Capricorn at work


Below you can read more about the professional qualities (+ and -) of the Capricorn and the associated professions. The sketch below is of course not complete, but it is a good guideline.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)

You are ambitious, stubborn, introverted, realistic, rigid, sober, controlled and careful, Capricorn. And also patient and cunning. So you think long term. You work very hard and you work long hours because nothing is too much for you to reach the top of your choice. You may be the hardest toiler in the zodiac. As a tireless fighter, you usually aim high. Fooling people isn’t your style, but you do take revenge. You are intelligent and you can be funny. No raunchy, crude humor for you, but subtle, dry humor and successful imitations. You like conventions and traditions. As a soloist you have enough of yourself to achieve a good professional result.

Note: you mean well, but you often lack the necessary flexibility and social skills to build fruitful relationships. That’s why teamwork doesn’t really suit you. That’s why, as a born workhorse, you don’t always get the oats you deserve.

You are often attracted  to these professions

Anything that involves order, precision, numbers, routine, working alone, specialization, a great sense of duty and / or a direct link with the matter. Also everything that involves solid management and lonely, demanding professions at the top.

Miner – forest ranger – night watchman – construction worker – contractor – bricklayer.

Architect – engineer – agronomist – landscape manager – real estate developer – surveyor – appraiser.

Ascetic – monk – abbot / abbess.

Teacher – scientific researcher – archivist – accountant – mathematician – computer programmer – scientist – librarian – banker – economist – investment adviser – financial planner.

Director of or employee in a museum – antique dealer – brocanteur.

Stand-up comedian – singer/musician.

Professional organizer – (top) manager – (top) industrial – expert advisor – senior positions in the fields of finance / research / science and medicine (surgery).

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