Saggitarius at work


You are a mostly social, cheerful, enthusiastic and open-minded type. A man or woman equipped with pedagogical and philosophical qualities. Religion, the legal world and politics are all yours, Sagittarius. You don’t like to be glued to a chair from 9 to 5. If this does happen, you will become nervous or despairing, or you will get all kinds of ailments. Unless you exercise every day, can at least go into nature for a short while or can do something in the garden. You like wide open spaces, lots of oxygen, wild nature and exercise in the open air. You also love people and animals. In short: of all that lives. And yes, traveling is all part of it plus discovering foreign cultures. You have to be able to feel free, otherwise you will not perform well.

Please note: Whatever you choose as a profession or direction and if possible: follow the highest possible education and / or specialization here. If not, you can just mess around in life without ever being able to tap into your rich potential.

Appropriate professions for Saggitarius

  • High religious ranks, but of course also priest – pastor – celebrant – monk – non – propagandist – soul winner.
  • Everything to do with education.
  • Sharpshooter in the police or military.
  • Farmer / horticulturist – agronomist – forester – gamekeeper, hunter – guide or police dog trainer – horse dressage – animal breeder – veterinarian – animal tamer – zookeeper – animal activist – riding school keeper – riding school worker,
  • World improver – activist against global warming / pollution / deforestation – activist against discrimination against dissenters, people of color, women and LGBT people.
  • Importer / exporter – sea transport – business – wholesale – everything in and around the car and aircraft industry.
  • Explorer – tour leader – expedition leader – adventurer – writer of travel guide or travel stories – chef or employee travel agent – correspondent abroad – writer – salesman – advertising man / woman – representative – PR manager or PR specialist.
  • Judge – lawyer – politician – senior civil servants – diplomat.
  • Scientist – philosopher – doctor – liberal profession – healer – therapist – herbalist.

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