The Age of Aquarius


Everyone sees and feels it: times are changing fast. This results from various angles on a number of interpretations of what is currently happening. No wonder that astrology has an explanation. Astrologers claim that we are currently in the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian era. Which is clearely noticable. Take for example the Catholic Church, an exponent of the Age of Pisces. They used the Pisces symbol on the papal mitres, tiaras and robes. The now getting empty church fits completely in the Age of Pisces. They maintained, among other things, the principle of keeping up appearances. And now we know it all: in the Catholic church is not all gold that glitters. What else can you think of a very strong moralizing company engaged in widespread sexual assaults on the weaker among us? And who gave his wealth in the hands of the Banco Ambrosiano? A bank that has the money from both the Vatican and that of the mafia, having ghost banks founded to shady practices to conceal cocaine and money laundering. Addictions (drugs, sex, religion) and all fake things, belong to the Age of Pisces.

Aquarius will reveal everything

Even during the transit period from Pisces to Aquarius, disclosure is starting. Not only for religious institutions, but also for the financial world and politics. Currently, there is already a tip of the veil up, unmasking of all that is crooked. The future will slowly but surely going crescendo.

Aquarius’ characteristics

The Age of Aquarius stands for freedom, openness, fraternity, tolerance and equality. There will be large and sometimes rapid, radical changes plus new developments in all areas including:

  • separation on a large scale in favor of a breakthrough of new marital and family forms;
  • increasing equality between men and women;
  • the growing success of the ‘androgenic’ type of man and woman;
  • sex and relationships are extracted from the taboo and becoming visible and negotiable;
  • the breakthrough of the multicultural society;
  • the fall of dictators;
  • the conquest of space exploration;
  • the use of mobile phone, high-speed internet and the continued development of multimedia;
  • the fall of ancient religions associated with the emergence of new gods such as materialism, body and personality cult, eternal youth, soulmate and technology.

To expect during the Age of Aquarius

  • the bionic man with replaceable parts;
  • the availability of new healing frequencies through the transfer of energy, light and information;
  • the optimization of the living space and comfort through thorough technical developments;
  • space travel (interplanetary) accessible to the general public;
  • instant messaging / contact via telepathy and technically supported holograms (two innovations that way predicted by the IBM company);
  • sudden, often unexpected turns and events (political, economic, financial, nature disasters)

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