury
  • Your metal: Mercury
  • Your gemstones: Chrysolite (also called Peridot) and Jaspis
  • Your day: Wednesday
  • Favorite occupations: : anything that requires order, precision, numbers, meticulous work, analysis, diet, and disease. Think: research, scholar, analyst, statistician, dental technician, watchmaker: precision mechanic, gemstone setter, accountant, biochemist, internist, urologists, lab assistants, pharmacist, pharmacy assistant, nutritionist, dietician, bacteriologist, psychologist, nurse, caregiver, personal assistant, homeopath or economist.

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